Claim your Betway casino welcome bonus

Claim your Betway casino welcome bonus

Nowadays, there is a gazillion of online casinos offering welcome bonuses. This type of a reward has become so popular that it is rather difficult to imagine an Internet gambling venue with such a programme. Still, it doesn’t mean that the quality of the bonuses available in all the casinos is equal. If you search the web for the available options, you face an umpteen of discrepancies among such offers. Therefore, we would like to show you the welcome bonus that is really worth your attention.

We would like to show you the welcome bonus available at one of the top gambling websites known as the Betway casino. The point is this online casino has prepared a bonus that can be equal up to £1000! Can you imagine how much free money it is?

Certainly, if you have already spent some time playing online casino games, you have already noticed there are virtually no other gambling venues offering such huge welcome bonuses. The Betway casino has designed the bonuses in such a way that they can be earned by making three consecutive deposits.

When you make your first transfer to your account, the sum of money you pay is doubled up to the sum of £250. We need to emphasise that this amount of money is quite impressive since the majority of the casinos offer the highest bonus of £100.

When you use all the free cash, you can claim the next bonus. Make your second deposit and it will be increased up to £250 as well. The third deposit is the last one participating in this programme. It will give you up to £500! Isn’t it a fantastic amount of money especially taking into consideration the fact it is given to you completely free of charge!

It is also pleasing to know you won’t need to make huge deposits with a view to being able to participate in the welcome offer. The amount of money you can transfer to your account is only £20!

How can you make your deposit in case you would like to take part in this bonus campaign? Just use one of the most common payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card and make a safe and fast transfer.

It is obvious you will profit a lot assuming you collect your welcome offer at Betway. We believe it would be sensible to use all the three fractions of the bonus pool as it will boost your chances of winning! Get the entire amount of free money offer by the Betway casino and make the most of your playing with its free cash given to all the clients.

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