How to play craps at online casinos

How to play craps at online casinos

If you have ever visited a land-based casino or watched a movie or TV show a part of which was recorded in a casino, you should have noticed excited people around some of the tables. If it happened you didn’t check what was going on there, you might be still unaware of the game played by all these enthusiastic gamblers. If this is the case, you should check this craps guidebook and learn how to play this extremely popular money game.

What do you need for playing craps?

Before we come to the craps rules, we first need to understand what we actually need to play craps. The traditional type of craps uses a special board which is actually found a bit bewildering by the majority of casino novices. In fact, many people are so confused by all the signs and blocks drawn on a typical table used for playing craps, that they just don’t want to learn how to play this game. If you are also afraid of misunderstanding the rules of playing craps and, therefore, ignore this game, you are making a great mistake. In point of fact, the rules of craps allow their players to win really huge amount of money as their bets are actually one of the most profitable among other popular card and table casino games.

Apart from a special craps table, two dices are needed as well as casino chips. Certainly, when it comes to stationary casinos, dealers and other players are also welcomed.

Live games of craps also require special staff. These people are usually the boxman who is supervising the game and handling the cash issues. There is also the stickman. The tasks of this person is calling the results, pushing the dice as well as determining the speed of the game. In addition to it, the game can also have two dealers.

Today, your opportunities for playing craps are not limited by participation in this game in land-based casinos. You can easily launch a game of craps in one of online casinos that we have featured in our ranking. If you are interested in such an option, you will need to have a valid player’s account. Having some money on your balance is not compulsory unless you wish to make bets with real money. Furthermore, you will need access to the Internet. The option of playing online craps is discussed in details in the All you need to know about online craps section of the current guidebook.

The craps table deciphered

Let’s speak honestly – the craps table hardly gives you a hit how to play craps. Furthermore, its appearance might even demotivate you making you uninterested even in playing craps for free. In order to avoid such a perspective, we would like you to get acquainted with the basics of the structure of the craps table.

In point of fact, the craps table has the same purpose as the roulette table as it is used primarily for making bets. Another possible purpose is marking Point numbers which is discussed in the section on the craps rules. So far, you should understand that the table signs and lines make special areas for particular bets.

The craps table looks like a quite long and a bit thin perpendicular with three major sections. The middle part of the table might have slight variations, although the most important thing about it is the fact it is reserved for making the most complex bets on the game with the greatest craps payout ratios. The most popular bets of this kind as well as more straightforward bets are described in the How to make bets while playing craps online or in land-based casinos? section of the guidebook. For example, an outlay of the craps table might have special blocks dedicated to such bets as Hardways, Any 7, Any Craps, Horn bets, Eleven or Six-five bets and others.

The left part of the craps table looks in the same way as the right one although these two parts of the table are earmarked for different bets. One part of the table has f8ields for the simplest bets available on the game such as Come Line, Don’t Come Line, Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line, another part is frequently earmarked for Place Bets, Field Bets, Buy and Lay bets as well as Odds bets.

There is nothing more on the craps table, so the only way to understand it better is to learn the craps rules and the bets available for the players of this legendary game.

The basic craps rules

First of all, you should understand there are several types of craps available in land-based casinos as well as on gambling websites. These types will be described in details in the next section of the manual, but, so far, we are going to teach you how to play craps of the most popular casino version which is bank craps. This form of craps is also usually called casino craps or table craps.

The most essential idea of this version of the game is the fact it is played in a group against the casino. As a participant, you must make your bets, and then, you can either actively participate in the game, or wait for the results. Betting in craps is based on your predictions of the results of rolling. Active participation in craps means you become a shooter in one of the game’s rounds and a shooter is a person who actually rolls dice. Thus, if you are a shooter, you will first perform a so-called coming-out roll. The aim of this roll is getting a sum of 7 or 11 points. If you have succeeded, it’s your first winning on craps and you are still a shooter, although the next round starts.

The next round of craps will be the same for you if you are lucky enough to get 7 or 11 one more time. Yet, if the total of points got by rolling dice is different, the situation changes. If the sum of your point is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10, the Point phase of the craps game starts. According to the craps rules, your task now is getting the same total of points as previously. For instance, providing you first get a sum of 5, this number is marked as the “Point” number on the board. Now, in the Point phase of the game, the same total must be reached. This will allow you to win this round. Note that during this step of the game, only two numbers are relevant. The first one of course is the Point number which is the target number of the round while the other one is 7. This time, getting 7 will mean you losing the round or, as it is also called by the players of craps, sevening out. The next round start with a new shooter.

Pay your attention to the fact there is also another possible outcome of the coming-out round. As a shooter, you might also reach the sum of 2, 3 or 12. These numbers mean a shooter loses the round, although he or she is still a shooter of the next round.

Now, when you know how to play craps, let’s check an example which will help you to visualise exactly the process of the game.

Assuming you are a shooter for the first time, you make your coming-out roll. The number of points you get in this round is 9. This means the round comes to the Point phase and now your aim is to get the same total. Still, after rolling dice one more time, the number is 5. Although it doesn’t bring you a winning, you still haven’t lost your money, so you have a chance of making one more attempt. Fortunately, this time brings you 9 and you win the round. It’s time to start a new one. This round brings you 3 which means you lose, but you are still a shooter.

As far as you can see from this example, there are two possible ways of losing the game of craps which is getting 2, 3 or 12 during a coming-out roll or getting 7 during the Point phase of the game. Anyway, you need to bear in mind that this information about playing craps in casinos or in the Internet is based on Pass Line bets which are the simplest bets available on the game. The craps odds of winning are the highest when a player makes Pass Line bets, therefore, this craps strategy is particularly recommended to the novices. Still, you can gain more information about other bets and craps payouts in the next section of our guide.

How to make bets while playing craps online or in land-based casinos?

If you have read the previous section of this craps manual, you have gained some basic understanding of the Pass Line bets. Yet, if you wish to prepare for the craps game more seriously, we recommend you to read the following information.

Pass Line bets in details

In point of fact, the bets grouped by the Pass Line title can actually be under one of the two categories: Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line. If you make a pure Pass Line bet, you will win if the coming-out roll brings 7 or 11. Furthermore, this type of a bet will bring you a reward if a shooter riches the Point number. Yet, the Pass Line bet losses automatically providing a shooter gets 2, 3 or 12 during a come out roll. Additionally, if the current shooter sevens out before getting the Point number, you will also lose your Pass Line bet.

Don’t Pass Line bets are almost opposite to the Pass Line bets as they give you rewards if the result of a come out roll is either 2 or 3. The Point phase finished without reaching the point sum will also bring you a winning if you make a Don’t Pass Line bet. Unsurprisingly, this means you will lose your bet if the Point number is reached before the shooter sevens out. Still, the Don’t Pass Line bets are not exactly the opposite of Pass Line bets, because getting 12 here means a tie instead of a win.

Pay your attention to an extra possibility offered for the Pass Line bets. There is also a modification of a Pass Line bet called Come Bet. Come Bet is actually the same as Pass Line Bet with the only difference concerning the time when the bet can be made. Thus, you can make Come Bet at any moment after a shooter performs the come out roll. Respectively, Don’t Come Bet can be made in the way similar to the way in which a Don’t Pass Line bet is made.

Note the payouts of the bets described above. The Pass and Come bets pay 1:1 and have the house edge of 1,41% which is extremely low. Although the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets have the same payout of 1:1, the house edge in this case is even lower being equal to 1,36%.

Note that the Pass Line bets are considered to be simpler than the rest of the bets described above as well as any other types of bets used on craps, therefore, it is recommended to make your first steps in this game with the Pass Line bets.

Odds bet – win more with your pass line bets

If you decide to make a Pass Line bet, you can also mix it with an Odds bet which can bring you even more money. Such a bet can be placed only after Point is marked.

An Odds bet will bring you an additional reward if your Pass Line bet wins, otherwise, you will lose both of the bets. Still, in the case of the Odd bets, the exact Point number is important as it determines the craps payouts. Thus, the Points of 4 and 10 pay 2:1. This means that betting 20 EUR, you can earn additional 40 EUR. The Points equal to 5 and 9 pay 3:2. In our example, it will mean your reward is 10 EUR. Finally, getting 6 and 8 gives you the ratio of 6:5 bringing you 4 EUR.

There is one more important things you must know about the craps strategy using the Odds bets. Although these bets are not as straightforward as the Pass Line bets, they have the lowest house edge of all the popular casino games. Actually, the house edge is 0 in this case.

You can also place a Laying the Odds bet which is just the reverse form of the Odd bet with 0% of the house edge.

Big 6 and 8 vs Place Bets – craps payouts

A group of bets which can be made on one of the numbers of the array starting from 4 up to 10 is called Place Bets. If your number appears before a shooter gets a sum of seven points, you will win. The craps payouts for these bets as well as the craps odds depend on the exact number you choose. Even the house edge is different for different numbers used for these bets with the lowest of 1,52% for 6 and 8 and the highest of 6,67% for 4 and 10. Thus, betting on 6 and 8 pays 6:5, betting on 5 and 9 gives 3:2 while the bets made on 4 and 10 pay 2:1.

There is also a craps strategy of betting called Lay Bets which is actually a reverse version of Place Bets. This time, you will win if a shooter gets a seven before the chosen number is rolled. The craps payouts for these bets are the reverse payouts of Place Bets.

Note, there are also similar types of bets called Big 6 and 8. The craps rules for these bets are almost the same as for Place Bets made on 6 or 8. Yet, the craps odds and payouts are better for Place Bets. In addition to it, because of the fact the Big 6 and 8 bets are featured with the house edge of over 9%, these types of bets are also usually called sucker bets.

3 or 11 Bet, Craps, Any Seven or Field Bets – what number is the next?

The craps strategy of making Field Bets is also considered to be risky which makes these types of bets also sucker bets. Still, Field Bets can be quite interesting and rewarding while the craps rules for these bets are extremely simple.

Making a Field bet you simply bet on the next number which will be rolled by a shooter. Nothing else matters for this type of a bet, just pick one number of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. The house edge for these bets is 2,78% while odds of winning are quite high – 5:4. The majority of the numbers available for field bets pay 1:1, although 2 and 12 pay more. For 2 you can get the craps payout of 2:1 whereas 3 pays as 3:1.

3 or 11 is a bet which is very alike to the Field bets as it also tries to predict the next number which will be rolled. This time the array of possible numbers is rather short. In fact, it has only two opportunities which are 3 and 11. The winnings available for the lucky players who make these bets are great as a 2 or 11 bet pays 15:1. This goes with a high house edge of 11,11%, though.

The Craps bets have the same house edge, although they pay 7:1. This time you are making your bet on 2, 3 and 12. Note, there are also other possible bets made on the number rolled next. They are Eleven, Ace Deuce (placed on 3), Aces (placed on 2) and Boxcars (placed on 12). As far as you can see, these bets use the same numbers as the Craps bets (except for the Eleven bet). Ace Deuce, Aces and Boxcars are made only on one number whereas the Craps bet use three numbers at a time. These bets are sometimes called proposition bets.

There is also a craps strategy for betting exclusively on one 7 which pays 4:1 in case of your winning. Still, betting on 7 has the highest possible house edge among all other popular bets. Here, it is equal to 16,67%.

Hard bets and fantastic winnings

The craps rules also allow the players to make bets on the possibility of both dice showing the same number. The experienced players who know how to play craps with hard bets and actually place such bets, usually add the “hard” adjective to the sum of the two numbers rolled. This way, a hard eight stands for a sum of two fours whereas a hard two is the sum of two ones.

The craps odds as well as the craps payouts are also different in the case of different hard bets. The greatest possible winning is available for a hard two. The highest house edge of 13,89% also features the hard two bets.

The most popular craps bets with their payouts, odds and house edge – the craps table

Our craps table is dedicated to the least risky bets allowed by the craps rules, which are undeniably the best options for any craps novice or just a careful gambler who prefers raising one’s money gradually with minimum losses. With our craps table, you can easily compare the odds, payout ratios and the values of house edge for the most straightforward craps bets.

BetsOddsPayoutHouse edge
Pass Line bets and related bets:
1. Pass Line bet1,03:11:1-1,41%
2. Don’t Pass Line bet0,97:10,95:1-1,38%
3. Come bet1,03:11:1-1,41%
4. Don’t Come bet0,97:10,95:1-1,38%
Odds bets (different payouts for different numbers acting as points):
a. Pass Line Odds or Come Odds
1. 4, 102:12:1 


2. 5, 93:23:2
3. 6, 86:56:5
b. Don’t Pass Odds or Don’t Come Odds
1. 4, 101:21:2 


2. 5, 92:32:3
3. 6, 85:65:6

Types of craps

It has already been said that the most widespread type of craps in casino and on gambling websites is a so-called bank craps. The craps rules as well as the popular bets discussed in our manual are used for bank craps in the first place. Just as a reminder, bank craps or casino craps is the game of dice played in a group against a casino. Still, you might play other types of craps which are described in this chapter.

  • Crapless Craps (never ever craps or ruse craps)

Crapless Craps is a form of craps popular in North America invented by Bob Stupak with an eye to reducing the costs of house edge. The main feature of this game is the fact you won’t lose your Pass Line bet if 2, 3 or 12 is rolled. Obviously, this game can be hardly found in stationary casinos or on gambling websites because the craps odds of winning are higher making casinos lose more.

  • High Point Craps

High Point Craps can actually be found in some gambling establishments. This game is similar to a standard game of craps, but the craps strategy has some modifications in this case. The major one is the fact that every round starts with a sum of numbers on dice higher than three. It means that such totals as 2 and 3 are ignored and the sum of at least 4 is accepted. In addition to it, the craps rules offer even money for 11 or 12. In addition to it, a shooter playing the game with this craps rules must roll a total of numbers higher than Point.

  • New York Craps

Certainly, New York Craps are played in New York in the first place. Still, this game can be found not only in the casinos located in this country. For example, you can play New York craps online or in some European countries. The game is especially popular in the UK.

New Your Craps is based on the rules of bank craps although it doesn’t allow its players to make Come bets, Don’t Come bets as well as Place bets. The box numbers allowed for playing are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. The New Your craps table layout is also modified. The house edge for New York craps is 5%.

  • Simplified Craps

If you still do not understand how to play craps and wish there were an opportunity for playing craps for free in a land-based casino, you have two possibilities. The first one is switching to gambling websites rather than playing in stationary establishments. You will learn how to play craps free of charge online in the further parts of our manual. Another option is playing Simplified Craps in casino of bricks and mortar. Although Simplified craps payout are a bit worse than the payouts of standard craps because of higher house edge, this game is extremely attractive to the novices due to the simplified craps rules.

The Simplified Craps table is also simple offering no place for Pass Line bets, Don’t Pass Line bets and other complex bets. What you have to do while playing Simplified craps in casino is simply rolling dice. Getting a sum of 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or 12 means you win whereas 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 bring you bad luck. Like in the case of bank craps rules, the craps payout depends on the exact number you get. Here is a small table presenting the possibilities:

The total of your numbersThe payout
10 or 112:1
3 or 41:1
  • Californian craps

While some people are happy about an opportunity of playing Simplified Craps in casino of bricks and mortar as well as online, the most ambitious gamblers are crazy about Californian craps. If you are willing to play this game, it is not enough for you to know how to play craps. What you have to learn now is how to play craps with cards or even exclusively with cards as some types of Californian craps rules do not allow any dice! Not only does this fact make Californian craps really unusual but an abundance of Californian craps strategies is absolutely mind-blowing. Willing to learn how to play craps with cards? Then, check one of these Californian craps strategies created by the land-based casinos in which they are used:

  • Barona
  • Agua Caliente
  • Harrah’s
  • Fantasy Springs
  • Normandie
  • Pauma
  • Pechaga
  • Pala
  • Viejas
  • San Manuel
  • Sycuan
  • Winstar
  • Oklahoma
  • Open Craps

Despite the fact the safest way which is also the only legal way of playing craps is playing this game in land-based casinos or on licensed gambling websites, some people prefer gambling out of casinos. The version of craps rules frequently played by such gamblers is Open Craps.

There are some modifications in Open Craps and these modifications particularly concern the craps odds of losing a game which are actually higher while playing illegally. Still, the possibility of making a greater variety of bets on the game combining with high risks makes the game appealing to people seeking extra excitement.

How to boost your winnings on craps online and in land-based casinos?

No doubt, everyone gambles in order to win in the first place. The feeling of great excitement which usually fills you while you are playing games with real money isn’t as important as your financial balance. Thus, you certainly want to know how to play craps and win more.

In point of fact, craps is a quite specific game as any craps strategy is almost always based entirely on the possible types of bets. It means that the majority of players simply choose one of the possible bets and use it as their craps strategy.

When you learn the outlay of the craps table and start thinking about the best bets offered by this game, you should recall the fact this game is a game of chance. No matter which bet you decide to make, it won’t influence the numbers on the dice. That is why the most sensible approach is playing craps with Pass, Come, Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets. Despite the fact you won’t be able to multiply your bets thirty times in case of winning while playing craps online or in a land-based casino, you will be able to gradually increase your funds with minimum losses and house edge costs.

The players, who have already learnt the craps rules by heart and wish to use a more complex craps strategy, can try playing the game with Place 6 and Place 8 bets. Those, who are ready to delve even deeper into the topic, can try Field 2 and Field 12 bets. Thus, the bets offering the best craps odds of winning as well as the most rewarding craps payouts are:

  • Pass/Don’t Pass
  • Come/Don’t Come
  • Place 6/Place 8
  • Field 2/Field 12.

Undoubtedly, the craps table has still considerable space for other types of bets which you have already learnt in the current guidebook. Despite this fact, any gambling expert won’t recommend you playing craps with these bets since they are featured with great house edge. One-roll proposition bets such as the bets of the “hard” type are particularly risky, albeit the possible winnings are really tempting.

For the sake of staying cool and self-possessed during a thrilling and emotional game of craps, some craps specialists advise adopting The 5-Count Craps Strategy. Presumably, this method allows the craps players to make better decisions by estimating the style of gambling of the current shooter. For this purpose, it is recommended to count up to five in a certain manner:

  • Count Zero is a come out roll of a new shooter;
  • Count 1 can be made if only the shooter gets 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. All other totals remain on the step of Count Zero;
  • Count 2, 3, 4 – add one count per roll made after the establishment of the point number for any result. At this stage, the sum of the numbers on the dice is not important;
  • Count 5 is reached when the shooter gets 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 after Count 4. Count 5 means you can finally place your first bet which must be of the Come, Don’t Come, Pass, Don’t Pass, Lay or Take types.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best way for testing this craps strategy is while playing craps for free online.

A short history of craps table

Now, when you know not only the craps rules and the best craps strategy, you might be wondering where this amusing game played with dice comes from.

In fact, there are several theories about the history of creation of the craps table and the rules of this game. Some of these theories seem to be more trustworthy, whereas others are treated as legends by many modern historians.

For example, some researchers believe craps have a Roman origin and were first played with pig knuckle-bones instead of dice. Furthermore, presumably, the first craps tables were the armour shields. Meanwhile, there are some scientists claiming the game originated from Al Dar which was an Arabic game also based on rolling dice. According to this version, craps were brought to Europe in the 12th century by merchants. Although both of these theories have some proofs, the majority of historians accept the invention of craps by Sir William of Tyre in 1125. Pursuant to this theory, craps were the game which gave the name to the term “Hazard”. Since the invention took place during the time of the Crusades, the Asart or Hazarth castle was an inspiration for the name of this game. Thus, in Europe, the game first spread in England while being called the game of Hazard.

Certainly, you might be wondering why the modern English language uses an absolutely different word for this game. In all likelihood, the word craps was based on the word crapaud which means a toad in French. Despite the fact a toad might be an absolutely irrelevant term while describing the game of craps, in the reality, it was closely connected to the craps strategy or, speaking exactly, the style of playing craps over a sidewalk or a floor where people usually crouched during the game.

Today, we also know an American version of craps. This one was brought by Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville who was a wealthy politician and a gambling enthusiast. Interestingly, the American version of craps hadn’t got any special limitations by 19th century when John H. Winn working as a dice maker decided to intervene into the craps rules adding the “don’t pass” betting option to the craps table. In this way, he showed the gamblers how to play craps of the new version and this version started spreading around the country along the Mississippi river where special gambling boats were extremely popular.

Nowadays, craps is not only one of the most wide-spread table games in land-based casinos, but it is also one of the favourite forms of entertainment of the users of gambling websites. Currently, the players of online casino can choose among two versions of craps. The first one is a video game while the second one is a live game with a real dealer. Anyone willing to learn more about online craps will find all the necessary information in the next section of our craps manual.

All you need to know about playing craps online

How to play craps at home with real money in a legal way? Is there such a possibility?

Nowadays, multiple top gambling websites offer craps to their plyers who can relish either a live version of craps or a video one. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose one of the options available in the best online casinos and start your adventure. Yet, let’s check what you need to know about playing craps in casino online.

  • You can play craps for free online.

It isn’t a joke, it is really so. The majority of the most successful gambling websites offer their clients a possibility of playing craps as well as an array of other games completely free of charge with a demonstrative mode. This mode is a special option enabling you to play craps with virtual money which means you can’t earn real cash, but you also can’t lose real cash. You just need to register on a website and start playing as long as you wish to practice your skills.

  • You can play craps online with free money.

Playing craps online with free money isn’t the same as playing craps for free online. While a demonstrative mode of an online craps table is a fantastic opportunity for mastering your skills, playing craps online with one of the casino bonuses allows you to win real money not risking your own cash.

Multiple casino bonuses are now available in every top online casino and they are present in a form of free cash given for registration or for your first deposit. Usually, you will need to wager the bonus cash several times before withdrawing it, although some websites offer cash for playing craps online with no wagering requirements. In order to boost your craps odds of winning and grab a profitable bonus, you can create a player’s account, participate in a reload reward programme or become a loyal player of a particular casino which will reward you with VIP bounties.

  • You can participate in tournaments dedicated to playing craps online.

Playing craps in casino of bricks and mortar is particularly attractive due to multiple possibilities for participation in various gambling competitions. Although you might not be aware of it, many top online casinos have already adopted the practice of organising online gambling events suitable for players with absolutely different game preferences. For example, you can earn special points while playing craps in casino. These points are then calculated and the totals gained by other players are compared. The person earning the greatest number of points is the winner of such a tournament.

  • You can play craps in casino online anonymously.

Not only can you play crapes for free online, but you can also play craps online anonymously. One of the best ways of doing it is gambling in the trusted online casinos offering crypto currencies as one of payment methods. This modern technology is the best solution for anyone willing to stay incognito while gambling online.

  • You can relish craps for free online or with real money on the go

Undeniably, one of the greatest advantages of playing craps online is the possibility of gambling on the go. If you are wondering how to play craps online while being away from home, you need to know it is now possible even of you do not have the latest version of iPhone. Even relatively old smartphones and tablet computers are suitable for playing craps online because the majority of gambling websites offer their mobile versions for the Internet browsers rather than specifically dedicate them to particular operating systems. For instance, due to the advent of the HTML 5 technology, you can now get huge craps payouts while gambling on virtually any portable device unless it has Internet access.

Which game to choose: craps vs roulette

At first glance, the comparison of craps and roulette might seem to be a rather strange idea. Actually, what is the point in doing it since these two games are completely different? Isn’t it just a matter of choice based on personal preferences?

In truth, the both games are more similar than you might think, albeit the craps rules are far from the rules of roulette. Yet, the idea of both games is alike. They are based entirely on your luck which depends on the random outcome. While craps uses dice for producing the results determining your winning, roulette is famous for its wheel which acts in the same way. Therefore, if you have never played these games and wish to try your luck, checking both roulette and craps is a very reasonable approach. Our table will help you to compare the games to each other.

CommonalitiesEach result of rolling dice is independent from the previous resultsEach result of spinning of the wheel is independent from previous spinning
The types of the game’s bets are featured with different odds and payoutsThe types of the game’s bets are featured with different odds and payouts
The bets with the greatest winnings have the greatest house edge – example: One Roll – Craps 2 or 12 have 1 in 35 odds.The bets with the greatest winnings have the greatest house edge: One Number bet has the odds of 1 in 37 odds.
The best craps strategy is based on making bets with the smallest winnings and the strongest odds (examples: Come/ Don’t Come bets)The best roulette strategy is based on making bets with the smallest winnings and the strongest odds (examples: Low/ High bets).
Differences“Human element” in the game – the results on dice depend on the rolling made by a shooter.In spite of a person dropping the ball on the wheel of roulette, its final position depends on physics.
The house edge for a standard Pass Line bet is 1,41% while multiplying the odds by 100 times the lowest house edge in casinos is reached which is nearly 0,02%.Standard bets made on European roulette are featured with 2,7% whereas the bets made on American roulette have the house edge of 5,26%.

According to this table, the house edge for the bets made with a standard craps strategy is not only almost twice smaller than the house edge for a more rewarding European roulette (compared to the American version), but is also the smallest for an entire casino. Thus, no matter where are you going to gamble, both playing craps online and playing craps in a land-based casino can be the most profitable form of entertainment. Due to the low house edge and the real contact with dice during the game, many gamblers prefer playing craps to making wagers on the roulette table. Still, roulette also has many devotees not only because of being one of the casino classic games (check the full list of casino games here), but also because its betting system appears as somewhat easier for understanding.

Now, it’s up to you whether play craps or roulette or may be to relish both of these fascinating games. Since you are now well aware of the craps rules, you will be certainly able to succeed in this amusing game.

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