Backlisted Online Casinos – The Full List

With more online casinos joining the online gambling scene, gamblers now have more options than ever. However, with this perk of unlimited options comes the risk of getting exploited and defrauded by fake online casinos appearing as real. An average online casino player must stay careful and vigilant when searching the internet for an online casino to play in.

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Current Blacklisted Casino Sites

Understandably, watching out all by yourself can be tricky, especially if you are a relatively new online casino player. We understand this. And in line with our commitment to always serve the best interest of our audience, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the blacklisted online casinos.

The word ‘blacklist’ means condemned, literally. Thus, every casino on this list has been accessed and confirmed unfit to play in. So, before you join that new online casino you just found, run it through the list below to see if it has been blacklisted or not.

Why did we blacklist these casinos?

Are you wondering how we concluded that the blacklisted casinos above are truly unsafe to play in? We would also be curious if we were you. But not to worry, we are about to take a closer look at the assessments and verification processes that informed our decision.

Among other things, we considered a couple of criteria in our check – most of which you can use in spotting fake online gambling sites on your own. These include payments, false advertisements, unfair or unstable terms, game fairness and legitimacy, security concerns, and customer feedback, among others.

Issues with Payments

Any online casino that fails to pay winnings to players as, and when, due is considered shady. While there can be valid reasons why a player may not get paid – offer abuse, failure to meet wagering requirements, or cheating – some casinos tend to withhold players’ winnings or take ages to pay up without any valid reason. Such casinos are also fond of not paying their marketing affiliates. We have blacklisted any online casino that fits into such descriptions.

Unrealistic or Unstable Terms

The terms of play is an integral aspect of any online casino experience. If an online casino offers outrageous terms like 100x bonus rollover requirements or places a limit to bets per round or amount winnable via bonus, such a casino is usually rogue. The same qualifies casinos that amend their terms without informing members. We strongly believe such online casinos are not for you. Hence, we have added them to our list of blacklisted casinos.

Licensing Issues

Playing in an online casino that has not been duly licensed by a reputable regulatory agency is too much risk. We look out for casinos with shady or no licenses at all, and we blacklisted them. The jurisdiction of an online casino primarily determines licensing and regulation. If a casino is operating in a jurisdiction where there is poor or no specific online gambling legislation, it is difficult to trust such a casino. Hence, they found their way into our list of blacklisted casinos.

Game fairness and legitimacy

Most online casino players are always interested in how legit the games an online gambling outfit is before putting their money on them. This is quite logical, considering the huge financial dealings that go down in online casinos. While game legitimacy issues are rare, we went all the way to demand proof of legitimacy and fairness from all the casinos we assessed. We blacklisted those that fell short of these requirements.

Security and Safety

Do you know that most online casinos require some of your private information to become a member? Now that you do, would you be willing to part with such sensitive information if the demanding casino offers no lock-tight cybersecurity? Your answer is as good as ours. This is why we have blacklisted online casinos that are careless with members’ personal information as well as their hard-earned cash.

The protection of members’ money and personal information is non-negotiable in any reputable online casino. In addition to having a reliable security system in place, casinos must make efforts to renew and update the same regularly.

Feedbacks and Complaints

There is no greater testimony than the words of the mouth. One of the best ways to spot a shady casino is to check the feedback of past and current members. Are they negative or positive? Too many negative feedbacks translate to a below-par casino experience, which is what every online casino player wants to avoid. We assessed all blacklisted casinos based on complaints and feedback from their members, as well as how they were handled. The above-listed casinos made our list because they were found wanting in these regards.

False Adverts

No customer will take lightly to a company lying about what they can offer. The same goes for online casino sites. We frowned against a casino that promises what it cannot deliver, perhaps in the bid to lure an unsuspecting casino player. Such false offers could be in terms of game offerings, payout limits, or bonus and reward systems. We also blacklisted online casinos based on this criterion.

Marketing Spam

Online casinos that spam players or online gambling forums and websites are not considered reputable. This style of marketing is most typical to shady casinos, who are always very desperate to attract new customers. You will find such casinos on our list of blacklisted casinos.

Can an online casino be de-blacklisted?

This is a valid question we have received over time from online casino players. Yes, blacklisted online casinos can be cleared. However, this happens only in very rare cases, where the casino affected went back to the drawing board to fix the issue that warrants their blacklisting in the first place. Even at that, remedying the problem is not as easy as it appears. In most cases, the casino can only pull that off by getting new ownership.

Finally, note our exclusive list of blacklisted casino sites is not the ultimate. What this means is that there may be other fraudulent online casinos out there that we have not included on our list. Hence, you should run a background check on any suspicious casino, according to the steps we have highlighted in this guide.

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