Casino Scratch Cards – All You Need To Know

Casino Scratch Cards – All You Need To Know

What is a scratch card?

Scratch cards are one of the simplest gameplays you will find in an online casino. A physical scratch card is a small piece of cardboard that has a part covered by silver or an opaque surface. You will find them in some land-based casinos, licensed shops, or unique scratch card booths. Players are expected to scratch this cover to see what is underneath the silver foil. The prize to be won varies according to the number, symbols, combinations of both, or the type of scratch card a player buys. However, in the case of online scratch cards, there is no physical scratching, but the concept remains the same. The winning(s) is hidden right under the silver or opaque surface.

Scratch cards are a game of chance – 100%. You can also call them scratch-offs, scratchers, scratch-its, or scratch games, depending on your location in the globe. This indicates the apparent popularity and wide-acceptance of the games. Scratch cards are prominent due to some reasons, notably their low costs and simplicity of play. Oh, they also make instant winners instead of forcing people to wait for the draw day. There are cheap scratch cards (in the region of 20 and 30 USD), and you have those that cost up to millions. But in most cases, the most expensive scratch cards would not pay winners instantly.

The advent of scratch cards

scratch cards oddsGoing down memory lane, it is interesting that scratch cards as a concept came into existence in 1974. Thus, it is a relatively recent invention in the gaming industry. John Koza, a computer scientist, and Daniel Bouwer, a promotions expert, are the biggest names linked to the invention of scratch cards. It all started with Koza’s dissatisfaction at the fact that players had to wait for a long time to get the lottery results they participate in. So, he decided to work on something faster or instantly. He collaborated with Bouwer to create an algorithm and a suitable marketing strategy for scratch-off tickets. The Massachusetts State Lottery took an interest in the project and used the same to raise funds for government projects. A few years later, scratch cards found their way into land-based casinos.

The acceptance of scratch cards in land-based casinos was terrific. The popularity grew, and in 1985, Cal Tigner created a dispenser for scratch cards in Oregon. Since then, it has been an integral part of prominent lotteries. When online casinos came into the picture in the 1990s, players were quick to demand the incorporation of scratch cards into the system. Game developers responded and created innovative scratch card games playable right on the internet. Online scratch cards are not only easier to play but also offer even more exceptional rewards to players. If you’re wondering what are other unorthodox casino games, click here and check the summary that we have prepared.

Online scratch cards vs. land-based scratch cards

types of online scratch cardsAs you might have guessed, there is no much difference between online and land-based scratch cards. In the case of the offline scratch cards, you will be required to pick a piece of paper, which holds your winning potential. These cards usually have a marked area that must be scratched with a coin or piece of metal. Under the covered area is your big reveal – a specific value or sum of money or NOTHING. After all, it is purely a game of chance and luck.

The modern online scratch cards also work with a similar principle, except that the card is not physical in this case. You need to buy the ticket online, and instead of scratching, you click on the card and move your mouse to reveal your prize (if you have won any). Modern Online Scratch Cards relies on new-age technology to run. As a prominent form of online entertainment, you will most likely find them in the best online casinos around. The fun is also there in the case of online scratch cards. The developers of these cards have integrated different animations and other exciting technologies to give you a wholesome experience.

Types of online scratch cards

online scratch cardsOnline scratch cards allow players to enjoy a wide range of different games, unlike in land-based scratch card game offers, where the options are limited. There are sports and fantasy scratch card games in prominent online casinos, all of which offer maximum interactivity and somewhat higher chances of winning a prize. The two prominent types of online scratch card games we will be looking at are the instant win games and the themed casino scratch card games.

The Themed Casino Scratch Cards offers various themes from the multiple games available. There are themes based on sports, historical legends, television shows, music, and even movies. Developers are continually expanding the range with even new themes. For instance, there are scratch cards designed based on the blackjack theme, which gives the players the chance of beating the dealer based on what is under their covered panel. Note that the specifics of play is different in each case, and this simple flexibility is perhaps the reason they are players’ favorites.

Instant Win Game Scratch Cards is similar to themed casino cards, principle-wise.  Using the random number generator technology, a winner emerges from a pool of players. While the traditional casinos rely on an algorithm to declare the winner, an instant win game declares the winner instantly once the symbols on their scratch ticket match the winning symbols. The payouts or winnings usually differ, and what determines the exact amount or prize is the symbol-matched, as found on the scratch card. The instant win games options can be played to win real money or just for pleasure, depending on the preferences of the player.

You can also have additional scratch card types, as available on specific online casinos. However, they all run on almost the same principle as the two types discussed above. The difference is usually in the payouts, theme, and the gameplay.

Why are modern online scratch cards more popular?

casino online scratch cardsPlayers apparently prefer to pitch their tents with modern online scratch cards. The reasons are not far-fetched. The scratch card games online have excellent graphics and are available in a wide range of themes. Hence, players can choose based on their preferences. There are also free versions of these games, where a player can try their hands without investing their real cash. Note that free online scratch card games do not offer real money prizes – you will need to make a real money scratch card wager to win real money.

The modern online scratch cards are readily available in reputable online casino sites. Players will find them in bright and colorful versions, all running on the original principle of scratch card games, but with instant play and results. Interestingly, online scratch cards tend to offer players a higher payout. The gameplay is also faster, and the rules of the game are quite simple, even to a newbie.

Scratch cards odds – the chances of winning

Most casino game players are always on the lookout for the best ways to maximize their wins while investing the least possible amount. The scratch card games are not left out of this scenario. Often, we have seen players trying to increase the odds of finding a prize-winning card based on facts and statistics. Most times, players try to arrive at the right current odds by researching the amount of money won and cards sold for the particular game in question. Note that the card suppliers have no control over where precisely the scratch card will go and when it will be played. Hence, scratch cards might still be on sale even when all the cards bearing the prizes have been bought. However, they still end up making profits because the odds associated with winning at scratch cards are considerably low – most times 1 in 5 or 1 in 2.5.

Playing instant scratch cards online eliminates the problem of buying scratch cards even when the main prizes have been won. This is because the online casinos offering such games usually stop offering players the digital cards once they are sure that the main prizes have been won. Instead, they create a new lottery and assign fresh prizes to be won by players.

How do you place bets on scratch cards?

play scratch cards onlineThe principle behind scratch card games is quite simple and easy to understand. Once the symbols on your card match the randomly generated symbol or numbers, you are automatically declared the winner. Interestingly, there are various methods of placing a bet on when you get the favorite online casino’s scratch cards. You will be asked to set the stake according to your discretion.  This can be done with the command bar or the coin buttons. Watch out for the maximum and minimum limits on your bet while adjusting to your preferred stake. After this, the bet multiplier will multiply your bet and show you if the symbols on your card matches the winning combination.  An excellent money-saving hack here is to first play with the bonuses you get from your online casino, rather than using your real money.

There are two methods of placing your bet – using the max bet button and manual adjustment. Using the manual adjustment option, it is possible to set your preferred wager with a zero risk of losing your money. However, the max bet button allows you to set your bet to the highest bet playable with your card. The better option, in any case, will depend on the betting power of the player.

Do scratch cards offer bonuses?

bets on scratch cardsYes, like many other online casino game offers, scratch cards also come with a couple of exciting bonuses. However, the availability of such bonuses depends on the online casino offering them – you may find a certain bonus in a casino and not in others. Where available, such casinos mostly targeted players who are just getting into the game with the bonuses. Only a few of them are open to regular scratch card players.

For new players, scratch card bonuses allow them to wager without their real money. This minimizes the risk involved and helps them settle in quickly. Most online casinos tend to offer new scratch card players a no deposit casino bonus, claimable without depositing real money. A new player qualifies for a no deposit casino bonus on scratch cards once they complete their registration process. This bonus can be used to try out the scratch card games available at the casino. You may also find referral bonuses, claimable by players who invite a new player to play scratch games in the casino. VIP bonuses may also be available to loyal scratch card players of the casino, and you cannot withdraw them as winnings in most cases. Like every other casino bonus, you must go through the wagering requirements associated with each bonus before redeeming them.

Helpful tips on winning big from Scratch Cards

No doubt, every player stands a fair chance of winning from the game of scratch cards. However, the chances are higher when a player can manage their money the right way. Here are some helpful tips to that effect;

  • Be ready to practice

Rather than rushing to play with your hard-earned cash at the first chance, learn to start slow and take your time to learn the game. The more you practice, the better you get and more equipped to claim the wins.

  • Bet what you can lose

This is a general rule of gambling and also applicable to scratch card games. Like any other game, you can lose your money in scratch card games, so only invest an amount you can afford to lose.

  • Jackpots aren’t the catch

Yes, jackpots are tempting, but you do not have to focus on them only. At best, do not allocate more than 20% of your betting budget per season on a jackpot.

Scratch cards are here to stay!

Considering the impressive journey of scratch cards, especially how it has evolved from a lottery-based game into a modern online casino game playable on almost all devices, it is safe to say that the game is not going to phase out any time soon. More online casino players are getting interested in the games, apparently due to its simplicity and exciting offers. It is also readily available – players will find them on most reputable online casinos out there.

Ready to start your journey into the world of scratch cards? Simply proceed to your favorite online casino and take a look at their scratch card games offers – you will most likely find one that suits your preferences. Good luck!

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