Play Bingo in Online Casinos

Play Bingo in Online Casinos

Bingo games have been around for as long as forever. Formerly in the land-based forms, these games have metamorphosed into online-based versions.

Since it entered into the online gaming industry, online bingo games have won over more players’ hearts. This is due to a couple of reasons – the simplicity, strict randomness, and the entertainment they bring to the table. But the icing on the cake is that players can now make some cool cash while having fun with their favorite free bingo games!

Among other things, this guide offers all the essential information to get you started or widen your knowledge in the world of online Bingo. But before we proceed, let’s take a look at the best free online bingo sites.

Top online bingo casinos

The online bingo world has grown into one of the biggest around, with more online bingo platforms springing up to accommodate the ever-increasing population of players. The numbers and reach of online bingo outlets are staggering – anyone, especially newbies, would have a hard time finding their way around.

But not to worry, we have a better idea. As an authority in the online gambling world, we have done a comprehensive review of the new bingo sites around to arrive at an expert list for our audience. So, if you are looking for the best online bingo outlets, take a look at our recommended options above. You can also check the best online casinos that we have prepared. You can be sure that these are the best places to play at.

History of bingo online

Bingo is one of the most evolved forms of gambling the gambling world has ever seen. What started as the Italian lottery in the 16th century traveled through France, and other parts of Europe, before Erwin S. Lowe eventually patented it in the 1940s. This strong game of chance, over the years, has gained millions of followers across the world, including seniors, adults, and even children.

About four decades after being patented, Bingo found its way into the online gambling system. The first Bingo site was launched in 1996, at a time when more people are getting familiar with the internet. Fast forward to today; we now have tons of bingo sites where players can play Bingo online and from the comfort of their homes.

Online bingo vs. offline bingo

land based bingoThe only similarity between offline Bingo and online bingo games is the foundational gameplay principles. Away from that, the online bingo world offers tons of advantages over the land-based system. Top of the list of these benefits is convenience. Players can now play their favorite bingo games without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

New online bingo games are optimized for the mobile experience. Therefore, players can take their games with them wherever they go. The visuals are more advanced and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes than what is obtainable on land-based bingo games.

There are more title options to choose from when playing Bingo online. Singing up on and using these bingo sites is super easy. There is also a wide range of online casino bonuses, as you will see in the later parts of this guide.

Game play at bingo online casinos

Contrary to the popular view that online bingo games are difficult to play, they are quite easy and straightforward. It is a game of cards, so a player must buy just one card or full strip of bingo cards. The latter offers better chances of winning the jackpot because the cards bear all numbers.

Either way, these are the available free bingo games in any bingo online casino.

90-ball bingo

90-ball bingoThis is the most played bingo game variant. In this game, you have the numbers arranged on the card as usual, but in nine columns and three rows. There are five squares on each row, each with numbers on it, and four blank squares. There is no specific order of arrangement, unlike the 75-ball Bingo that packs a range of numbers in the same column. Therefore, it requires slightly more focus if you want to know the number on the card instantly.

An average strip of cards in a 90-ball bingo has six cards, all of which numbers from 1-90 distributed randomly across the cards. Winnings can either be by daubing all numbers in a row, ten numbers in a row, or all 15 numbers in a row. This depends on the players.

80-ball bingo

This is another free bingo game variant with four squares across and four squares down, making a total of 16 squares. Colors differentiate the columns. Unlike the 90-ball Bingo, there are five individual cards, with numbers from 1-80 distributed randomly across the five. Other possible strip arrangements include four columns of 20 numbers each or five rows of 16 numbers each. Either way, you have the same numbers 1-80 randomly distributed across them. The casino usually determines the winning line.

30-ball bingo

This bingo online game variant is the fastest of the three. Perhaps, this is why it is called the ‘speed bingo.’ So, if you want something that will not waste much time, this is your best. The card here is quite small – it contains only three rows and three columns. These nine squares have 30 numbers. A win is called when a player has every one of their squares marked off.

Winning patterns in bingo online casinos

There is no definite way of winning when playing free bingo games online. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Complex Patterns, including Blackout Bingo or Full House, where a player only wins after they have covered every spot on their bingo card. 
  • Unusual Patterns, including the Plus Sign, the Turkeys, the Pumpkins, and the Four Corners. 
  • Normal Patterns, including Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal matches. 

The adopted winning pattern varies from one online bingo casino to another. It is possible to claim two prizes in a single game, provided the player has two winning patterns. In the case of bingo tickets with multiple cards, the winning player can claim more wins, provided they marked all the numbers in their ticket pattern.

Jackpots in bingo online casinos

bingo online casinoProgressive bingo jackpot is the icing on the cake for players that love to claim big wins. Starting from $10,000, an online bingo jackpot win can change the fortunes of any player. However, this option is not available in all the free online bingo casinos. Check to ensure that your chosen casino offers this special form of online bingo games.

Top bingo online bonuses

Every bingo player will prefer to play at casinos that offer impressive bonuses to keep their bankroll fat. We know this too. Hence, we have ensured that every bingo online casino that makes our list offers the best online bingo bonus offers. You can expect the following freebies at any bingo casino on our list:

  • Welcome or Sign-Up Bonuses, available to new players after a successful registration process. This type of bonus is usually competitive, so you may want to check around for the best offer.
  • First Deposit Bonus, claimable after you have made your first deposit. It is usually a percentage of the money and can be used to play bingo games in the giving casino.
  • Sticky Deposit Bonus, which is usually not withdrawable. But you can play games with it and withdraw the winnings from such gameplays.
  • Referral Bonuses, open to players that recommend the giving casino to a new bingo player. It is only claimable after the invited player has completed their registration.

Alongside these, most of these bingo online casinos offer long-term loyalty rewards to long-term players. This varies slightly across different new bingo sites. These usually come in bonus points accumulated over a long time. Depending on the number of points, the beneficiaries are assigned to different membership levels. Go here and check a complete summary of casino bonuses prepared by our experts.

Best online bingo apps

bingo onlineAnother impressive feature of the online bingo gameplay is the array of options it provides players with. Bingo was one of the first casino games to transition to the mobile scene. As mentioned earlier, bingo is a game a player can take with them anywhere they go. This is made possible by dedicated bingo apps, which are specially designed for tablets and smartphones.

The benefits of playing bingo on mobile are apparent – the mobile-friendly yet amazing graphics, casual yet feature-rich interface, and, more importantly, the option of playing bingo with or without real money. Check out some of these apps below:

Bingo dash

If you want a superfast bingo experience, Bingo Dash is the way to go. The app lacks an automatic function or caller that informs you when your number is called. Hence, it requires the player to be on constant watch for a good chance of winning. Plus, the gameplay comes with several twists, usually introduced at random.

The more you play, the more coins you win. These coins are used to unlock new levels or rack up the top spot on the XP leaderboards comprising the best Bingo Dash players around the world.

Bingo bash

You get the standard version of bingo on the Bingo Bash, with unique squares that assign different items or boosts to players. The accumulation of these special power-up items can be used to claim instant wins in an ongoing bingo game session or get additional coins.

As you win more coins, you get to unlock new cities to explore. You can also send gifts to your friends using these coins. There is also the option to keep in touch with friends during the gameplay – the chatbox. You can also tempt your friends by sharing your big wins with them on Facebook.

Bingo blitz

bingo in online casinoThis is one of the most popular bingo apps out there. Bingo Blitz has been around for a long time, winning over about 15 million players over its existence. It is known for its perfect blend of bingo and slots, alongside speedy actions and ultimate playing experience.

Bingo Blitz boasts an online presence of 1 million players at any time of the day. A player can play with any of these players whenever they want to. There is also the chat feature that allows players to exchange thoughts while the game plays. The game offers special prizes, in addition to coins, as well as XPs to unlock higher features and levels.

Smartphone users can play up to two bingo cards at a go, while the maximum is four for tablet users.

The online bingo apps described above do not allow players to gamble for real money. They are all available on iOS and Android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions – Bingo online

What is a chat box in online bingo?

This is a feature peculiar to online bingo games. It allows players with similar interests from the same or different locations to discuss during gameplay, without putting their games at risk. It is a cool feature to meet other players and make friends while playing on free bingo sites.

How to resolve issues when you play bingo online?

Your first port-of-call should be your FAQ page. Most times, the solution to that issue can be found there. If this is not the case, go ahead to reach out to the customer support team of the bingo site via phone, live chat, or mail, as applicable. They will review your complaints and provide a solution as soon as possible.

What are the withdrawal options at free bingo sites?

What is obtainable, in terms of payment methods, at bingo online casinos differ. However, you can rest assured of finding popular e-wallet options like Ciropay, Trustly, Paysafecard, Neteller, and Skrill. These payment options offer instant deposits and withdrawals.

What is security like at free bingo sites?

Our list of the best online bingo sites comprises casinos with the best security structures available. The use of SSL encryption technology protects the Players’ financial and personal information. Plus, these casinos are licensed by the most reputable regulatory and licensing authorities in the industry.

Start playing your favorite bingo online games now!

We are confident that you now have all it takes to thrive in the online bingo world while enjoying the ultimate online bingo experience. To get started, check our list of the best online bingo sites, choose your favorite, and start playing the best bingo online games, all from the comfort of your home. Good luck!

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