The Comprehensive Online Casino Software Guide

Casino software or technology is one of the biggest things that has happened to the world of gambling. It is arguably the most important factor when choosing your ideal game or casino to invest your money in. However, at the moment, the options are almost unlimited. Hence, we have created this comprehensive guide to help both new and existing players make informed decisions surrounding online casino software. Among other things, the guide discusses the history and types of online casino software, as well as a list of top casino software providers for easy comparisons and assessments.

The Best Casino Software Providers

Without wasting time, let’s start with our well-researched and carefully-compiled list of the best casino game software in the iGaming world.

Compiling Our List Of Best Casino Software Providers

Like we have mentioned earlier, there are tons of casino software providers around at the moment. Hence, making a good choice can be a bit overwhelming, especially with the increasing competition among these companies to be the best. Even at that, some casino games software providers are better and more innovative than their peers.  In compiling our list, we focused on important criteria like the game variety offered by the casino game providers, and the graphics/audio quality of the casino games. Other criteria used include cross-compatibility of the games as well as language support. There you will find the best slots online available on our website. Our experts have prepared a list of the best slots you can play for absolutely free, complete with descriptions.

Online Casino Software – A Brief History

Let us go down memory lane a bit. It all started in 1994 when Microgaming came up with the first online casino. The gambling world then was quite different from what we have now. Microgaming named the online casino website “The Gaming Club,” which remains accessible to date.  However, the first online casino websites are apparently obsolete when compared to the advanced and sophisticated software we are exposed to today.

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Two years later – in 1996 – Interlops created an online bookmaking system that powered online video slots and live streaming games as well as a few sports gambling sites. The first peer-to-peer gambling came in 2000, with Betfair being the proud pioneers. The first online poker site was Planet Poker, although this sector of gambling was relatively unknown until Chris Moneymaker’s famous 2003 win. The gambling laws in the early days of online casinos were very strict, especially in America. However, the subsequent law reforms around the world have given room for online gambling in most countries.

The biggest providers then – Microgaming – have been joined in the new era by other big guns, including NetEnt, Play’n Go, Playtech, and several others.

Types of Online Casino Software

As you may have guessed, diversification exists in the world of online casino software, although at very minimal levels. For regulars in the game, you will agree that the changes are not apparent or pronounced. The similarity in appearance and function is because several sites use the same casino software. Hence, they share casino games, jackpots, and other features.

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Let’s take a quick look at the types of casino software available to online casino players at the moment.

Casino software download

Some online casino sites require players to download the casino software before they can play their games. Yes, such casinos are not as comfortable and straightforward as instant play casino software, they make up for this with their more immersive experience. Also, the game collection in downloadable casino software is richer and bigger, with clearer graphics, giving a much better playing experience to players. Lastly, the file size of such software is massive, as well as the resolution.

No download casino software

If you are all about the instantly accessible gaming experience, no download casino software is what you need. This type of casino game software is what you get in almost all instant play casinos. Players do not need to download the software, considering that they are built on the principle of HTML5 or Flash. Convenience and accessibility are much better compared to downloadable casino software.

Live Casino Software

Live dealer casino games are now quite popular, including Blackjack online, Baccarat, Roulette, and other top table games.  These games are powered by the live casino software, which delivers an immersive online gambling experience. Providers that specialize in live casino software games include Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech.

Virtual Reality Casino Software

This type of online casino software runs on advanced Virtual Reality technology. Players only need to wear some special Virtual Reality headset to have a taste of a 100% immersive gambling experience – the same obtainable in physical casinos. Yes, VR casino software is not as popular as the other three parts, they are available in many online casinos around.

Mobile Compatibility of Online Casino Software

quickspin casino slotsThe continuous advancement of technology has helped the iGaming to enjoy massive improvements and upgrades that improve players’ satisfaction and overall gaming experience. Most, if not all, online casinos are now mobile compatible. For some, the shift to the mobile compatibility sphere is voluntary, and for others, it is a move to preserve their relevance in the industry. Either way, it is logical and expected, considering that over 50% of online casino players enjoy their favorite casino games on their mobile phones.

The most significant determinant factor in this shift is the casino software providers. The online casinos depend on them to make their games accessible and playable on mobile devices and platforms. To live up to expectations, casino game developers have adopted the HTML5 module in developing new casino games, thus making them compatible with mobile devices.

While many casino game providers are already into this, it is essential to note that Play’n Go is the pioneer and perhaps the biggest name in the mobile casino games world. The first mobile-compatible online casino games were developed by Play’n Go. However, we may have something even more advanced on our hands with the advent of the NetEnt Touch platform. This platform is specially created for all types of mobile devices. If you’re into mobile casinos, check out our ranking of mobile casinos prepared by experts.

What’s more? You can even play these games without downloading the software, which is what is obtainable at no download online casinos. All you need to do is log on to your internet browser on your mobile device and play away. It also means that players can access their favorite online casino games on a Mac OS computer.

Which Casino Software Type is Ideal for You?

blackjackThis is a tricky question – your answer will depend on your personal preferences and choices. However, while at it, there are some essential factors to consider to ensure that you make the right decision in the end. Choosing your new online casino software is a significant investment decision. Hence, you must get it right. Now, let us consider these crucial factors to consider in evaluating online casino software.

Multi-Platform Support

This is also called cross-compatibility. Your choice online casino software must be available on several operating systems. What this means is that the software must support iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. The most significant advantage here is that cross-compatibility ensures that you can access your favorite games on any of our gadgets and at any time, provided the online casino software that supports multiple platforms. For example, if you are playing a particular game on your Android device and you had to leave the device, you should be able to continue the same session on your iOS or Windows device. Similarly, all your loyalty points or level (if any) must be transferrable between devices once your software provider has the cross-compatibility feature.

Fairness and Licensing

mga casino licenceYour ideal online casino software provider must be licensed by not less than two different and reliable gambling licensing agencies. It is even better if there are more than two licenses to their name. Note that the licenses here are different from the electronic gaming license, which the online casino site gives to the casino running their games. Software developers must be licensed by reputable and independent licensing agencies also (check the list of companies that grant licenses to casinos here).

Collection of games

The online casino software you will settle for must offer a vast number of casino games, all at the best quality possible. Likewise, the casino software provider must provide sufficient support for games from other providers. This ensures diversification, and of course, more options to explore.

 Graphics and audio quality

Online casino games must offer the best graphics and audio quality to provide 100% immersive experience. If the graphics are not advanced and the sound crystal clear alongside exciting animations, then the casino software provider is not doing enough.

Game Payout Percentages

Let’s not forget that you are playing these games for the fun, and of course, financial gains that come with them. Hence, it is important to choose a software provider that offers the best odds and payout rates. Note that the exact rate of return will depend on the game in question as well as the online casino hosting them. However, some casino software providers generally offer better payout percentages.

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Multi-language support

No one wants to stick to online casino software that runs in only the English language. A good casino software must be accessible in multiple languages, allowing players to play games in their languages. However, it is important to note that certain interfaces of the casino will remain in the English language even if the language is switched, for example, the “management” part.

Frequently Asked Questions – Online Casino Software

Here is a list of the most common questions people asked about online casino software and detailed answers to each.

Can I get a free no download online casino?

netentYes, if you are willing and ready to look through the internet. However, it is advisable to look for the best casino software instead. If you are ready to search for the latter, simply check out our exclusive list and make your choice using the criteria we have discussed above. This is a better and faster way of looking for an ideal casino software instead of surfing the entire internet.

Do we have free casino software?

No provider or developer will offer something as crucial as online casino software for free. It is the engine room of a casino site; hence, it is only available on demand. What you can get instead are free online casino games, and these are available. You can try out the free games offered by this online casino software using your virtual balance. However, the operator of the software must activate this feature for you to use it.

What does a white-label online casino software mean?

This term describes the “turn-key” online casino services, i.e., a situation where white-label casino software developers create a complete online casino for a specific brand from scratch. The developers will oversee the coding of the website, uploading and installing games, random number generators, and other top requirements. The potential casino owner only needs to add a logo and name to start using the online casino.

Which online casino software provider is the best?

Again, the verdict of the best casino software provider depends on the judge. The biggest influence has always been the personal preferences of the player in question. These alongside other crucial factors (as described above) are what the player must consider before settling for a particular online casino software provider as their “best” or “favorite.”

Final Thoughts on Online Casino Software

Before we round up this exciting journey, here are some concluding thoughts. The need for an excellent online casino software cannot be overemphasized. It is your gateway to a safe, secure gambling experience and maximum value for your investment. So, either you are downloading casino software or playing directly on it, you should always go for the best option that suits your preferences and requirements.

You may start from our carefully-compiled list of best online casino software providers. We are proud to inform you that every software provider on that list is safe, secure, and duly licensed by the relevant authorities. What’s more? They provide a rich selection of games – both new innovations and old-school traditional casino games.

Whatever your choice is, rest assured of exciting gambling experience, courtesy of options from the best online casino software providers in the industry. Good luck!

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