Ultimate guide to playing live and video poker – rules, strategies and tips for playing

Ultimate guide to playing live and video poker – rules, strategies and tips for playing

Have you ever accidentally switch your TV to one of the sports channels right in the middle of a poker tournament? Then, it is quite possible you were a bit disappointed and even somewhat jealous of those players who were taking part in a card game which could bring them real wealth. Didn’t you think at that moment how cool it could have been if you were also so talented in playing poker? So why you have waited so long for the time to start playing live or video poker?

Playing live and video poker casino games is far simpler than you might think. The fact there is a small elite group of the best poker players participating in competitions doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try playing live and video poker yourself.

Where to play such games? That’s quite simple, click here and check out the best live casinos. In our ranking we included the kind of casinos that offer playing with a real croupier.

Check our ultimate guide to playing poker in online and stationary casinos and you will see how easy it is to become a skilful poker player!

The history of video poker games in a nutshell

Needless to say, poker is one of the most popular card game played with real money. Even if you have never played poker and have no idea about the poker rules, you have certainly heard such idioms as “to have a card up one’s sleeve”, “house of cards”, “play one’s cards right”, “raise the stakes”, “raw deal” or at least the “poker face” expression. In point of fact, this is only a small fraction of a vast number of terms connected to the game of poker which are widely used by people in different countries. Some non-English speaking communities have even adopted the phrases exactly as they are in English.

How has it happened that poker has become a traditional card game? Furthermore, today, poker is not only one of the most favoured forms of gambling in land-based casino venues, but video poker is also a classic game on the Internet. Nowadays, you can play video poker for free or with real money almost on every gambling website or even on special online services dedicated exclusively to poker which are widely known as “poker rooms”. In order to learn the poker’s way to its immense popularity, let’s check the history of the game which has millions of devotees around the globe.

The possible origins of poker

If you have ever tried to find the origins of any popular casino game, not necessarily poker, you have certainly run into difficulties. The thing is, the majority of money games available in the modern land-based and online casinos are similar to folk tales. On the one hand, you might find some information about a possible author. On the other hand, it usually turns to be the person who have published the story for the first time. Furthermore, it is not only challenging to distinguish the author of a tale, but we can’t even tell the exact geographic location of its origins. This is exactly what has happened to our favourite casino games. Baccarat, blackjack or poker are loved by millions of people and played all over the world. Still, we can’t be totally sure about any fact about these games known today.

One of the most widespread and long-standing beliefs concerning the etymology of poker is that the predecessor of this game is as-nas. As-nas is a Persian game that used only twenty cards with five ranks. The highest rank on as-nas was ace (as) whereas the lowest one was dancer (couli). King (shah), queen (bibi) and soldier (serbaz) were the three ranks between as and couli. Sometimes a deck has five suits making the total of 25 cards instead of 20. The simple way of playing as-nas was the following:

  • The entire deck was dealt out and each player received five cards.
  • Like in the case of modern poker games, the winner was the person with the highest hand.
  • The main action of the as-nas game was betting, although the options were far less extended than the ones a contemporary player can relish while playing video poker online or in stationary casinos. Thus, a player was to decide whether bluff or bet in a regular way and there were no such options as dealing the remaining cards or drawing.
  • Interestingly, as-nas allowed a player to place a bet before checking one’s cards. In order to use this option for betting, a player had first to declare “Not seeing, I have seen.”.

As far as you can see, this game really resembles modern poker. Despite this fact, there are still many researchers who believe the game originates from other forms of card entertainment. Some of the most popular candidates for being an ancestor of the live and video poker we know today are:

  • British Brag;
  • Irish Poca;
  • Spanish or Italian Primero;
  • Franch Poque or Brelan.

Brag has the greatest team of advocates whose major argument is the fact brag uses antes. Other important features of this card game are:

  • the continuation of betting up to the moment when there are only two players left which actually differs from the live and video poker rules limiting the game by a defined number of betting rounds;
  • each player of brag got three cards at the beginning whereas the entire deck had 32 cards;
  • the best hand for a brag player is the one having three cards of a kind.

Again, some similarities between modern video poker machines or live poker games and a classic game of brag are obvious. It might be that as-nas was the prototype of all the possible poker predecessors or it also could be a totally separate game. Unfortunately, today, the historians can only speculate because of the lack of direct evidence, however, when it comes to the spread of poker taking place a couple of centuries ago, the researchers have some more clear answers to the question of the poker origins.

The growing popularity of poker in the United States of America

If you check the history of the most popular card games in America, in all likelihood, you will find the majority of them enjoyed a real upsurge in popularity with the emergence of the first American riverboat casinos travelling along the Mississippi River which took place in the 17th and 18th centuries.

At that time, poker was quite similar to as-nas. For example, it was popular to use a deck of 20 cards for playing poker. Another, crucial likeness between that American poker prototype and the game of as-nas discussed in the previous section was making rounds allowing only betting and raising with no draws possibility. Additionally, the winning hands were simply the ones with the best cards.

Despite the practice of playing poker popular adopted by many gamblers, it started to alternate during that period of time. Consequently, the deck increased up to the total of 52 cards which is the same number of cards used by modern live and video poker in casinos.

As you will learn later in this guidebook, the version of live and video poker games considered to be a classic form of gambling is Texas Hold’em. Nevertheless, Stud was the first poker game and the poker prototype resembling as-nas first developed into the game we know today as Stud Poker. Thus, if you become a Stud devotee, you should be proud of playing the game which was invented at least 200 years ago.

When it comes to Texas Hold’em, the game was really born in Texas. Although the formal year of its invention is 1925, the historians have estimated it could have happened up to forty years before that date.

The poker today

Nowadays, playing poker is extremely popular not only in West Europe and America, but also in the countries where this game hadn’t been popular for a rather long time. Undeniably, one of the factors increasing the spread of poker is the globalisation which brought the western culture to other nations. Yet, one of the most accelerating factors for the growing interest of people in poker was the advent of the Internet casinos offering the possibility of playing video poker online.

The history of the websites allowing the users curious of trying video poker to play it free of charge or with real money started with the Planetpoker service which was actually the first one to provide the gamblers with an opportunity for playing video poker online. Despite its promising career, the quick development of the technology attracted many other teams of IT specialists, software engineers and web designers. As a result, the Internet rooms spread like wildfire leaving Planetpoker behind.

Today, the first website providing the services for playing video poker online is just one of the video poker rooms on the list which doesn’t enjoy remarkable success. Still, there are many fantastic websites allowing their clients to relish almost all types of video poker games, their live versions hosted by real dealers recorded in special casino studios and demonstrative versions of the software allowing the novices to play free online video poker.

The major types of the video poker played nowadays

Presumably, poker has the greatest diversification of forms among all other card and table games. There are so many different types of live and video poker machines as well as live poker games, that it is not easy to master all of them. Actually, you can find the rules of over fifty forms of the game! Just look at the list below which is actually only a fraction of all the live and video poker casino games played around the world and on the web:

  • Texas Hold’em with its variations such as Pot-Limit, No Limit and Limit;
  • Seven Card Stud Poker;
  • Seven Card Stud Eight or Better;
  • Omaha Poker;
  • Omaha Burn;
  • Razz;
  • Horse Poker;
  • Roll Your Own;
  • Badugi Poker;
  • Follow the Queen;
  • Sevens Take All;
  • Monterey Poker;
  • Jacks or Better;
  • Shifting Sands;
  • Three Legged Race;
  • Kings and Little Ones;
  • Connect Four;
  • Guts;
  • 3-5-7 Guts;
  • Outhouse Poker;
  • Two More Inches;
  • Pregnant 3’s;
  • Pineapple;
  • Crazy Pineapple;
  • Pirhana;
  • Iron Cross;
  • Criss Cross;
  • 7-27;
  • Elevator;
  • No Holds Barred;
  • In Between / First Past Post;
  • Anaconda;
  • Russian;
  • Position Poker;
  • Baseball;
  • Burn the Biffel;
  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly;
  • Chinese Poker.

As we have just said, this list of live and video poker games isn’t complete and you will certainly encounter many other variations of this popular casino game. Still, it is important to understand that becoming a successful poker player doesn’t demand knowing the rules of all these forms of poker. On the contrary, it is recommended to spend more time practising one type of the game. Then, which one should you choose?

1.      Texas Hold’em

Asking different experts about the best choice of a live or video poker type can lead to receiving somewhat different answers. Still, almost every gambling specialist will recommend you Texas Hold’em as the best live and video poker option available in casinos today.

Texas Hold’em is the most popular version of poker in the world, so, it is not only widespread in stationary casinos, but it is also the video poker classic game offered by every possible gambling website. Furthermore, the game has such enormous and enduring popularity that it is also the one played by gambling devotees at home. For that reason, any article or information referring to the poker without additional information about its variation is usually about Texas Hold’em. Our experts have prepared a special section dedicated to the rules of this live and video poker game where you will find everything you need about it. The chapter about the best live and video poker strategies also presents information about Texas Hold’em.

So far, we just want you to know why it is worth learning to play Texas Hold’em especially if you are a complete novice. Here are the major advantages of the game:

  • the rules of this popular live and video poker game are extremely simple, so you can learn them quickly and start playing poker online or in land-based casinos with real money almost right away;
  • there is a great number of possible action on Texas Hold’em which not only make the game particularly exciting, but it also allows the players to adopt advanced strategies.

Yet, you should pay your attention to the fact that the dynamic gameplay of Texas Hold’em Poker which excites many players can be found too volatile by the others. In addition to it, playing live Texas Hold’em games on gambling websites or in stationary casinos as well as participation in tournaments earmarked for this version of poker might be a bit more  complex than in the case of less-know poker games. Undeniably, that is the result of the high popularity of Texas Hold’em.

2.      Stud Poker (Seven-Card Stud)

Another form of poker games which is also a highly popular video poker version is Seven-Card Stud. Because of that, almost every ranking list of the live and video poker games worth playing includes Seven-Card Stud.

Like Texas Hold’em, Stud is simple and doesn’t require long time for practicing, therefore, it is appropriate for beginners. How exactly Stud Poker is played?

  • When every player makes a bet, she receives three cards. Two of these cards are dealt face-down whereas one is placed face-up (popularly called as a door card).
  • If you happen to be the player with the lowest value of the door card, you will have to pay extra cash which can be 5 EUR for 1 EUR of the ante. This action is called “bringing in”. Additionally, you will be allowed to “complete” which means paying 10 EUR.
  • According to the rules of the Stud video poker version as well as live Stud poker, other players will also have to bring in or complete. This action is made clockwise.
  • Now, it’s time to deal one more card to each player which is called “fourth street”. This card is dealt face up.
  • The betting session starts once again moving clockwise and starting with the player who happens to get the fourth card of the greatest value.
  • Afterwards, there are fifth street and sixth street card dealing and betting rounds performed in the same way as the fourth street round.
  • The final round of card dealing is the seventh street and it differs from the previous ones because the seventh card is now dealt face down. The last session of betting is carried out.
  • The last action taken by the players is showing all the cards. The five-card poker hand of the highest value wins.

Stud Poker is interesting because of its slow pace and attractive to the players who find Texas Hold’em too energetic. The low speed of the game also allows the players to remember the cards of their rivals giving them extra advantages over other players. Much as some gamblers enjoy play this slow game, others find it boring exactly because of its speed. Furthermore, that is also the reason why Seven-Card Stud doesn’t occur on TV on frequent occasions as well as is a rare choice for playing at home. In addition to it, poor eye-sight might be an obstacle for keeping track of the cards on the table.

3.      Omaha Poker (Pot-Limit Omaha)

Another popular type of live and video poker games is Omaha, especially its Pot-Limit form. This poker variation uses four cards and pot limits for your bets. Thus, the maximum amount of cash you are allowed to bet is the amount equal to the total of money in the pot.

Pot-Limit Omaha is a perfect game for the gamblers enjoying playing Texas Hold’em and willing to find something similar to this popular variation of poker and, at the same time, something which will provide extra opportunities to the gaming process. So, what are the exact rules of Pot-Limit Omaha Poker?

  • No matter, whether you are going to play video poker online or wish to have a game of live poker in a land-based casino, it will start with dealing four hole cards (the term hole is used by the players of Omaha for defining the cards dealt face down).
  • The game doesn’t have an ante, yet, it uses so-called big blinds and small blinds. If you are the player who happens to seat to the left from the dealer’s button, you will have to pay a small blind, whereas the player sitting next to the player making the small blind has to make the big blind. The amount of this bet is usually equal to the half of the big blind bet. Pay your attention to the fact Pot-Limit Omaha games can differ by the values of their blinds.

For example, if you are going to play video poker online, you should consider the following descriptions of the video poker machines: PLO 2 EUR/5 EUR means the game has a small blind of 2 EUR and a big blind of 5 EUR.

Additionally, live and video poker games can also be described as PLO 500. This time, 500 hundred is the result of 100x multiplying the value of the big blind which is equal to 5 EUR in this example.

The bets are made once all the cards are dealt.

  • Now, there is a time for action which can be of four major types: pre-flop, flop, turn and river. Note the same actions are made by the players of Texas Hold’em.
  • The pre-flop stage starts with UTG (Under the Gun, or the player sitting to the left of the player who has made the big blind bet). This player can choose an action from one of the three possible options:
  1. raising or increasing the value of the minimum bet;
  2. calling or making the bet equal to the big blind;
  3. folding or discarding the cards and resigning from betting until the next round.

All other players can choose from these options after the UTG player has made her decision, although now calling related to the amount of cash raised by the previous player, rather than the amount of the big blind.

  • The beginning of the flop stage is coming out of the first three community cards. Combinations are made with the community cards and the concealed cards and then, one more round of betting starts. Now, the first person to make a bet is the one sitting left to the button. The actions continues clockwise.
  • The turn stage of the Omaha Poker game starts after revealing of the fourth community card. The two of the hole cards and the three community cards are made for making combinations in order to form a hand.
  • The river stage of this form of live and video poker games is the time when the fifth community card is show to the players. Actually, this is the last community card and now, the 5-card combination of each player is completed. This starts the last round of betting.
  • The showdown is the last step of the game which is the time when the cards are exposed. This action starts with the person who was last to make a bet. In case there is no such a person, the player sitting to the left of the dealer button has to show one’s cards first. The combination of the best five cards is made by the dealer who uses two hole cards of the players as well as three community cards. The player with the best hand is determined and this person becomes the winner of the game.

As far as you can see, the rules of Omaha Poker might look a bit more complex than the rules of Stud Poker, however, this version of live and video poker isn’t difficult. You just need more practice for learning the gameplay of Omaha and you will be ready to make your bets with real money while playing video poker online or live poker in one of the land-based casinos. Note the best way to perfect your gambling skills is playing video poker for free.

Now, you know that the three most widespread live and video poker versions are Texas Hold’em, Stud and Omaha. Other popular poker games offered by stationary casinos and casino websites are Razz, Omaha Hi-Lo, 2-7 Triple Draw, Five Card Draw, Chinese Poker, Horse and Badugi.

The rules of the most popular type of live and video poker

If you have studied the previous chapter of the current guidebook, you are now informed about the rules of the two popular variations of the live and video poker games which are Stud Poker and Omaha Poker. Still, the most favoured poker game is Texas Hold’em. Not only is it present almost in any casino on the Earth, but it also one of the easiest version of poker. For that reason, we recommend you to start your poker career exactly with Texas Hold’em and the following rules for playing the game will certainly help you to start gambling.

  • First of all, you need to understand the idea of blinds. Providing you have read the previous section of the guide, especially the part dedicated to Omaha Poker, you should now a blind means a forced bet. The rules for choosing the players responsible for making big blind and small blinds are the same as those used on Omaha Poker.
  • Before a round of betting starts, each player receives two cards face-down. Like on the game of Omaha, the players are allowed to raise, fold and call.
  • One face-down card is “burnt” by the dealer. Now, there community cards are put face-up. When the cards are located in the middle of the table, another round of betting starts. This round is initiated by the player sitting left of the dealer.
  • One more card is burnt now and the Turn card is dealt (the fourth community card). Another round of betting starts.
  • The fifth community cards is dealt which is called by the players of poker the “River” card. Now, the final round of betting takes place.
  • The Showdown phase of the game starts and the players reveal their cards. The rules of the Texas Hold’em poker allow the participants to use any number of the hole cards for making the combination with the community cards. Thus, both of the cards, only one card or even none of the cards can be used.

Undeniably, you need to know what the winning poker hands look like in order to play the game successfully. The best card combinations of poker are frequently called strong hands. Let’s look at the fife best card sets available on Texas Hold’em:

  • The most valuable set of cards on poker is known as Royal Flush. Royal Flash includes Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten which are in the same suit.
  • Straight Flush is the second best hand you can count on poker and it also has all the five cards in the same suit. Still, this time, the ranks of the cards are not so important, yet, it is crucial for them to create a sequence. For example, they can be four, five, six, seven and eight of hearts.
  • The next strong hand is Four of a Kind. As the name suggests, the requirements concern not the entire set of cards, but only the four of them. While one of the cards can be of different rank or suit, the four others must be of the same rank. Of course, using one deck of cards for a game means all of these cards will be of different suits. For instance, you can get four sixes and one ten.
  • Having a combination of three cards of the same rank and two cards of the same cards like two queens and three kings means you have a strong hand called Full-House.
  • You have already learnt the structure of Royal Flush. Yet, live and video poker games also have another Flush hand which is not as valuable as Royal Flush, but is still one of the strongest hands possible. In order to collect the Flush hand, you will need to get five cards of the same suit. For this hand, neither the ranks of the cards, nor their order is relevant.

Other strong hands available for the players of poker are Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair and High Card.

As we have already emphasised it, Texas Hold’em isn’t a difficult version of poker, albeit, it will be sensible to play free online video poker first before you start making bets with your real money.

Pay your attention to the variations of Hold’em video poker games which are also quite popular in stationary casinos such as Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple. The gameplay of these Hold’em spin-offs is quite similar to the gaming process of their predecessor. There are several discrepancies, though. There are the major differences between Texas Hold’em and the modified games:

  • Unlike the live or video poker classic version of Texas Hold’em, both of the Pineapple variations require dealing there cards instead of two. As a result, the hands are greater and more actions can be made during the game.
  • The Pineapple Texas Hold’em poker demands discarding one of the face-up cards before flopping, while the players of Crazy Pineapple have to discard one of the hole cards after flopping.

The live and video poker strategy and tips for increasing your winnings

Different card games use their own strategies. When it comes to the games which are totally based on your chances, such as roulette or baccarat, the systems are quite simple and they are used primarily for making bets. Needless to say, poker is a more complex money game as it offers far more actions as well as several round of betting during one game. For that reason, it is more complicated to understand all the probabilities for the possible outcomes of the game and decide which action will be the best for you.

Since the majority of live and video strategies can make the beginners rather confused with its mathematics, statistics and special poker terminology, we decided to provide you with a clear set of recommendations and tips which can be used as your own system for winning. Yet, first, let’s look at the best way to prepare for your first game of poker with real money.

Steps you should take before playing live or video poker

  • Choose the right poker game

The first step in your poker adventure is the choice of the most suitable variation of poker. As you have already seen, the number of poker options is quite overwhelming, albeit some of the games are certainly more popular than the others. For that reason, the best start of your gambling is finding the most appropriate game. What exactly does it mean?

  • You must find the chosen version of poker interesting. If you don’t enjoy a particular kind of poker and you start playing it just because it is trendy or promising attractive winnings, you will hardly succeed. For example, if you are more into a slow gameplay with no hurry which allows you to analyse the process as long you need it, you are more likely to succeed in Stud Poker than Texas Hold’em, no matter how popular the latter form of poker is.
  • Play the most widespread poker games. Although we have just recommend you to value the gameplay more than the popularity of poker games, the fact whether a particular form of live and video poker games is popular or not is still crucial.

One reason for it is the possibility of enjoying a particular version of live and video poker games in a great number of casinos. As far as you can guess, the less popular the game is, the fewer land-based casinos will offer it to you. Even though you might be able to find rather rare video poker machines online, you are unlikely to participate in the tournaments dedicated to this particular version of poker.

Another reason for our recommendation is the fact you will be able to find more websites offering free online video poker of the form you enjoy if it is quite popular.

  • Find an appropriate online casino offering video poker machines a live version of video poker games. We will provide you with all the details of playing video poker in the Internet, yet, so far, we want you to know the modern Internet has auspicious circumstances for the video poker play free of charge. Certainly, playing free online video poker means you can practise your skills without doing harm to your budget. Even if you are perfectly sure you will never place a bet in any online casino, you should still consider the opportunity of mastering your video poker strategy without losing your money.
  • Get the insights of the game before you start making real bets. For example, you can refer to special charts of odds featuring the hands of poker. Such charts allow the poker players to understand their odds better and see the differences in chances of winning for differing sitting positions. Using the chart, you will be to make a better decision concerning your bets. If you are afraid you will not feel comfortable using such a chart during a game, you definitely shouldn’t worry about it if you are going to play video poker online. Furthermore, before starting real gambling, you can check popular game scenarios as well as popular hands. All of this information will help you to prepare for playing poker with real cash.

The best video poker strategy

As far as you can see, playing poker will be more effective if you lay some groundwork beforehand. Adopting the information you learn about this popular game to practice won’t be boring or time-consuming if you adopt it to practice. The best way to do it is to play video poker machines in online casino for free. Now, when you know how to prepare for your first game, look at our list of the exact steps you should take in order to boost your chances of winning on Texas Hold’em.

  • The best way to start a game of video poker or live poker is by mixing the cards according to their value. This will help you to estimate the value of your hand. Note that the rules of Texas Hold’em allow you to use your two face-up cards as well as the community cards for forming your hand.
  • Even though you might be pretty sure you have a strong hand, you shouldn’t forget about the likelihood of other players having strong hands as well.
  • Bear in mind the fact, Texas Hold’em is a quite dynamic kind of live and video poker, so, it might be rather difficult to play the game for a long period of time. Because of that, you might need to fold you cards during a game. For instance, if you see no improvement in your cards after a flop, it can actually be the time to fold your hands.
  • Fortunately, the players of Texas Hold’em are allowed to estimate their odds of winning before placing the bets. Therefore, you should always use this opportunity and check the combination of your cards before making a decision to proceed the game.
  • As a poker player, you are interested in getting other participants of the game out of the hand. Of course, not all the circumstances are auspicious for you aggressive behaviour but it will be useful to adopt it before the Flop round of betting.
  • Don’t consider your participation in a live or video poker game exclusively as an opportunity for winning money. Depending on the value of your hand, your chances for winning sometimes might be rather slim, however, the chances for learning something new by observing the moves made by other players are always strong. Yet, make sure you are trying to adopt to your playing practice some particular concepts used by other players rather than trying to copy their entire behaviour which is actually not so helpful for successful playing.

Don’t forget that playing video poker free of charge in the Internet is the best way to grasp many interesting moves made by a computer while risking no money at all.

  • Needless to say, gambling involves psychology and poker is the games using psychology most of all. Still, in order to become a successful poker player you need to focus on your cards rather than on your ego. In addition to it, you actually have to put your poker face on and wear it even if you are not especially confident of the strength of your hand.
  • One more crucial piece of advice for playing poker is to be especially cautious while playing in small groups which generally do not have more than five people. Such short-handed games require special attention.
  • Undeniably, one of the most crucial things you need to remember about playing video poker online or in land-based casinos is keeping a track of your budget and not sacrificing more of your money than is needed.

Playing video poker for free and other amusing possibilities offered by the Internet

If you have read the majority of the information we have shared with you in the previous chapters of our guide, you have certainly noticed we mentioned the opportunity of playing free online video poker in the Internet casinos and poker rooms. Let’s learn how you can start playing video poker for free and what other bonuses you will gain by gambling online.

  • Playing video poker free of charge with a demonstrative mode

Free online video poker is available to the clients of online casinos via a demonstrative mode in the first place. This mode is a special feature of the game offered by the top gambling websites which allows you to play poker without making a single bet with your money. That is so because the mode doesn’t support real cash. Only virtual money is used though. Due to this fact, you can play, practice and lose as many poker games as you wish without risking your money.

  • Playing video poker games with free money

If you are a sensible and cautious gambler, in all likelihood, you might have some second thoughts about playing video poker in casinos online. There is nothing surprising in it, as you place your bets in the cyber-space, where a game is a mere part of the virtual reality. Even though, you shouldn’t resign from gambling online as it can provide you with the possibilities unavailable in land-based casinos. The greatest of them are multiple bonuses and promotions which allow you to play video poker not directly with your cash, but with the money offered to you by your casino. Unlike playing poker with a demonstrative mode, free cash given for participation in welcome promotions, reload bonus programmes and many other events allows you to win real money which can be withdrawn whenever you wish or used for winning even more on poker.

  • Enjoy your favourite game on the go

Playing video poker online is amusing not only due to the opportunity of gambling at home, but also because of the possibility of relishing this casino game on the go. You can use any portable device for gambling and enjoy this exciting form of entertainment wherever you are.

  • Live experience of gambling

Finally, even the most demanding gamblers can count on live experience of playing poker in online casinos owing to the modern technology providing the clients of the Internet casinos with live poker games. These kinds of games held by real dealers are being recorded in special casino studios and the entire gameplay takes place in real time. As a player, you can contact the dealer or other participants of the game.

Furthermore, you can also take part in special poker tournaments which are organised by online casino or other gambling establishments.

Taking into consideration all the pros of online gambling, it becomes clear how much you can profit from online video poker. Play free games, earn free money and become a poker champion even in the comfort of your home!

Poker vs blackjack: let’s compare!

Needless to say, poker is a glamorous and fascinating game played by millions of people across the world. While the majority of these gamblers are enjoy playing live and video poker in casinos as an amusing form of entertainment, some of the poker enthusiasts have managed to become not just high rollers but real professionals. Even so, the number of the blackjack players overcomes the number of the poker devotees. If you wish to find the reason for it, we should check the differences and similarities of these two games.

Both of the games are played with cards.
The game is played against other players.The game is played against the House.
Casinos have a cut of the winnings made on live and video poker called rake. For video poker games, rake can vary according to a casino and the version of the game. For instance, the rake for Caribbean Stud Poker starts from 5% (note the game also has a jackpot bet), the rake for Pai Gow Poker starts from 2,5% and the rake for Three Card Stud Poker is 1,5%.The House edge is between 0,5% and 2% depending on your strategy. Still, there are some online versions with no house edge at all.
Winning on poker is partially contingent on your luck, yet can have an advantage over less experienced players.Your winning depends on your luck up to a great extent.
Many game scenarios have been described by statisticians although there are thousands of actions available even in the simplest forms of poker. The most skilful players have strong chances of winning even if the luck is not with them.There is a well-calculated blackjack strategy teaching you what precisely to do in each possible situation with any possible hand allowing you to predict outcomes and make only wise decisions.

Looking at the table above, the massive popularity of blackjack becomes obvious. Definitely, the game offers low house edge as well as a reliable strategy which will certainly help you to win. At the same time, the mastery required from the players of poker makes this game especially appealing and, due to this fact, the professional poker players always become real celebrities.

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