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Are you looking for casino bonuses? Our website is the right place for this purpose! Our aim is assisting the new players on the choice of an appropriate online casino. The most crucial aspect is certainly welcome bonuses that can increase your initial budget up to a great extent. Do not wait and find the best bonus for your needs and preferences.

Bonus Type:
Casinia Bonus Offers Casinia Bonus Offers
100% up to €500 and 200 Free Spins
Alf Casino Bonus Offers Alf Casino Bonus Offers
100% up to €500 and 100 Free Spins
Cadoola Bonus Offers Cadoola Bonus Offers
100% up to €500 and 200 Free Spins
Boa Boa Casino bonus offer Boa Boa Casino bonus offer
100% up to €500 and 200 Free Spins
BetAmo casino welcome bonus BetAmo casino welcome bonus
100% up to €300 and 150 Free Spins
Nomini Casino Welcome Bonuses Nomini Casino Welcome Bonuses
100% up to €500 and 100 Free Spins
Claim your welcome bonus at Betsson Claim your welcome bonus at Betsson
100% up to €100 and 101 Free Spins

You will find umpteen of articles on casino bonuses which are focusing on particular types of rewards, but our experts gathered all pieces of information in this item with an eye to sharing the most crucial facts about casino bonuses with you. We have included the info on welcome bonuses and reload rewards, the conditions of using these bonuses as well as some recommendations on choosing a bonus programme – the whole kit and caboodle.

Everything you need to know about casino bonuses

You will also find a ranking of the top gambling websites with the best bonus offers into the bargain, all of which are absolutely safe and secure.  Run your eye over this article, make up your mind which bonus programme is the most appealing to you and check the casinos on our list with the most lucrative offers!

Types of bonuses provided by online casinos

There is no point in saying there are gazillions of bonus programmes available in online casinos! The Internet is full of offers and an average casino player has too much on one’s plate. As a result, the player doesn’t know if he or she is coming or going! Let us clear it up for you homeopathically and you will certainly grasp all the information!

No deposit casino bonus

Is it possible to play casino games without investing your own money? Absolutely! Some of the leading gambling websites have added a fantastic bonus of free money or spins! Just imagine you can engage in your favourite games without losing a cent of your money and, in the case of winning, you can grab your reward! Isn’t it awesome? Then, learn more details and get your no deposit bonus!

no deposit casino bonusesMany a time, a no deposit reward is given to new casino clients who have just registered and haven’t transferred any funds to their account yet. The majority of gambling websites give a particular sum of money to such clients, although you might also find casinos providing new players with extra spins. The funds you get might be not so huge. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter. The point here is to be able to play a couple of games without using your own money. Certainly, you can also do it by playing a demonstrative version of games in some casinos, yet the demo option will give you only a virtual prize. In contrast, a no deposit bonus gives you real money for your winning.

What things do you need to bear in mind while choosing a no deposit bonus? Obviously, you should check the terms and conditions of any reward programme. Practically all and sundry have some restrictions on withdrawing a winning. You shouldn’t worry about it, though. It means no more than playing several games after your winning in order to be able to get your prize.  There is nothing horrid about it, isn’t it? After all, it is all about playing and enjoying your favourite game!

What you also need to know is that it is crucial to give only legitimate personal data to your casino. In all likelihood, you have already heard about gambling websites verifying the information shared by their clients. That is not because your casino wants to track you or misuse your personal data in any way. On the contrary, the gambling authorities as well as the government of all civilized countries demand checking the data of clients from all legal casinos.

Furthermore, your online casino might be particularly interested in verifying your info if you choose a no deposit bonus. In the end, it is the casino that needs to trust you as it is going to pay you money free of charge! There are also some so-called bonus-hunters who are the players registering in a gazillion of online casinos just with a view to receiving free money. So, there is nothing strange in casino’s attempts not to be tricked by this group of dishonest clients.

When will it be sensible to use a no deposit bonus? It definitely depends on your gambling skills and the games you are willing to play. For instance, if you a beginner who is going to play video slot machines, a no deposit bonus will be just perfect for you despite any previous gambling experience. That is so, because video slots do not expect you to have any experience whatsoever. Don’t delay it, check out the list of no deposit bonuses that we have prepared and pick the casino that best suits you.

In case you are a poker or roulette pro, you can also start playing with your free money right after registration without having any second thoughts. Still, if you would like to play card games or roulette for the first time, it might be wise to check these games in a demonstrative mode first. Learn the rules of the game, practise some strategies and then, try your luck with free money.

No deposit free spins

no deposit free spinsNo deposit free spins is another bonus which is usually given to new players after completing a registration form. If you have already played video slot machines, you certainly know that a spin is a term standing for one go in this game. In the majority of video slots, spinning a wheel is the only possible form of interaction with a game interface and you know what? It is enough to hit a jackpot! So, an opportunity of getting several free spins can really make a huge difference in your playing experience. We invite you to visit the page with a list of free spins offered by online casinos. You will find a lot of renowned brands there.

Again, there are particular conditions of using free spins. For example, some gambling websites may earmark this reward exclusively for playing a particular slot machine. Other casinos might have no restrictions for games, however, they will ask you to make several stakes with the money you win with free spins. This is actually a quite popular requirement that, in truth, protects gambling websites from shady users registering in umpteen of casinos just to grab bonuses.

Although free spins is one of the sorts of no deposit bonuses, you should be in the know about another type of free spins. In reality, in some situations you have a chance of receiving free spins independently from the current bonus programmes of your casino. How could it be? A number of slot video machines have inbuilt rewards which can be gained by getting a particular combination of symbols. One of the most common reward in such games is a few extra spins. It means that you can increase the prospect of hitting a jackpot by choosing a profitable slot.

First deposit casino bonuses

first deposit casino bonusesNow, when you are perfectly genned up on no deposit bonuses, it’s time to find out more about the rewards given for the first deposit.

What welcome bonuses can you find on gambling websites? In point of fact, virtually all online casinos are offering extra money for the first money transfer your make to your player’s account. Still, this bonus is not the same as the money reward given to the players without any requirements of making a deposit. In the case of the first deposit bonus, the size of the funds you get hinges on the amount of your first deposit. Let’s illustrate how it works.

For example, you would like to transfer $50 to your account. A plurality of online casinos will increase this amount twice. Thus, you will get $50 more which you can use for your entertainment. You need to check the conditions of your casino, though. For the most part, gambling web pages have a limit for the amount of your first deposit up to which it will be increased. Providing the maximum sum of money that can be doubled is 500$, then, in all likelihood, anything extra in your deposit will not be increased.

Furthermore, it is quite possible that your online casino will also ask you to use the money you get while making stakes with your bonus several times before you will be allowed to withdraw the winning. Welcome bonuses are available at absolutely all online casinos. Click here to view the list of the best welcome bonuses. We update it very often.

The only thing that still should be mentioned is the possibility of getting both money and free spins for your first deposit. It is actually not so rare among online casinos which are doing their best to live up to the expectations of different clients.

Bonuses for those who have already used welcome bonuses

There are many details that make the contrast between online casinos and land-based ones so striking. One of the most considerable differences between these two types of gambling establishments is the presence of bonuses and rewards. As far as you have already learnt, special bounties is a key feature of online casinos and it makes these casinos especially inviting.

You will hardly find a casino player who doesn’t want to benefit from bonuses. Hence, anytime a person is searching for a new place to play money games, he or she is especially scrupulous when it comes to choosing a welcome bonus. Still, real casino devotees will tell you how quickly one can use an entire lot of free spins or extra money. Certainly, many of them earn even more money with the help of those bonuses, yet, no one will resign from a one more reward.

Fortunately, there is a thousand and one gambling websites that have expanded their offers by adding seasonal bonuses and even more casinos provide their regular clients with so-called reload bonuses. Let’s get an insight into these forms of rewards in the following parts of this article!

Reload bonuses

casino reload bonusYou might have already encountered a quite common term of a reload bonus in numerous articles on online gambling. A reload bonus is a special sort of a reward that is given for making further deposits. To see the list of the latest reload bonuses, go here.

What are the typical features of this type of a bonus? Copious gambling websites have designed this bonus programme in such a way as to increase a particular number of consecutive deposits. For instance, your online casino may increase up to five deposits in a row (Note! Number five is an approximate value; some web pages increase only two first deposits whereas other might boost your funds more than five times). The extent to which your deposit will grow is also contingent on your casino. While the bonus for the first deposited is usually the same as we have discussed it earlier, your further deposits will probably be rewarded in different ways. For example, you might get 70% of the sum of your second deposit, 50% of the sum of the third deposit and so on.

Similarly to the previous types of bonuses, your reload reward may also contain a couple of free spins.

Again, take note of the conditions which you have to meet with an eye to pay your winnings out.

Seasonal bonuses

casino seasonal bonusesBeyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest things about holidays is giving and receiving presents! Online casinos are fully aware of this and hence are handing out piles of bonuses both to their regular clients and potential customers.

Check the holiday offers of several gambling websites and you will see they are streets apart, especially when it comes to the amount of bounties they are giving to their players. Still, all the same, the types of these bonuses are usually a combination of the rewards we have already discussed.

Seasonal bonuses also include other timeframes, not necessarily holiday periods.  For example, you can find such reward programmes that are available during an entire summer. Everything depends on the imagination of the casino staff.

As far as you can see, it might be a ticklish task to guess when a particular casino decide to start its seasonal bonus campaign. We bet you do not want to omit an extra opportunity of increasing your profit, so we strongly recommend you to subscribe to a newsletter of your gambling website. There is no need to be concerned about the prospect of constant need of deleting heaps of junk messages. We guarantee you will get only informative mails on special occasions providing you choose one of the casinos on our ranking.

Other casino gifts

other casino giftsAlthough we have already provided you with a substantial part of possible bonus programmes, there are still some left worth mentioning.

There is a number of gambling websites understanding that playing roulette or card games is not only about collecting winnings. Without question, these games are also a great source of excitement and totally unique feelings that can’t be repeated by playing other money games, even slot machines. Not only you are aiming to win as much as possible, but you are also engaged in a game with other participants. Therefore, you can derive great satisfaction both from glittering prizes and a marvelous feeling of  beating your rivals.

Online casinos organise a number of tournaments for their clients so that you can play your favourite games almost professionally. Normally, you will be able to get extra bonuses apart from a regular prize for your win.

You might also encounter casinos with VIP programmes designed for their regular players. Although these programmes are not particularly widespread, they are definitely worth your while. In addition to traditional casino bonuses, these programmes also compensate your activity on the website. In some cases, you will be able to earn rewards just for playing any games you wish. Furthermore, the prizes you can get can be tangible as well. For instance, you might get a piece of jewelry or electronic devices.

These are the major points about casino bonuses. A sheer abundance of prizes is waiting for you so it’s time to make your choice and create your player’s account!

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