Online Casino Payment Methods

In the early days, online casinos had a rough time securing payment methods and with obvious reasons. However, today, there are several options you can consider if you’d like to join the online gambling community. But before we get to that, for you to effectively gamble online on casinos, you’ll definitely need to start by finding the right online casino.

Once you’ve found the best casino, you can now check out some of the online payment methods they offer. Here are some of the options you are likely to have:

Most Popular Online Casino Payment Methods


paypal This is arguably one of the most popular and trusted online methods of payment and not just for online casinos. PayPal has managed to provide customers a secure and quick payment method for close to two decades.

Most online stores prefer payments done through PayPal. More importantly, it will only take minutes to open a PayPal account. All you will need is some basic information, for instance, your address, name and email account.

Additionally, using PayPal to make casino payments or withdrawals is fairly easy. You’ll have to choose PayPal when deciding your transaction method at the cashier of your online casino. The E-wallet is quite fast and players should allow 1 (or sometimes 2) business day withdrawal. We invite you to check out our list of the best PayPal casinos.

MasterCard Payment for Casinos

mastercardWithout a doubt, MasterCard is one of the oldest payment methods in the world. It was founded in 1966 and has been quite a stiff competitor of Visa as an international credit card payment method. In fact, it’s one of the most recognized means of payments worldwide. On top of that, it reaches also onto the online world including casinos.

Finding online casinos that accept MasterCard payments is also quite easy since this will allow you the freedom to transfer money without any hiccups. What’s more, making MasterCard payments or withdrawals from your online casino is similar to using your credit card on a normal basis.

Most of the available online casinos will allow payments through MasterCard but you will find other countries, for instance, the US does not. Therefore, if you are planning to make deposits over MasterCard to your online casino, make sure you confirm they have the MasterCard option.

Visa Payment Option

visaThis is a US-based payment corporation that’s dedicated to giving its customers the best financial services. We’re sure you’ve seen Visa options all over since this company has been in existence for decades. Actually, it’s rare to find an online casino that doesn’t accept VISA  payments. That’s because using this option is effortless and most customers who are wary of e-wallets will prefer using the Visa payment option.

Basically, Visa is a company that gives banks cards that they can issue to their customers. The company doesn’t process the payments because that’s done by the bank. To get a Visa card is quite easy. All you need to do is own a bank account and your bank will offer you a Visa card to make withdrawals in the ATM.

For you to make withdrawals and deposits to online casinos using Visa cards, you need to make sure the company offers such services. Like we said earlier, most online casinos will offer this option but not all of them. So, you need to make sure they have the Visa card option.

Funding your online casino with a Visa card is as easy as taking a walk in the park. Once you’ve registered your online casino account, the next step is to check the visa option in the cashier interface.

Then you will be requested to write down your CVV number which is usually at the back of your card, the card number found on the face of the card and the expiry date of the card. Your online casino account will be credited in seconds.


paysafecardPaySafeCard is a payment option that’s great with making online payments. The company is based in Vienna, Austria and has been in existence for over a decade. PaySafeCard is popular in the gambling world. On top of that, the company issues cards to its customers over different countries worldwide.

Once you get the voucher or the MasterCard, you can use it to make payments in different casinos and e-commerce websites. That means that this payment method is not limited to gambling sites alone. You can use it to make purchases of different items including clothes, electronics and so much more.

What’s more, PaySafeCard is regulated and authorized by the UK financial service hence it’s allowed in around 28 European countries. You can use this account to purchase services in France, Germany, UK, Sweden, and Italy.

Before making payments to your online casino, you will have to start by creating an account on PaySafeCard. This is simple and you can even do it by registering your details on their website. And obviously, you will have to provide details of your email, name, phone number and address among others. Click here and see the best casinos that accept payments with PaySafeCard.


skrillSkrill has been around for years but under a different name, ‘Moneybookers’. The company rebranded its name to Skrill in 2013. As much as Skrill still functions the same way as Moneybookers, Skrill seems to be more expansive. More importantly, thanks to its security and safe money transfers, Skrill has quickly become the obvious choice for many online entrepreneurs.

On top of that, Skrill also offers money transfers to online casinos hence making it one of the best options to use. Using Skrill is as simple as going to their online website and creating your Skrill Account.

This just so happens to be the safest online platform currently. Skrill Mobile Casino is as safe as playing casino on your laptop. Most people don’t like it when online payments take longer than anticipated. Thankfully, Skrill is almost instant when it comes to money transfers. You also get direct customer support 24/7. Actually, in some countries, Skrill offers its clients a chance to call their direct international line and talk to an agent. Here you will find the list of the most popular casinos that make it possible to make deposits with Skrill.


netellerTo be sincere, Neteller started processing payments to online casinos about 15 years ago and it’s been a successful journey ever since. In fact, most of the funds in this platform originate or are sent to online gambling platforms.

Unfortunately, ever since the US-based laws that restricted gambling was placed, the income in Neteller has drastically dropped. Regardless, the company still has a vast customer base from all over the world.

Neteller is owned by a publicly-traded company known as Optimal Payment PLC. Today, the e-wallet is accepted as a mode of payment transfer in most of the online businesses including online casinos.

Start by creating an account on Neteller which is quite easy. However, before you decide to use Neteller as an option of money transfer, go to the official page of the online casino and confirm the platform authorizes the use of Neteller. To check the list of casinos where you can pay with Neteller, go here.


bitcoinBy now, you’ve already heard about Bitcoin and how the owner is still mysterious to this very day. Even though this digital currency started as being an underground phenomenon, it’s quickly grown to global use.

Not only is Bitcoin being used in online payments, but it’s also the most sort after currency at the moment. However, for you to use Bitcoin in an online casino, you’ll have to read the terms and conditions of the platform. Each platform has a different set of rules when it comes to Bitcoin.

All in all, it’s good to take advantage of this digital currency as you develop or grow your gambling accounts. Start by creating an account on an online casino site that allows Bitcoin. Then make sure your e-wallet is credited with Bitcoin before transferring them to your online casino. To see what are the best Bitcoin online casinos, click here.

Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer

bank transferLastly is the Bank Transfer option. If you do not trust most of the online platforms, then this might be the best option for you. Bank wire is a method used to transfer funds from one party to the other. The best way to execute this method is by handing over your instructions to the bank. You can also use a cash office to transfer funds.

This type of method has been around for years making it a good alternative if you want to transfer funds to your online casino account. Before the introduction of online banking, wire transfers was one of the fastest means of transferring funds from one person to the other. Even though today we have much faster ways of transferring our funds, you can still opt for this option if you don’t want to use online banking.

Before you go…

One of the biggest problems any gambler will likely face is deciding on the best money transfer platform. However, this is also the most important part of your online casino gaming journey. The second problem is trying to cash out your winnings. This is easily solved by identifying an online payment platform that’s well suited to cater for your needs. If you want to be sure that the money that you deposited at the casino is safe, check our ranking of the best casinos and pick a casino out of the ones we have featured there.

So, if you are trying to find the best alternative for money transfers, you can consider checking out the list above and learn how each of these platforms works before delving into the online casino world. All the best and stick around for more interesting facts on the same.

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