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There are plenty of different high roller casinos both online and in-person which allow their players to place high-value bets on a wide range of different gaming options. If you're a high roller who wants to experience what premium gambling is like, you will need to find VIP casinos that can accommodate your needs. By definition, a high roller is someone who is expected to well-known to place bets with higher values than the average person visiting a particular betting institution.

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If you fit into the category of being a high-roller, there are a lot of different VIP casinos out there that offer specialty gaming options to fit your desired play style. It’s important to remember that there are varying types of high roller casinos in existence. There are land-based high roller casinos and online high roller casinos both of which have different rules by which they measure what customers can actually be considered high rollers.

Top high roller casinos

To help you avoid placing bets with untrustworthy establishments or online casinos, we’re going to provide you with our list of the top VIP casinos that you can start winning big from today. Keep in mind, all of the VIP casinos on our list are high roller casinos which means that you should be ready to take high risk in order to receive even higher rewards.

All of the high roller casinos on our list have been in operation for years, which means that they are in compliance with all gambling regulations & laws. Before signing up to place bets with any of the casinos on our list, you need to each the description in full to ensure that you will be able to play your games of choice without encountering any issues.

high roller casinoAll of the high roller casinos mentioned above give you the ability to place bets on various games that offer huge payouts when you finally win. Before placing bets with any VIP casino room, you need to make sure that you’re following all applicable laws and regulations set out by your local governing authorities. This will ensure that all of the activities you’re engaging in are legal to avoid having to deal with any legal issues.

You’ll also find that the high roller casinos we’ve listed above offer VIP casino rewards that you won’t find in regular casino set-ups. Each of these online high roller casinos has different rules relating to how you can make deposits on the platform and which withdrawal methods are available to you. If you’re concerned about being able to access your winnings, you should check the specific details surrounding payments/withdrawals for the VIP casino room you’re interested in before signing up. We also recommend checking the list of the best online casinos that also features VIP casinos. This is where we have selected the absolutely best brands.


Using this list, you will be able to find a wide range of different high roller casinos online which provide the exact betting options you’re looking for.

What makes you a high roller?

high roller casinosDepending on the type of casino that you place bets with, there will be different guidelines that determine what exactly classifies you as a high roller. Many people have the misconception that placing large bets in a single round of any casino game is all that’s required to be considered a high roller. However, this train of thought is completely subjective as every casino has its own determining factors for who is considered a high roller and who is not.

Online VIP casinos tend to prioritize players who make consistent deposits over a long period of time. When you factor in the total amount of money that you will deposit into an online casino when crediting small amounts to your account repeatedly, the sum tends to be much than that of players who deposit a large amount of money into their account when paying rounds of a certain casino game.

Since being a high roller comes with more VIP casino rewards than being an average user would, many people aim to reach this level of membership. Using the common formula online high roller casinos employ when categorizing their players, even regular people depositing small amounts still have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a high roller.

Land-based casinos, on the other hand, have more stringent rules regarding who can be classified as a high roller with their casino. Most land-based betting institutions categorize their high rollers by the volume of money they bet on a single round or hand in a game. This varies quite different from the requirements set out by online high roller casinos which is why many people choose them over land-based ones.

VIP casino rewards for high rollers

online casino real moneyBeing a high roller can grant you many different benefits and incentives when placing bets online regardless of what your favorite game is. One of the main benefits of being a high roller is that you will gain access to priority support assistance and a designated account manager who can assist you in handling any problems you may experience when using your selected casino platform.

As a high roller, you will also enjoy special bonuses and perks based on how you interact with the casino you choose. The type of bonuses that you’re eligible for will all depend on the specific VIP casino that you sign up for, most casino providers will give you a bonus in the form of enhanced payouts when you win a particular game or round, initial deposit boosts when you make a credit to your account, discounts on buying tokens, and more.

Many high roller casinos also offer private tournaments to their members which is great if you want a chance to win exclusive prizes when placing bets on popular games. Any reputable VIP casino room will offer its users real cash prizes to incentivize them to continue placing bets. Extra cash bonuses are a very common feature of high roller casinos that keep players coming back.

Optimized deposit/withdrawal process in high roller casinos

deposit casinoHigh rollers also enjoy benefits like having access to optimized deposit/withdrawal processes in order to have faster access to their funds. This is a very useful feature especially due to the fact that VIP casinos offer a higher payout amount than regular casinos. While some VIP casinos may require that you pay extra in order to access faster withdrawals & deposits, the standard is for this to be a regular feature for high rollers on any given platform.

High rollers may also enjoy more ways to pay and get paid depending on which VIP casino room they sign up for. The most common payment methods include debit or credit card, PayPal, checks, or bank transfer. Most high roller casinos also accept bitcoin as a standard payment so you can stay safe and anonymous while placing bets. More on payment methods at online casinos can be read here.

You should always check the guidelines and rules regarding when users can access their winnings of the online casino you choose to avoid any serious issues. By doing so, you can ensure that you know all of the details most important to help you place bets and win big.

Types of games offered by a VIP casino room 

VIP casinos offer a wide variety of different game selections and categories, the best part about playing in a VIP casino online is that you have the ability to access exclusive titles that you won’t find anywhere else. Many casino game developers have established relationships with high roller casinos which allows them to create high payout games that cater directly to what games are most popular.

In any reputable VIP casino room, you can expect to find games like Blackjack, Poker, slot machines, and more. Depending on the casino and your transaction history with them, you will be able to enjoy enhanced bonuses and winnings simply by placing bets on a consistent basis. You’ll find all sorts of different gaming options in high roller casinos including themed games and specially coded ones that cater to very niche audiences.

vip casino games

Since players largely choose what casino to sign up with based on the available gaming titles, you will find that VIP casinos are constantly fighting to get their customer’s attention. The best part about it is that it gives developers and casinos alike the freedom to experiment with new ideas that places like land-based casinos aren’t capable of doing. Click here and check our list of slot games. There you will find the most popular games from the best software providers.

What to know before placing bets with a VIP casino online

Before you place bets with any VIP casino room, you need to make sure that it’s legal to do so in your local area. Every state has its own rules and regulations surrounding the legality of gambling and what games you can place bets on, it’s important to stay up to date with all of these laws to avoid getting in any trouble while placing bets on your favorite games.

You can perform a simple online search to find out if online gambling is legal in your state or city before signing up for any high roller casino. It’s advised that you do this to safeguard yourself from any possible legal problems which may arise due to a lack of knowledge. High roller casinos are very fun and exciting which is why you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your potential winnings by failing to follow a few simple rules.

Why you should want to be a high roller

vip casinosMany people go after the status of becoming a high roller for various reasons however the most notable one is that of receiving a high roller bonus. High rollers enjoy privileged access to a wide range of different features and benefits that regular casino players don’t. Once you become a high roller in a VIP casino room, you will be able to receive huge bonuses and payouts when playing virtually any game.

You will also be able to access your winnings much faster than typical members would as high roller winnings are prioritized by many online casinos. As a high roller, you will also gain access to special promotions and deals on casino games and products that others simply won’t have. The overall security and protection offered by becoming a high roller player on any online casino are enough to attract people from all over.

There are games that are more closely associated with high rollers such as poker, blackjack, and more. While these maybe some of the most common high roller casino games, there are plenty of other gaming selections available for you to choose from including high roller slot games. High roller slot games are offered by a select percentage of online VIP casinos however when you find one, they are really fun to play.

Some very popular high roller games include:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Slots
  • Roulette

Even once you become a high roller, you still want to make sure that you moderate the bets you place on games at any given moment. You must keep in mind that while being a high roller does come with the opportunity to increase your winnings by a lot, it also comes with the reality that the losses can be just as big as the gains. You want to remember this so that you don’t get too cocky or caught up in winning that you forget the level of risk involved with what you’re doing.

Become a high roller

Throughout this article, we’ve given you all of the important information and details that you need to know about becoming a high roller casino player. Take your time to find the right VIP casino that offers the exact game selections and bonuses you desire to experience what it’s like to be a true high roller. As long as you remember that being a high roller comes with as many risks as it does rewards, you will be able to utilize all of the opportunities presented to you because of your status.

Being a high roller is an experience that cannot be matched, if you want to win big and play hard, you need to become a high roller with the online casino of your choice. Once you do, you’ll never want to play a regular casino game again.

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