Online Keno & Keno Online Casinos

Online Keno & Keno Online Casinos

Keno is a fairly simple yet very popular online casino game that allows you to win huge payouts by simply selecting the right pair of numbers. At its core, online Keno is very similar to the lottery in terms of its play-style however there are some key differences when comparing both of them. There are also several variants of Keno in existence, all of which provide varying bonuses and incentives for playing. Keno originated in China during the Han Dynasty period.

As some legends have it, the game was actually created by the Chinese government in order to raise funds for wars. There are also some theories out there that suggest that funds obtained from playing Keno were used to aid in building the Great Wall of China.

Regardless of what tale from history you decide to cling to, the facts remain that Keno is an extremely fun game to play. Before you begin placing bets on any online Keno game, make sure that you read this entire guide so that you will understand all of the key elements to consider when playing Keno online.

How to Play Keno Online

Playing Keno is very simple and probably one of the easiest games for beginners to play besides online slot machines. To begin the game, players must choose one card which will contain one number out of a sequence from 1-80. You then must choose 1-10 of the listed numbers on the card which will be the ones that determine whether or not you win the round. Some casinos even give you the ability to choose a total of 15 numbers from your card in order to increase the odds of you winning.

keno online gameIn some rare instances, you may even be able to find a casino that allows you to choose up to 20 numbers to play in a single round. One of the primary differences between playing Keno in a land-based casino as opposed to an online one is that land-based casinos use ball machines to select your winning numbers. On the other hand, online casinos use random number generators in order to pick the winning numbers for a particular round that you play.

In Keno, placing bets is a term used interchangeably with the phrase tickets which is essentially the type of wager that you place in any given round of the game. You don’t have the ability to simply choose numbers and wish that the odds are stacked in your favor you must select a specific bet type every time you play.

Best Online Casinos To Play Keno

There are several casinos that offer online Keno as a game option on their platform, however, there are only a few which make it worth your while. Take a look above to see our top online Keno casinos that you can begin placing bets with today.

Keno Tickets/Bets

keno online casinosThere are 8 main types of online Keno bets/tickets that you can choose from when beginning a round. Each of them offers its own advantages and benefits to the player based on play objectives and goals. Below, we’re going to breakdown what each of the 8 bets/ticket types in Keno does when placing bets with them. If you want to maximize your winnings potential, make sure you read this entire section.

Bottom/Top or Left/Right Ticket

The Bottom/Top or Left/Right Ticket does not require players to choose specific numbers in order to win. Instead, this bet type works on the assumption that more numbers will be chosen from the left 40, right 40, bottom 40, or top 40 of the Keno card instead of being located anywhere else. Some casinos will also give you the ability to let players bet that numbers will be located in the bottom, left, right, or top of the card.

Straight Ticket

A straight Keno bet/ticket is the simplest betting option available in the game, this is one of the reasons why it’s so popular with many new players. To use this ticket, all you have to do is simply click on the numbers that you want to play and you will receive a payout based on the number of matching numbers that come up in accordance with the ones you selected. In some cases, you will not always have a match with the numbers you choose.

Way Ticket

A way bet in Keno is very similar to a split bet in that players must choose a sequence of numbers using the same card for each group they select. An example of this bet type would be a player choosing three separate sets of numbers which contain three numbers in every group. Some casinos go as far as making players choose unique digits for every set while giving other players the ability to repeat numbers.

Way bets are known to be one of the most complex Keno bet types in existence because they are very hard to track. There are a lot of advantages to placing Way bets such as being able to win small increments of money on a persistent basis. Some casinos will also give you the ability to pay a reduced bet fee when placing this type of bet which can help increase your odds of winning.

Split Ticket

online kenoSplit Ticket bets basically give you the ability to place two straight bets on the same ticket however no two bets can share the same number. There aren’t many benefits to using this type of bet it basically only allows you to play more Keno games without having to get an extra ticket. One of the primary disadvantages of using this bet type is that you won’t be able to play it on one of the bets during the game.

Even/Odd Ticket

The Even/Odd ticket is very similar to a top/bottom bet due to the fact that allows players to bet that either more even or odd numbers will be drawn during a single round.

King Ticket

The King Ticket gives players the ability to circle a single number on their cards which will be marked as the king number. This number is played in conjunction with other numbers that you choose giving the king ticket the versatility to be used for making combination, way, or straight bets.

Combination Tickets

keno casinoCombination tickets give you the ability to place standard bets on the same ticket, you can place bets of contrasting styles in a single round which is what makes this bet type so popular.

20-Spot Ticket

20-spot tickets are a relatively new type of Keno bet which allows players to choose 20 numbers from a card numbered 1-40. If you match 6, 5, or 4 numbers you do not receive any money during the round. Only players who are able to match 3, 2, or 7 numbers can get their money back when placing bets. If you’re able to match 19 numbers you will hit the jackpot, people who aren’t able to match any numbers also receive hefty payouts.

Online Keno Tips

Once you begin playing online Keno, you will be presented with a lot of different playing options. It’s important to become accustomed to these options because they will help you increase your winnings while playing the game. Take a look below to see all of the various Keno playing options that you will be able to select when placing bets.

Things To Know When Playing Online Keno

  • Pay Table – The paytable of a game of Keno basically displays the payout that you’ll receive based on the number of matches you make. Keno does not always increase your payouts solely because you match a lot of numbers in a row. Instead, the game payouts based on the percentage of numbers that you hit. An example of this would be that if you hit all 8 numbers out of the 8 you selected; you will receive a net payout of about 1800x. The fewer numbers you match out of the total you selected the lower your payout will be.
  • Quick Pay – quick pay gives you the ability to have your numbers selected by the system instead of having to select them manually. This is the same as the quick pick feature that you can choose in many online casino games besides Keno. If you don’t want to waste time choosing your numbers manually, the quick pick feature can help speed up the overall rate of the game.
  • Keno Card – Keno in itself is a very large grid of numbers, if you want a comparison, Keno looks very similar to a very big lottery ticket. The numbers listed on the card range from 1-80 and in a standard game of Keno you will find about eight rows which include 10 numbers each.

keno online playOnce you become used to these terms, you will be able to play Keno and maximize your odds of winning large amounts of money in each round. There are also some key rules that you should be aware of when playing online Keno, it’s important to comply with all of them to avoid being disqualified during gameplay.

Here are the core rules of playing online Keno:

  • The basic rules for playing Keno involve you choosing only one number however there are some online casinos which allow you to choose two separate numbers
  • The board used to play Keno contains 80 numbers in total however you are not allowed to choose all of them. The number of numbers you are allowed to choose will depend on the specific casino that you decide to sign-up for. The typical amount of numbers that you’re able to choose when playing online Keno is about 15-20.
  • Playing Keno in land-based casinos will require that you wait for a game to start before you’re able to see your winning potentials.

As long as you have all of these rules down, you will be able to win big payouts when playing Online Keno without any issues. Now that you know a little more about the key rules of playing online Keno, it’s time to look at some of the primary pros and cons of playing Keno.

Pros & Cons of Online Keno

Like with any online casino game, there are bound to be a set of pros and cons that relate to the amount of money you have the potential to win and the overall difficulty level of the game you choose to place bets on. In the following section, we’re going to list all of the pros of playing online Keno so that you can understand what to expect when you begin placing bets.

  • Variable ways to play the game
  • It’s one of the easiest online casino games to play
  • Lots of ways to win
  • Perfect online casino alternative to traditional lottery games
  • The potential for winning a nice amount of money
  • Very casual game to play with friends


Use this guide to find the right online for you to place bets on Keno with, as long as you use all of the tips and rules we’ve given you throughout this write-up, you’ll have no problems. Enjoy placing bets on Keno!

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