Hit a jackpot with a welcome bonus in Spin Million Casino

Hit a jackpot with a welcome bonus in Spin Million Casino

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the outcome of money games, especially such games as video slot machines, roulette, scratch cards or blackjack, depends on your luck in the first place. Still, it is obvious that your chances of winning can be increased by prolonging your game. The best way to do it and avoid risking the losses of your own funds is via an appropriate welcome bonus.

Earn up to 1000 EUR as a new player in Spin Million Casino

Spin Million Casino is a new gambling website, yet its team understand the needs of the devotees of online casinos perfectly. Undeniably, one of these needs is the desire to get as much money for free as possible. Therefore, in order to be able to compete with the top gambling venues which have already spent a sufficient amount of time on the market, the experts of Spin Million Casino have created a really massive welcome bonus for the new clients of the service.

Just imagine, the welcome bonus of Spin Million Casino offers a sum of 1000 EUR for making your first deposit! You will hardly find a gambling website ready to pay you such money for making several deposits and Spin Million Casino is willing to reward your first deposit with such a generous prize.

The welcome bonus of Spin Million Casino is available for all the players who make their first deposit of at least 20 EUR. This means you will need to complete a quick registration form and this will entitle you to playing in the casino with free money. The welcome bonus will simply double your initial funds, making your balance greater by 100%.

The more money you deposit, the greater your welcome bonus will be. Still, if you are not willing to invest a large amount of cash into the entertainment, especially for playing on a new gambling website, Spin Million Casino will double your modest deposit as well. For example, if you transfer the smallest amount of money allowed in the promotion which is 20 EUR, you will get 20 EUR more.

Even 2000 EUR is available for further deposits in Spin Million Casino

Try your playing with your welcome bonus and if you enjoy it, claim further bonuses offered by Spin Million Casino for making five consecutive deposits. How does it work?

As we have already said, your first deposit will be rewarded with a 100% welcome bonus up to 1000 EUR. Then, you have a chance of getting up to 2000 EUR for making your second, third, fourth and fifth deposits. Each of these deposits will be rewarded with a maximum amount of money of 500 EUR. This way, a total of four deposits will bring you a nice sum of 2000 EUR. This is a really astronomic amount of free cash which you will hardly get in any other online casino!

The bonus offered by your further deposits by Spin Million Casino adds 50% to the sums you transfer to your account. As far as you can see, this means that the greatest amount available in the bonus programme is earmarked for players willing to make quite large deposits. Again, it isn’t compulsory and if you are not ready to deposit large amounts of money, you can still benefit from smaller deposits. This part of the welcome promotion will give you the bonus for a minimum deposit of 25 EUR. For example, if you make a deposit of 30 EUR, you will automatically receive 15 EUR. This sum of money is enough for participating in a large selection of the casino’s games some of which will also give you real chances for winning a jackpot even with the smallest wagers.

The Spin Million Casino welcome bonus – summary

Let’s look at the entire welcome offer of Spin Million Casino once again. The bonus provides the new clients who have made their first deposit with a chance of receiving a total amount of 3000 EUR which can be used for playing any game on the list of the casino.

Your first deposit should be equal to at least 20 EUR in order to benefit from this bonus offer. The first deposit is doubled by the casino, thus, the minimum amount of cash you can get is 20 EUR.

If you wish to make your further deposits, you will be able to receive up to 200- EUR in the further part of bonus offer if the amount of money you transfer to your account will be at least of 25 EUR. The second, the third, the fourth and the fifth deposit of such a sum will bring you 50% of additional cash. Making greater deposits allows you to receive up to 500 EUR for each transfer.

Note that you are allowed to make deposits of various sums during the promotion. In addition to it, there is no obligation of participating in all the steps of the promotion. Pay as much as you like and receive bounties which will certainly help you to hit one of the jackpots in Spin Million Casino!

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