The baccarat rules, odds, strategies and more

The baccarat rules, odds, strategies and more

Assuming you have never sit behind the baccarat table, but you have seen the scenes of the game of baccarat in progress in movies, you might be quite intrigued and attracted by this elegant casino game. Although baccarat is a highly popular card and table game, it is not like any other form of casino entertainment since for a quite long time this game was played exclusively by high rollers.

Today, due to the development of modern technology, baccarat is no more an exclusive game played only by the wealthiest clients of land-based casinos. At the moment, anyone can join a thrilling game of baccarat while lying in bad in one’s old pyjamas. The advent of software and websites offering their users the possibility of playing baccarat have revolutionised the market making this legendary game affordable to anyone. Therefore, you’d better prepare for your first game with our Baccarat 101 Course!

The history of baccarat table

Undeniably, nowadays, baccarat is one of the iconic casino games. Even the people who do not indulge themselves with playing real money games know this game. And, how can’t they know about baccarat considering the fact the game was the favourite one of James Bond? Providing you are really into playing casino games, there is no way you can ignore the story of the creation and popularisation of baccarat.

In point of fact, baccarat is somewhat a mysterious game. Despite its being so popular nowadays, and, as far as we know, it was also favoured by many players in the past, the researchers were able to find the oldest written records about the game dating back to 19th century. Obviously, this could mean the game is not so old, yet the historians scrutinising the origins of the baccarat table claim the game is much older than we might think.

Certainly, tracking the exact origins of any popular game we know today is an extremely complicated, if not impossible, task. Therefore, the likely scenarios of the creation of baccarat are mostly theoretical and numerous. Yet, some of them seem to be more feasible.

The first of the possible stories of baccarat starts in China. If you have ever visited one of the Asian online casinos, you might have noticed there a game called Pai Gow which can be translated as Make Nine. Supposedly, this game was a predecessor of the modern baccarat game. Of course, the major correlation between these two casino games is exactly nine. As you will find in the next chapters of our baccarat guidebook, nine is exactly the best score one can get playing baccarat. Other evidence of the connection between these two games is unavailable, though.

As usually, there is a large group of researchers believing in the rise of the baccarat started in Ancient Rome. Actually, if you check the modern ideas about the history of many other money games, you will definitely find the theories bounding these games to Ancient Rome. Unsurprisingly, baccarat is one of these games.

The scientists working on the resolving the mystery of the origins of baccarat believe the baccarat rules are linked to the traditional ritual of casting dice by vestal virgins who wished to learn their fate in such a way. Just like on baccarat, the best future was predicted by getting 9 or 8 points, while 6 or 7 meant virgin would be revoked. Other results of rolling dice determined a rather dramatic and tragic action. The unlucky vestal virgins getting less than 6 points on their dice were to drown themselves in the sea.

While the importance of nine points in the life of poor vestal virgins is obvious, other historians can’t agree with its correlation with the real baccarat rules which is played with cards rather than dice.

Apart from these two popular theories claiming baccarat is quite an ancient game, there are also assumptions the game might have originated at the beginning of the previous millennium either in France or in Italy, although the letter version of the origin of the baccarat table is not so popular. Those, who actually believe in the Italian roots of baccarat, claim the Tarrochi game popular in 1300s is not only the predecessor of baccarat, but also of all other traditional European casino games. Back to that time, another card game called Macao was popular in Italy. In fact, Macao does resemble baccarat since its goal is gaining nine points. For that reason, Macao is even called Italian Baccarat. There is one more possible forebear of modern baccarat in Italy which is the Le Her game.

Despite the fact many researchers consider the French origin of baccarat the most possible scenario, it is quite possible that the game was actually introduced to this country by the soldiers who had participated in the military conflicts of 1490s in Italy. During the Napoleonic era two major forms of baccarat were widespread in France which were Chemin de Fer and Baccarat en Banque or, as it is also referred to, Baccarat Deux Tableux. These two forms of baccarat were so favoured by the devotees of gambling that the games were still played illegally after introduction of the law banning casinos in France by Louis Phillip in 1837.

The baccarat rules were first described in print in 1847 by Charles Van-Tenac in Album des jeux which included a large mathematical analysis of the game, however Official Rules of Card by Edmond Hoyle printed in the 19th century linked baccarat to Vingt-et-un which was a French game of blackjack.

The end of the 19th century was also the time when baccarat started to spread around America, albeit Steve Forte and John Scarne, the respected gambling experts of that time declared the year of 1911 to be the first time when baccarat was played in The United States.

As far as you already know, baccarat has changed a lot and the greatest changes have been introduced after the game became popular in Asia. There, the game developed additional features as well as a greater number of bets which changed glamorous and bewitching baccarat into a highly dynamic and vibrant form of casino entertainment.

The baccarat rules clarified

Providing you have never played baccarat before, reading the previous chapter of our baccarat manual certainly gave you the idea of the goal of this game which is, as far as you now know, is collecting the score close or equal to 9 points. Yet, what is the exact way of playing baccarat?

First of all, you should realise the game of baccarat is extremely simple, even though it is intriguing and very exciting. In fact, there are only two players of baccarat and one of them is the Banker, although Banker is not the term referring necessarily to the casino. If you are going to bet on baccarat, you should choose between the Player’s hand and the hand of the Banker, however, no matter which hand you choose, you must make your bet before the cards are dealt.

When the bets are made, both the Banker and the Player get two cards. Then, the dealer or the Player takes the first card of the Player’s hand and puts it face up in the special place of the baccarat table called the Player’s box. The same is done with the Banker’s first card. This cards goes to the Banker’s box.

The action is then repeated for the second cards of the Player and the Banker. Now, it’s time to count the totals of the playing hands. Here is the list of the baccarat rules determining the total scores:

  • All the face cards as well as tens give 0 points;
  • The cards other than the face cards and tens add to the total the number of points equal to their face value;
  • Aces give one point;
  • When the sum of the points is over ten the baccarat rules consider the second digit of the total as the real value of the hand. For instance, if you have two sevens with a total of fourteen, the real sum is only four.

A participant of the game wins his or her money if only the bet was made on the hand which has a total closer to nine. Still, the tie outcome is also possible on baccarat.

Sometimes, the first cards taken from the Player and the Banker might already have 8 or 9. In such a case, the game is over with a so-called “natural win”. The participants of the game who have predicted the winner and have made bets on the right hand can get their winnings right after the natural win is declared.

Now, are there any situations in which the baccarat rules tell us to grab more cards?

Getting additional cards for the playing hands is possible on baccarat if the Player gets an initial total of the range from 0 to 5. Pay your attention to the fact which has been discussed above: getting a total of 8 or 9 means the hand is a winner. Thus, if the Banker has such a total, the game is finished with the win of the Banker even if the Player has a total of less than 6 points.

Interestingly, the baccarat rules for getting the third card in the case of the Banker are different. First, let’s look at the situation in which the Player stands pat which means not drawing more cards for the hand.

In such a case, the Banker are allowed to grab more cards if the total of the hand is smaller than 6. Yet, the Banker is allowed to stay pat if only the total is equal to 6 or 7 after receiving more cards. This means that the Banker has to get more cards for other scores of the hand.

It is also possible that both the Banker and the Player have to reach for the third card. Under such circumstances, the Player gets the third card first and the further cards are dealt to the banker according to the values of the third card of the Player. The possible game scenarios are listed below:

  • The Player’s third card is either 2 or 3 means the Banker can draw more cards if he or she has 0-4. The Banker has to stay pat with the total of 5-7.
  • When the Player’s third card is 4 or 5, the Banker is allowed to get more cards for a total of 0-5, yet, this time the total allowing for staying pat is 6-7;
  • Providing the Player’s third card happens to have the value of 6 or 7, the Banker can get more cards for the total of 0- In this case, the Banker is allowed to stay pat if only he or she reaches the total of 7;
  • The Player’s third card equal to 8 permits the Banker to draw extra cards for the initial sum of 0-2. Staying pat is then possible for the total of 3-7;
  • Finally, when the Player has the 9, 10, Ace or any of the face cards as the third card, the Banker will be able draw additional cards for the total of 0-3 and stay pat with the total of 4-7.

Certainly, the conditions allowing the Banker to receive more cards might seem rather complex. That is so only because you have no prior experience of playing baccarat, though. Playing baccarat online for free or just practicing playing this game without betting your real money with your friends will help you to prepare for participation in the baccarat online real money game or in the game held in one of the land-based casinos. Still, it is recommended to check the baccarat system for betting as well as the baccarat tips first which are also described in this gambling guidebook.

The baccarat odds and types of bets

What every baccarat player really needs for adopting a successful gambling style is the knowledge of the bet types available on this game. Although there are some variations of the baccarat bets allowing the participants of the game to make complex side bets, a standard form of baccarat has three types of bets which are the Banker bet, the Player bet and the Tie bet.

Before delving into the details of these bets, you need to understand a particular aspect of baccarat. On the one hand, Baccarat is a game of chance, meaning the participants have no influence on the cards drawn to the Player and the Banker, thus, the outcome of every game of baccarat is absolutely random. On the other hands, the odds of the Player winning and the Banker winning are slightly different. This is the result of the discrepancies in the baccarat rules for its active participants. For that reason, there are more possibilities for some bets to win than for the others.

  • The Banker bet

The banker bet is particularly favoured by the gamblers playing baccarat online and in land-based casinos due to the fact it has the strongest odds. The exact percentage of the probability of winning while betting on Banker is 45.843%. In addition to it, the house edge is also low for the Banker bet being of only 1,06%. There are several baccarat strategies and tips related to the Banker bet which will be discussed in the next chapters of our guidebook. So far, you should be also aware of the fact some stationary casinos as well as websites offering the possibility of playing baccarat online with real money might ask you to pay 5% commission which is exactly the result of the high probability of winning with this bet.

  • The Player bet

Although you now know which bet has the highest baccarat odds of winning, the Player bet shouldn’t be ruled out. The exact probability of winning while betting on the Player is 44.615% which is certainly lower than in the case of the Banker bet. The house edge for the Player bet is a bit higher than for the Player bet which is 1,26%. Still, the fact there is no commission for this bet either on the websites for playing baccarat online or in the land-based facilities makes the Player bet also quite profitable especially in the combination of some baccarat systems.

  • The Tie Bet

The baccarat rules also allow the players to make a bet on a tie, albeit the majority of the gambling experts won’t recommend you this option. There are several reasons for it.

First of all, the probability of getting a tie on the game of baccarat is extremely small which is even less than 10%. Furthermore, the house edge for this bet is unpleasantly high being equal to 14,4%. Taking these facts into consideration, there is nothing strange in the fact this type of bet is rarely made by the participants of the game.

Now, when you have learnt the basic baccarat rules concerning the bets offered by this game, you can look at the table presenting all the information we have just shared with you in a more comprehensible form.

The baccarat betThe probability of winningThe house edge
The Banker bet0.4585971,06%
The Player Bet0.4462471,26%
The tie bet0.09515614,4%

Pay your attention to the fact there are various baccarat winning strategies relying on different bets. Some baccarat systems may make a good use not only of the Banker bet but also of other options available on this game.

The most popular variations of the baccarat rules

In our guidebook, we present the information such as baccarat odds and baccarat rules which are primarily used for the Punto Banco version of the game. This form of baccarat is particularly popular in Australia and North America and its important feature is the fact the casino is the bank of the game. If you decide to play a basic version of baccarat online, in all likelihood it will be Punto Banco. There are some other versions of baccarat, though.

  • Super Pan

Super Pan is another type of baccarat spread in North America, especially in The United States. The players of Super Pan use only 36 cards which are dealt face up. In addition to it, the Player and the Banker receive three cards each. There is also a possibility of getting one more card.

  • Chemin De Fer

The European casinos prefer the Chemin De Fer form of baccarat which is quite different from Punto Banco. The most crucial feature of the game is its dealers. The thing is, the players are acting as the Player and the Bank of the game in the case of Chemin De Fer. In addition to it, this variation of baccarat allows the players to draw another card for the total of five points or stand.

  • Baccarat en Banque

Baccarat en Banque is another European version of the famous game which is actually quite similar to Chemin De Fer. For example, the Banker of the game is also one of the players. It is typical to play Baccarat en Banque with three decks of cards.

  • Three Card Baccarat

The visitors of the Asian land-based casinos or gambling websites can relish a game of Three Card Baccarat. Like the Super Pan version of the game, Three Card Baccarat requires dealing three cards two the participants instead of two. The points for hands are counted accordingly to special rankings while the highest hand has three face cards.

Popular baccarat winning strategies – is there a perfect baccarat system?

If you are already acquainted with the baccarat rules, you have certainly noticed this game is quite straightforward and it definitely doesn’t require any special skills for playing. Besides, the baccarat system for winning seems to be obvious as it is sensible to make the Banker bets especially in the casinos with no commission for this bet. Yet, many baccarat enthusiasts spent long time creating baccarat winning strategies or trying to adopt already existing strategies used for playing other money games such as roulette or blackjack. Undeniably, you are also willing to win on baccarat as much money as possible, therefore, we are going to tell you about some of the most popular baccarat winning strategies.

The general idea of the baccarat winning strategies

In point of fact, almost all of the existing baccarat winning strategies are based on the same idea. Unfortunately, this idea is the gambler’s fallacy which is based on the false belief in the high possibility of winning a casino game after a series of particular results of the game. These baccarat rely either on a positive progression or on a negative one.

Playing baccarat online or in a stationary casino with a positive progression system means increasing your bets with each winning. A negative progression is a baccarat system requiring making greater bets with each of your losses.

A positive progression betting strategy might seem quite sensible to many gamblers, whereas making your bets according to the negative progression appears somewhat shocking to the careful players. In fact, both of these strategies are from ideal because they are based on the gambler’s fallacy just as we have already said. Not only is baccarat a game of choice, but it also has no correlation between its results. Thus, winning on one game can’t predict the results of the next game no matter how much we believe in our own luck.

While using the positive progression baccarat system for making your bets won’t harm you on a general scale, adopting the negative progression baccarat winning strategies should be extremely cautious. An inappropriate strategy applied to the negative progression will result in multiple losses, whereas some of the gambling strategies will allow you to eventually gain more money after a series of games than you have lost. Beware of the fact many gamblers playing with negative progression systems count on making one winning which will allow them to return all their losses and eventually generate some profits. Unfortunately, there is no such a rule, and using a baccarat system based on the negative progression you are risking to lose all your money at all.

The positive progression baccarat winning strategies

One of the most basic examples of a positive progression baccarat system is Paroli which has been used by gamblers of different card and table games including blackjack, Pai Gow poker, Sic Bo, roulette and craps for over 400 years. The system is still popular among casino clients playing baccarat online as well as in land-based venues.

The Paroli strategy is simply based on doubling the amount of money you pay for your bets each time you win, however, some players double their bets on rarer occasions, for example, after each third winning. If you lose, the next bet can’t change its size according to the Paroli system. Like any other betting strategies adopted by the baccarat players, the Paroli system won’t guarantee you any winnings. Still, using this betting option can actually help you to generate modest profits with some modest losses. It is recommended to use the Paroli baccarat winning strategy with a rather small first bet which can be equal to the 2% of the overall sum you are going to spend on gambling.

There are many variations of the Paroli baccarat system which are supposed to help you avoid great losses and win more in a more effective way. For example, some gamblers increase their stakes more slowly, using the sequence of 2x, 3x, 2x and 3x multipliers before they multiply their bet by 5 times. Others, apply even more rigorous rules to their betting baccarat system, coming back to the initial size of their bets after each loss.

The negative progression baccarat systems

One of the most widely used negative progression system for baccarat is the Martingale strategy. Undeniably, it is so partly because of its simple rules which require doubling your bets after each loss and betting the same amount of cash after each win. The devotees of this strategy assume it allows them to lose no money because one of the successful bets will bring them more cash than the total of all their previous losses. Still, it is also their theory, because the chances of having a longer period of losses are the same. Certainly, if you start with an initial bet of 5 EUR and finally win a game after a period of four consecutive losses, your final win of 160 EUR will cover the 155 EUR loss and add extra 5 EUR to your balance. Yet, if you are less fortunate and need to wait for a win longer, having thirteen losses will generate a total of almost 41 000 EUR and the next lost bet will be over 81 000 EUR.

Other popular negative progression baccarat winning strategies are Fibonacci and Labouchere.

The flat betting strategy for winning on baccarat

Despite the fact flat betting isn’t particularly exciting, it is actually a quite rewarding baccarat system. Flat betting means you will make the same bets during an entire gambling session regardless of you casino success. Flat betting is emphasised in the section on the baccarat tips of our guidebook as being a really sensible approach to playing baccarat.

Since this baccarat winning strategy allows you to avoid really considerable losses and actually beat the house, it is particularly recommended to the players with small gambling experience as well as to those clients of casinos who wish to be able to make more bets during a game session or increase one’s odds for generating real profits.

The baccarat tips for playing online and in land-based casinos

As far as you have learnt, it is not easy to recommend casino devotees surefire baccarat winning strategies. Despite this fact, there are baccarat tips which will help you to minimise your losses, increase winnings and get more satisfaction from gambling.

  • Never make tie bets.

We have already instruct you on the way tie bets work. Needless to say, this type of baccarat bets is really unprofitable as it offers you small money for risking greatly and hence the best thing you can do is simply ignore these bets at all.

  • Do not rely on the baccarat systems including winning/losing streaks or hot/cold strategies.

Always bear in mind the fact baccarat is a game of chance, therefore, all the strategies based on increasing or decreasing probability of winning are totally ungrounded. Furthermore, such baccarat systems might even turn to be harmful, especially when you count on a win because you have just lost your money. Still, if you wish to try gambling with the use of progressions, you should prefer the positive progression baccarat winning strategies to the systems based on the negative progressions as they at least help the players to avoid huge losses. Anyway, you should treat the baccarat winning strategies as the systems designed for managing your bankroll rather than increasing your chances for winning.

  • Try making the Banker bets.

We have already mentioned the features of the Banker bets and it is worth emphasising once again that this type of baccarat bets is really suitable for different sorts of players. Not only is the Banker bet recommended to both the novices and the gambling experts, but it is also advised to continue playing baccarat with the Banker bets for at least one game after the Banker loses. Again, referring to the previous tip, do not assume the Banker will lose the next game because he or she has already lost one. Do not make this typical gambler’s fallacy, since a game of baccarat has no influence on the results of the next game, and, despite its possible bad luck, the Banker still has the strongest odds of winning.

  • Make the Player bets with the negative progression baccarat system.

Although we have just criticised the betting strategies based on progressions and pointed the Player bet as less profitable one than the Banker bet is, you can try making Player bets while using the negative progression system.

As far as you have already learned from our baccarat guidebook, the Player bet has a bit lower odds of winning, yet it is never made with a commission. For that reason, this bet can be made on particular occasions. For instance, the use of the negative progression system during a series of baccarat games allows you to generate profits albeit you have already lost some money. One of the most basic negative progression baccarat winning strategies is the Martingale system which has been described in the previous section of our guidebook. Still, you should pay your attention to the fact that you will be able to cover your losses with the negative progression system, if only you win baccarat before you lose all your money which is an equally possible outcome of the game.

  • Consider the maximum limits for betting in your casino.

This piece of advice is particularly useful for the players who wish to try playing baccarat online or in stationary casinos with one of the negative progression baccarat winning strategies. The thing is virtually all land-based gambling establishments as well as many online casinos have their own limits for maximum amount of money one player allowed to spend on wagers. In some casinos, this is a part of the Responsible Gambling policy, whereas others have introduced such limits in order to prevent the situations in which the casino administration wouldn’t be able to pay out the winnings. Thus, the players of baccarat with particularly huge funds earmarked for bets made according to the negative progression systems should realise they might be simply not allowed to make colossal bets in particular casinos even though they can afford it.

Additionally, experts do not recommend to apply the baccarat winning strategies like Martingale to such online versions of baccarat like Mini Baccarat or Speed Baccarat. These games are played rather quickly. Sometimes, a player can manage to finish up to 120 rounds of baccarat online playing one of these games. Obviously, if you are not particularly lucky during a session of baccarat, you are risking losing astronomical sums of cash on a negative progression baccarat system.

  • Use flat betting even if you have some expertise in playing baccarat.

Just like we have mentioned it in the chapter on the baccarat winning strategies, it is really recommended to play according to the flat betting system. The first reason for it is protecting your budget against overspending. The second advantage of the system is the fact you will be able to actually gain some profit because you lose less money on your bets.

  • Keep a calm and realistic attitude towards gambling.

No matter whether you are playing baccarat online with real money or doing it in one of the stationary casinos, you must always stay cool as a cucumber. We have already mentioned the gambler’s fallacy which makes millions of players around the world believe in their luck which is actually based on a mere superstition. Still, it is not the only tempting mistake you can make while playing baccarat online and in land-based casinos.

For instance, there is a special term of “illusion control” which describes the false feeling of having an influence on the results of the game because you have just squeezed the cards on baccarat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in the case of this game at all, and your physical contact with cards is actually a totally meaningless gesture since baccarat is still a game of chance.

Near misses is another popular psychological mistake made by many casino clients who feel their chances of winning were quite high despite in the reality they had lost and, because of this feeling, they continue gambling believing in their future luck. Certainly, such an approach can lead to overspending your money and eventually losing far more money than you have planned.

Is it worth playing baccarat online?

Nowadays, offering baccarat to the players is one of the standard requirements for online casinos. Despite the fact this game used to be earmarked for the elite of the gambling world, today, the game is one of the basic options available in the majority of online casino facilities. Providing you have never played baccarat online or even haven’t got a possibility of trying this game in one of the land-based casinos, you might be wondering whether it is sensible to sit behind baccarat table in the Internet.

In order to relieve your doubt, we have collected all the major cons of playing baccarat online below.

  • You can play baccarat online without real money.

One of the greatest advantageous of playing baccarat online is the possibility of relishing the game without an obligation of making bets with your real money. The demonstrative mode available in all the top Internet casinos allows the players to play the game with virtual money. Although your winnings will also be of virtual money which means you won’t be able either to pay it out or exchange it for casino loyalty points, the demonstrative version of baccarat is a perfect option for practising your gambling skills. Even if you prefer gambling in land-based casinos, playing baccarat online with no real money will help you to prepare for the baccarat live game.

  • You can boost your profits with casino bonuses.

Multiple bonuses are another great improvement of gambling available on casino websites. Being a client of one of the most successful gambling sites, you can count on receiving not only welcome bonuses, but also regular rewards such as reload bonuses or VIP bounties. The free cash given by many online casinos on various occasions will help you to win on baccarat without risking your real money. Undeniably, this enrichment makes playing baccarat online even more profitable.

  • You can play the baccarat live version.

If you believe online casinos simply can’t offer you real baccarat, live versions of this game available on the Internet will definitely change your mind. The baccarat live games allow the players to find themselves in a real casino sitting behind the baccarat table and making their bets with other participants of the game. Such baccarat games are held by real casino dealers and, as a player, you have access to a special live chat enabling you to contact other players of baccarat as well as the game dealers.

With a view to providing you with more information about the baccarat live games, we have created a list of the most popular baccarat games created by the modern software development studios. You will find this list in the next chapter of the guidebook.

  • You can gamble wherever you wish 24/7.

Undeniably, the fact you can play baccarat online on your mobile phone or a tablet computer, makes gaming on the Internet even more appealing. Due to the modern technologies, you can easily start playing baccarat online on the go if you have access to the Internet. Just try playing baccarat in one of the top online casinos and you will see how convenient mobile gambling is.

  • Playing baccarat online with real money safely is possible.

Certainly, the most conservative gamblers prefer playing money games such as baccarat in stationary casinos since they are unsettled because of the possible dangers of the cyber space. Actually, the security of the best web casinos is on the highest level which is achieved by the adoption of the most up-to-date safety measures including SSL encryption and firewalls.

Furthermore, you can be sure the outcome of the game is determined by chance because the most reputable online casinos provide their clients exclusively with the games using random number generators. Gambling on licensed websites is the best option for anyone wishing to have one’s personal data and funds secure.

The most popular games for playing baccarat online with real money and free of charge

Providing you have found our summary of the most essential advantageous of playing baccarat online appealing, you should check some of the most favoured online versions of baccarat described below.

  • Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold by Microgaming

Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold created by Microgaming is a video game which means it doesn’t provide the players with the live experience of sitting behind the baccarat table. This version of baccarat is extremely popular, though. There are several reasons for such a good reputation of this gambling software.

First of all, the players of Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold can choose the size of their bets of the range from 5 to 200 units. This means you can make quite large bets as well as small ones. Moreover, the team of Microgaming have added the demonstrative mode to the programme making it possible to play Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold completely free of charge. Finally, as the name of the game suggests, it is possible to make multiple bets while playing this version of baccarat.

  • Baccarat High Limits by Microgaming

Another video form of baccarat particularly loved by online gamblers is Baccarat High Limits and it was also developed by the experts of Microgaming. According to its name, the game provides the players with an opportunity of making high bets equal even to 500 units. At the same time, 9it is allowed to make bets smaller than the ones offered by Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold described above. Playing the Microgaming’s High Limits version of baccarat online with real money, you can make a bet of only one point.

Although Baccarat High Limits doesn’t have an official demonstrative mode, it still allows its players to play baccarat online for free with the Practice mode.

  • Grand Baccarat by Playtech

The versions of baccarat created by the team of Playtech are one of the most favourable live baccarat games of the majority of gamblers. Grand Baccarat is one of the most loved baccarat live game. Despite the fact it has a relatively small range of possible bet amounts starting from three units and ending on 100 units as a maximum bet, this game has no commission for the Banker bet making playing the baccarat live version more profitable. In addition to it, the players can entertain themselves even more by making side bets which are allowed on Grand Baccarat.

  • Progressive Baccarat by Playtech

Another extremely popular form of the baccarat live games is Progressive Baccarat which is also a product of Playtech. Progressive Baccarat offers the possibility of making bets ranging from 5 units to 25 units and allows the players to make a special jackpot bet. Because of that, the game is especially popular. Moreover, Progressive Baccarat developed by Playtech has a multi-player option.

  • Speed Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is another leader of the gambling software companies having baccarat live games in their offers. The baccarat versions created by the specialists of Evolution Gaming strike with their extremely high betting limits. For example, Speed Baccarat allows you to make the greatest bet of 5000 units whereas the smallest one possible on this game is only one unit.

Undeniably, the main feature of Speed Baccarat is its fast-paced gameplay which is partly possible due to dealing the cards face-up.

  • Baccarat Control Squeeze by Evolution Gaming

If you wish to make even greater bets while playing baccarat online, you should try another baccarat live game of Evolution Gaming such as Baccarat Control Squeeze. This version of the popular card game offers betting limits of the range of 25 – 25 000 units. As far as you can see, the high limit of this game is fifty times greater than the average baccarat limit of 500 units.

Baccarat Control Squeeze makes it possible to use an extra feature known as Peel to Reveal and relish extra camera views added to the game in order to provide you with live gambling experience.

Although the games we have just described are particularly preferred by the gamblers playing baccarat live games online, there are many other software developers which have created real masterpieces which are less popular than the games on our list simply because their developing studios are not the giants of the market.

Baccarat vs blackjack: which game should you play?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, both baccarat and blackjack are traditional casino games which have been entertaining many generations of gamblers for a long time. Although the baccarat rules as well as the baccarat table differ a lot from the rules and the table of blackjack, the games have some similarities. As we have mentioned in the section on the history of baccarat, some researchers even believe blackjack is an ancestor of baccarat. For that reason, it is especially interesting to compare the games to each other. In order to understand the basic discrepancies between these two card and table games, pay your attention to the table below:

A pure game of chance, a player has to decide only twice: on the amount of a bet and on a hand.A game of chance, although you might influence the results by your decisions.
The house edge varies from 1,06% (for the Banker bet) to 14,4% (for the tie bet).The house edge varies from 0,5% to 1%.
The average probability of winning for:The average probability of:
– the Banker bet is 45,86%;– losing is 49,10%;
– the Player Bet is 44,62%;– winning is 42,22%;
– the tie bet is 0,95%.– drawing is 8,48%.
Commission for the Banker bet is usually required.Usually no commission is required.

As far as you can see, both of the games are based on your luck, although in case of blackjack you need to have some basic idea of playing the game in order to make better decisions. For that reason, one can assume baccarat is a somewhat simpler game than blackjack. If you’re looking for a perfect place to play such games as blackjack or baccarat, go to the ranking of the best live casinos that was prepared just for you.

When it comes to the house edge, you can see some differences between the baccarat rules and the rules of blackjack. In fact, both of the games offer the lowest edge in online casinos and in stationary ones, although baccarat also has a tie bet with a particularly high house edge. Still, this bet isn’t a profitable one, so the majority of the baccarat players simply ignore it.

Finally, if you compare the probability of winning on baccarat and blackjack, you will see that baccarat offers you stronger chances of winning. Yet, if you make a tie bet, you odds will be extremely low.

Taking into consideration all the most important features of baccarat and blackjack, it is not easy to choose the best one. Both of the games have their own pros and cons and some of the disadvantages of a game might be treated by the players as a positive option. For example, the fact blackjack demands more knowledge about gambling from its players, this game might seem to be more amusing to the gamblers. The best thing you can do in order to choose the most appropriate game is checking baccarat and blackjack in the Internet for free with a demo version before playing blackjack or baccarat online with real money.

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