Online Slots – All You Need To Know About Slot Machines

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The world of online slots is exciting. There is so much to learn; after all, a good knowledge of the game is required to settle in. But the problem here is that not so many new or existing players know where to look for the right information. If you are one of these people, then this article is definitely for you. From the history of slots to types, how to play, rules, and proven tips, this guide takes a more in-depth look at every important aspect of free online slots and slot machines. In the end, you will be better informed and equipped to get the best out of free online slots.

Online Slots Overview

Online slots aren’t entirely new, especially to casino enthusiasts. However, for the sake of formalities, we will offer a relatable and straightforward definition. There are many ways to describe online slots, but let’s go with this. Imagine the thrill of real Vegas-style machines, but without you leaving the comfort of your home. That’s precisely what online slots are all about.

As you would expect, online slots, like other forms of online casino gaming, offer a whole lot of fun, a real adventure for the real gamblers. What’s more – you get some real-time, unique, and incomparable amusement from playing online slots. It offers players the best option to play and enjoy their favorite slots without a physical slot machine.

Another significant perk of online slots is that players can play their favorite games for as long as they want without necessarily feeling stressed. Online slots also allow excellent interactions with other players with similar interests. Whether you are in it for the cash or the enjoyment, you can rest assured that none of the experience or benefits of the traditional slots will elude you while playing the online slots.

There is so much to know and learn about online slots. And this is exactly what this comprehensive guide will be doing justice to. As we proceed, we will be looking at different aspects of online slots. From its advent to evolution and the current state of online slots, you can expect this piece to do good justice to all you need to know about online slots. Moving forward, let’s take a look at the advent of Slot Machines and how they have developed over time.

Slot Machines – Before and Now!

The First Slots

slot machines before and nowSlots and pokies have been around for a while. It is safe to say that they are some of the oldest gambling games the modern world has witnessed. Right from the 20th century, the pair have amassed a vast number of enthusiasts. Historically, the first-ever slot machine came to life in 1891. It was a masterpiece created by Pittman and Sachs, with five drums, each showing poker hand symbols. You would expect that this machine was paying out cash, well it didn’t! The reward for winners then was free drinks to the winners by the bar housing the machines.

About five years later, Charles Fey attempted to improve on the premier versions of slot machines, and he came up with a version that we are most acquainted with today. Players get cash payouts once the machine reveals matching symbols. The machine and the game continued to attract more players until slot machines were ban in the early 20th century, courtesy of the anti-gambling groups.

The ban was on for the next few years, and the return of slot machines was faster than expected. It returned to casinos, and by the 1950s, they are in almost every popular casino in the world. In 1953, the Australian gambling company – Aristocrat – invented its brand of electronic gaming machines. They called them pokies generally, and the first Aristocrat machine was called the ‘Clubman.’

Evolution of Slots

evolution of machine slotsIt took some more years before real machine slots eventually surfaced. Only the casino players that were privileged to be in Las Vegas had the first feel of these systems. That was the first turning point from the traditional mechanical slot games to the electronic slot machines. The latter offered improved security compared to the mechanical slots, hence, cheating became literally impossible. Likewise, the era of predicting slots was finally over, all thanks to the introduction of the Random Number Generator (RNG), which ensured randomness at all times.

The gambling world never saw any major change to this trend until several decades later. The new century came with the first set of online slots, precisely in 2001. This means the first online casinos also came around this time. The forerunning gaming companies then were Microgaming and co – the pioneer online slot machines came from them.

Slots Now

Over the last two decades, we have seen slots expand its reach and horizons. You will find them in almost every online casinos out there. In fact, they constitute a ridiculously large amount of revenue generated from land-based casino. We now have hundreds of online slots games, all with impressive and exciting themes. Likewise, companies have continued to brand certain slot games with some unique themes, all thanks to the cutting-edge gaming technology at their disposal.

Slot Machines vs. Online Slots

Slot Machines vs. Online SlotsSo far, we have been able to establish the advent of slot machines and online slots conveniently. However, it is essential to state here that both are markedly different. Online slots are powered by the internet, while slot machines are the stationary slot players you find in stationary casinos. While both are built to serve almost the same purposes – entertaining and enriching players, there are some distinguishing features. So, shall we compare stationary slot machines and online slot machines?

Comparing Online Slots and Traditional Slots

Yes, the casino world has replaced the three-reel mechanical games of the old times to with modern, new, and more fun video and online slots. Even at that, it is safe to say land-based slots still command a decent population of players, despite online slots being more popular and easily accessible. Interestingly, both still work on the principle of randomness and chance, and are run by the same basic mechanics. That’s fair, right?

Moving forward, we have seen some marked differences between online slots and slot machines over time. These differences have shaped the individual player’s opinion about which is better between online slots and traditional slots. While some players enjoy the utmost convenience and easy accessibility of online slots and subsequently rank them over the traditional counterparts, others prefer the nostalgic feeling and atmosphere that come with stationary slots, which are absent in online slots.

online slot machines

Let’s try to compare both online slots and stationary slots under some popular headings:

How convenient and accessible are both?

Every casino player watches out for the ease of accessibility and the level of convenience their favorite slots offer. As a player, you will be thrilled to explore the greater accessibility, comfort, and convenience that come with online slots. These are more than you would ever get from stationary slots. Provided online gaming is legal in your area; you only need the internet and a suitable device to play your favorite slots. What’s more – you can do all these right from the comfort of your home.

Conversely, playing a stationary slot will require you to make trips to the closest brick and mortar casino around you. It becomes even more demanding if the closest casino to you is miles away.

Can you play your favorites?

You will definitely get tons of slots in any good stationary casinos, especially if you are in the United States. A single machine could have up to hundreds of different titles. However, you will need to take time to search the floor for your favorite slots. If your favorites is not the most popular slot around, getting a seat to play might be difficult.

Online casinos, on the other hand, gives you tons of slot options. Plus, you can easily access any of them anytime from your computer or mobile phone, even if another player is playing the same game.

play slots online

What are the guarantees that you will always find your favorites?

There are no guarantees that you will always find your favorite slot in every stationary casino you visit. You know why? Your favorite slot may not be making sufficient numbers, thus forcing the owners to replace it with a more profitable title.

This is not the case for online casinos. The maintenance of online slots doesn’t cost a fortune. Hence, it is easier to have as much of them as possible. This means you will most likely find your favorite slots in an online casino.

Which offers a better atmosphere and cutting-edge technology?

Some slot technology is limited to only stationary casinos, for instance, the Sphinx 3D by International Game Technology. Players are always thrilled with the 3D imaging of the game and the special effects that come with both playing and winning. Another similar option is Top Gun by WMS Gaming, where players sit in a special chair surrounded with speakers and motion effects. This game makes the players feel like they are piloting a jet fighter, sitting in the cockpit, and maneuvering the jet with the sound roaring around them.

Although these games might be found on online casinos, they will not offer players the special effects nor the great atmosphere. This is another remarkable difference between online and traditional slots.

play online slots

How soon do you get new releases and updates?

Most online slots and stationary slots come from the stables of the same manufacturers. There are specific slots that are adapted for online playing only, as well as others limited to stationary slot machines. Several slots designed originally for stationary casinos have been adapted for online play. However, the truth remains that manufacturers spend more on creating slots that will debut in stationary casinos. This means that online slots enthusiasts may be deprived access to these games until it is adapted for online play or forever if the manufacturers decide otherwise.

This is understandable, considering that most slot players play in land-based casinos. Hence, manufacturers will do all they can to maximize their profits before thinking of online adaptation. After all, adapting slots for online play requires negotiation of licenses and rights.

Enough said about online and traditional slots and which is better. Yes, both are great options, what a player settles for will depend on personal preferences. If you are a newbie, you can rest assured of getting the fun, pace, flow, and rhythm from both. You also have equal chances of winning, so, all you need to do is make a decision and PLAY!

Here is a table that summarizes our comparison of online slots and stationary slot machines:

headingstationary slotsonline slots
new releasesmoreless

Quick Tip: Online Slots and Stationary Slots are really nice. Your eventual favorite will depend on the features you prioritize in an ideal slot game.

Why Play Slots Online?

It is a known fact that most casino enthusiasts prefer playing slots from the comfort of their homes to going to land-based casinos. However, while at home, they only play online slots rather than the traditional brick and mortar machines. There are some reasons for this. First off, the option of playing slots online is very popular now more than ever. Again, there is this excitement that comes with playing online slots, which the brick and mortar slot machines does not offer. Online slots allow players to wager real money, or play without investing any cash. Playing for fun, rather than with real money, is safer and the ideal option for an enthusiast. In this case, the player will need to look around for an online casino that offers free slot games. Rest assured you wouldn’t have to look for so long, several online casinos now allow players to play free online slots.

slot machines online play

Moving on, let’s look at some other top reasons people play slots online:


Convenience is arguably the biggest perk of playing slots in an online casino. As a player, all you need to do is go online whenever you feel like playing. There is no need to go outside or make a trip. You can also play on any device, including mobile phones, provided the casino offers mobile slot games. For all iPad users we particularly recommend the list of casinos and casino games for this particular device. Visit here to check it out.

Bonuses and Rewards

Almost all online slots come with bonuses and rewards, especially for new customers and casino members. These bonuses are accessible after making first deposits and are usually high. This is one of the several ways online slots are trying to entice players, especially people who prefer brick and mortar slot machines. It is essential to state here that specific terms and conditions come with these bonuses. Hence, always take time to go through them before proceeding to play.


Playing slots online eliminates the need to wait for a machine to be free. Most small land-based casinos have limited spaces for slot machines. Hence players are forced to wait for an opening before they can play. Online slots do not come with player number limits; any number of people can play anytime.


Online slots offer a fantastic collection of different games, all available to play whenever and wherever. It will take a decent amount of time to play all the games available in most online casinos. These slots are not only available in large numbers but also come with innovative themes and features, to further improve the playing experience.

Greater flexibility

Playing slots online allows you to specify how much you want to bet on a spin, as well as your preferred level of play. Online slots allow you to stake as much as a few hundred dollars, and if you are not the type that fancies higher risk, you can start with a few cents for every spin. Yes, this might be available in land-based casinos, but it gets way better with online slots.

Slot Tournaments

The slot tournament is another exciting feature online slot players get to enjoy. Online casinos usually organize these, and they offer extra opportunities to cash out. Although land-based slots offer slot tournaments, the accessibility is higher in online casinos. You will get higher value for your money when you play in online casinos. This is because the prizes at stake are always higher relative to the value of your wagers.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Online casinos allow you to withdraw your winnings into your bank account or some other wallets, smooth and fast. The same goes for funding your accounts, you can make deposits through any of the multiple payment options available. So, you do not have to stress yourself to visit banks and similar places to fund your betting account.

Let’s conclude this part by saying that online slots do not require a significant background experience to play. Unlike baccarat and roulette where players are expected to have a decent level of skills, online slots can be played by even the newest casino player on the block.

Quick Tip: The casino does not control the payout percentages. There is a dedicated Random Number Generator (RNG) that automatically assign payout percentages per round.

Types of Slot Machines: A Practical Guide

Comparing Online Slots and Traditional SlotsIf you have some extra cash and you don’t mind risking it to win some more money, then you should definitely consider slot machines. The situation might get a bit tricky though, considering that we have different types of slot machines or pokies. You can get them in online casinos or at your nearest land-based casinos. Despite the several front-end designs and graphical mash-ups, experts have found a way to divide these slot machines into a handful of groups.

If you are a newbie, the odds are high that you will get confused along the way. Slot machines are now available in different shapes and sizes, hence, you tend to see a new one everywhere you check. So, you may have a hard time distinguishing between them. But not to worry, this part of our guide is designed to help you with this.

In this part of our guide, we will walk each other through in detail each of the slot machines available for your playing and winning pleasure. So, without wasting time, let’s get to it!

Straight or Classic Slots

We are starting with the simplest of them all, which is the straight or classic slot machine. These slot machines pay winners based on the pay table on each machine. Also, these machines are not linked to any jackpots on any other machine. You will find different variations of straight slot machines, and some of these machines provide players with several features.

Bonus Game Slots

You will find bonus game slots fun to play, and very profitable. Players get extra bonuses or games whenever they can arrive at certain reel combinations. However, the bonus games and the main game are clearly different, with the former offering the player an additional winning chance without an extra bet. Bonus games also ensure that players do not have to spin reels over and over.

Progressive Slots

Undoubtedly the biggest attraction in any casino, progressive slots keep bringing players back for more every time. Players love progressive slots, perhaps because it offers a decent chance to hit the jackpot. It works similarly to the conventional slot machines. However, the only difference is that a progressive slot machine is linked to several other progressive slots in the casino, or even across networks of other casinos. This means that for each bet made, a certain part of the bet is allocated to the network-wide jackpot. The amount added differs across each casino.

progressive slots online

The player is expected to spin the right combination on their machine, and boom, they win a fantastic amount of cash. Progressive slot networks in land-based casinos can extend throughout a community, where several people in a particular area play together on machines nearby, with the jackpot as the biggest prize. After winning, the jackpot amount returns to a new amount, and the increment continues until another winner emerges. If you’re into progressive slots, go here and see what jackpot games we have prepared for our users.

There are different types of progressive slots, and they are available on classic 3-reel and modern 5-reel style machines. Here are the three main types of progressive slot machines:

  • Wide-Area Progressive Jackpot – This is a network of progressive slot machines from different locations. It allows more players to play and contribute to the total jackpot amount.
  • In-House Progressive Jackpot – The network spans just one casino, i.e., all the slot machines in that particular casino are linked.
  • Stand-Alone Progressive Jackpot – There is no network here – each machine is independent, and jackpots are relatively smaller compared to the other two types.

Multiplier Slots Machines

The more coins you bet, the higher your potential payment in Multiplier Slots. The bonus multiplier machines are there to boost your winnings, provided you bet the maximum coins. The number of lines on the paying machines increases with every additional coin you bet. So, betting just one coin might win you the middle line, while a winning combination on any other line will not win you anything.

This high win feature is not common in all slot machines out there. You can trigger multipliers in different ways, depending on which game you are playing. Some multipliers are available only during the normal gameplay, bonus rounds, or free spins. However, the same concept is obtainable in the three options. All you need to do is multiply the number you have by your prize amount, for instance, a multiplier of X3 combined with a win of $50 gives you a total winning of $150.

Video Slot Machines

Since their inception in 1980, video slots have evolved into internet-powered and easy-to-use video slots. The online video slot machines offer the most exceptional convenience, all thanks to the excellent specially-designed software powering them. You can have more symbols per reel in video slots, i.e., the winning combinations are many. There are even immersive 3D graphics in the newer video slots, giving players a better playing experience.

You will most likely find five reels in most modern-day video slot machines. This means there are more pay lines, combinations, and of course, symbols. So, players can up their bet and increase their chances of cashing out. You can monitor the digital reels from a screen and spin them with a dedicated button.

Video slot machines have contributed significantly to the popularity of land-based casinos as well as online casinos.

video slot machines

3D Slots

Although the standard for every online casino remains video slots, 3D slots can be classified as the revelation the casino world is waiting for. With an immersive experience and excellent animation blended with action-packed video footage, 3D slots are definitely worth every hype and commendations they get. The playing experience is great and can be played on almost all desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Reel slots

Rather than the screen displayed reels, also known as the video reels, the reel slots are the conventional slot machines made with physical reels. While these products are no longer in production, you may find them in some land-based casinos.

Single Line slots

This category is the most basic and easiest slot machine available. Single line slot uses just one pay-line. Currently, you will hardly see such slots anymore in the casinos. Comparing single line slots with multiple pay-lines can be difficult, most especially as the video slots are gaining more momentum.

Bonus Round slots

With these slots, you can trigger a bonus round once the specific symbols land on a particular reel. The bonus may include free spins or bonus game. However, with a bonus game, you have to play to be rewarded.

Multi-Denomination slots

As the name suggests, several denominations, ranging from a penny to several hundred, can be used for multi-denomination slots.

Multi-Line slots

Compared to the single line slot, multi-line slots have pay-lines that head towards different directions. Currently, you will find such machines in most casinos, most notably the versions having 30 pay-lines. Also, you may come across slot machines having a higher number of pay-lines.

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot on a Slot Machine

mega moolah progressive jackpot slotsBasically, progressive slots are a group of slot machines, connected to offer jackpot to a lucky winner. This means that several machines contribute to a jackpot win. And you should know that these slot machines can be placed in various casinos. About 1% of every player’s spin on the reels is combined to form a progressive jackpot. The jackpot award increases as more spins and bet are staked. Also, this implies that the more gamers that play, the bigger will be the jackpot. Once a lucky person wins the jackpot reward, the amount will return to default (zero or a specific amount); it all depends on the kind of progressive jackpot machine or the casino involved.

Most gamers would agree that slot machines are exciting. With several themes, interesting sounds and the big wins, you will definitely love something about slots. While enjoying your time with a slot machine, an enormous win can make you feel on top of the world, most especially if you beat the slot to a jackpot win.

Concerning jackpots, you should know that several slot machines come with the feature. The jackpot is a great fit for many people, most notably those who wish to earn several thousands of dollars – even millions. And truly, several slot players have pulled the reel, match up all the symbols and, see their dreams coming true with several flashing lights beaming. With such a win, dreams turn reality!

Consequently, in this piece, we will shed light on progressive slot machines as a whole, strategies of playing, as well as how to win a progressive jackpot while playing a slot machine. Endeavor to read to the end!

How to Win Progressive Jackpots on Slots

How to Win Progressive Jackpots on Slots“How do I win a progressive jackpot on a slot?” is, arguably, the most common question that comes to the mind of slot enthusiasts. Everyone knows that an answer to the question can be life-changing. Indeed, playing slot machines is not rocket science; all you have to do is to place a bet, then spin the reels. But, winning a jackpot is a completely different ball game. In fact, it goes without saying that winning a jackpot comes with a massive slice of luck. Nevertheless, some actions or strategies can help facilitate your chances of winning a jackpot.

First off, always remember that regardless of how large the jackpot is; the chances of winning won’t change. More importantly, you should understand how to play the game if you intend to win a jackpot. Mostly, maximum bets tend to give a better chance of winning. For instance, if you are staking $1 for a spin, but the slot machine demands a maximum bet of $3 for a spin to win a jackpot, then you have to stick with the demand. Also, getting a smaller win after hitting the jackpot because you didn’t bet the max, can be heartbreaking. Advisably, you should place max bets for slot machines; however, if your bank balance is on the low side, it is best to find a machine having no jackpot. Such a machine tends to offer higher payout odds.

Slot Machine Strategy

casino slotsBy now, we believe that you have understood progressive jackpots. So, let’s proceed to discuss some methods that can aid your drive for winning progressive jackpots.

Like we stated earlier, it is imperative that you understand the rules that come with each machine. By so doing, you will learn about what you need to win a jackpot, most importantly, the bet amount required.

Another aspect to consider is the amount which you are willing to part with. Before a jackpot can be triggered, it will take some plays. Hence, you are best advised to set a self-limit. Let your limit be based on the amount which you can afford to lose; in that way, you won’t start beating yourself up if you lose. While you aim to win the jackpot, try to play in such a way that you can win some other amounts too. Simply put, don’t make your desire to win a progressive jackpot as your only target.

In addition, it is advisable to understand the progressive slots properly to have positive gaming experience. For instance, the pay table of a game might be different from another. Having fun is the most crucial slot machine strategy. Once you start getting no more fun, then you are encouraged to stop. Otherwise, the ultimate outcome can be worse.

You can expect so much fun from playing slot machines with progressive jackpots. In fact, you may literarily enter cloud seven with a win. If you have a fat bank balance, you should enjoy several slot games available including the online ones, while you have progressive winning jackpot as your secondary goal.

10 Most Popular Online Slots

As at today, the internet is filled with several forms of online slots. From Book of Dead slot, Gonzo’s Guest slot, Reel rush slot, Twin Spin slot, Wizard of Oz slot to Book of Ra, you will definitely find a slot that suits your taste. Also, it is worth mentioning that slot providers such as Play’n Go, Novomatic, NetEnt, QuickSpin, among others have upped their game by adding some exciting features to the slot games. However, despite a plethora of online slot games available, ten games have remained popular among slot enthusiast for some time. They are as follows:

Book of Dead slot

book of dead slotPlay’n Go is well-known for its fantastic creativity when it comes to video slot, and trust us, Book of Dead is no exception. The video slot is inspired by the culture of the ancient Egyptians. The slot comes with ten pay-lines and five reels. Without any doubt, the incredible design with five brown reels stationed against the ornate golden frame will give you a nice slot experience.

Both Scatter and Wild are made as the Book symbol. As Wild, it replaces any symbol and also, assists gamers in creating a winning combination. When it acts as the Scatter, ten Free Spins feature will be triggered by the Book – this is enabled once at least three Scatters land consecutively on the reels, regardless of the spot.

Before commencing the Free Spins feature, an ordinary symbol will be taken randomly to perform as a special expanding symbol during the whole round. If a player wins prizes from a regular winning combination, then all the three positions on the reel may be covered by the expansion of the special symbol. However, the expansion of the special symbol occurs only if it is possible to win the extra prizes on the enabled pay-lines. Forming a winning combination does not necessarily have to come from expanded symbols appearing beside each other. To play the Book of Dead game, go here.

Starburst slot

starburst slotThe NetEnt Software has released a couple of games, but the Starburst Slot remains one of the most popular video slots to have come from them. With ten pay-lines, and a widly expanding symbol, this slot is fast becoming players’ favorite. You can only see the wild symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. The Wild feature of the Starburst Slot is activated once one or more wilds come up on one of the three reels. After this, the wild expands until it covers the reel completely, leaving the other reels to re-spin. It is possible to have a new wild comes up during a re-spin. When this happens, the wild enlarges while maintaining its spot beside any Starburst that has expanded previously for another re-spin.

Once there are no new Starburst wilds during a re-spin, the Starburst feature automatically expires. You may have two extra Starbursts resulting after a re-spin. This automatically starts another re-spin for each distinct Starburst wild. This is what makes the maximum number of three re-spins achievable. Click here to play Starburst slot.

Dead or Alive slot

dead or alive slotDead or Alive is another popular video slot from NetEnt software provider. It is a Wild West-themed slot that comes with five reels and nine pay-lines. While Dead or Alive is quite basic, it offers some exciting visual and audio effects. You will come across reels positioned against the Western landscape; storm rolling and lightning flashing from the sky.

The Wild in Dead or Alive is the Wanted Poster symbol. Apart from the Scatter, the Wild can replace any other symbols in the game. Also, the Wild is capable of forming wins by itself once a player lands three or more of them on an active pay-line. During the Free Spin feature, sticky wilds may appear. Once the sticky wild shows up, it will stay in the position until the Free Spins feature finishes. Just like the regular Wild, the sticky wild can replace all other symbols except Scatter. Five extra Free Spins will be enabled once one or more Sticky Wilds show up on the reels while performing the Free Spins.

The Scatter symbol is represented by the Pistols. If a player lands three or more pistols anywhere on the reels, the Free Spin feature will be activated. Also, the player will earn twelve spins as a reward. During the feature, every win achieved will be doubled. However, this feature is only available once per Free Spin session. Go here and play Dead or Alive slot for free.

Book of Ra slot

book of ra slotThis is a favorite video slot among online slot enthusiasts and is powered by the Novomatic software platform. Book of Ra is premised on the Egyptian culture with players entering a dark golden tomb to find the hidden treasures. When you play Book of Ra, you have a better chance of winning with several bonus features and huge payouts.

Furthermore, the popular video slot comes with generous pay-lines; five archaeologists pay a mouthwatering 5,000x a player’s line bet. However, the most impressive pay comes from the scatter feature. So far you can get three or more scattered books, the pages will flip randomly to choose a symbol which will expand in the course of the ten free spins. You will find the free spins as impressive with same symbols appearing everywhere. Do you want to play Book of Ra slot for free? Click here.

Gonzo’s Quest slot

gonzo's quest slotAs usual, NetEnt did another great job with the creation of Gonzo’s Quest slot. No surprise it has remained as one of the well-known slots out there. Gonza’s quest slot is made with five reels and twenty pay-lines. The slot is inspired by the story of the legendary Gonzalo Pizzaro. At the beginning of the slot, you will view a short intro movie about Gonzalo’s story.

Gonzo’s quest comes with a series of exciting features. However, the most appealing feature is the Avalanche Multipliers feature. Once a new Avalanche is enabled, a player will win a multiplier, which can be x1, x2, x3, and x5. Also, there is the Free Fall. Ten Free Falls can be activated by any bet line that contains three Free Fall symbols. However, the Free Fall symbols must display consecutively from the leftmost reel. In fact, during the feature, extra Free Falls can be won. Furthermore, Free Falls can offer x3, x6, x9, or x5 multipliers. Go here and test the Gonzo’s Quest game for absolutely free.

Reel Rush slot

reel rush slotAnother popular and exciting video slot from the NetEnt is the Reel Rush slot. In the slot, you can easily recognize the wild card as it is named “Wild.” You can activate one re-spin through a winning combination on any spin. Additionally, a player is permitted to earn up to 5 re-spins. While performing a re-spin, the number of ways to win is increased by two extra symbols, which appears on the reels. Once there are no more winning combinations on a re-spin – or after the 5th re-spin – then, the re-spins are over. Afterward, the reels will reset to the initial state.

If a player lands a winning combination after the 5th re-spin, then eight Free Spins will be given. However, no extra Free Spins will be enabled. Also, if you can land 5 Strawberries on an active pay-line, you will be awarded 1,000-coin jackpot. Play Reel Rush slot now – without registering and for free.

Sizzling Hot slot

sizzling hot slotNovomatic software provider develops the sizzling hot slot. The video slot comes with five reels and five pay-lines. Just like the classic slots, Sizzling hot slot has features such as fruits, bells, and lucky 7s. It is made with generic sounds that would bring the old slot games to the mind of any longtime slot player.

Also, sizzling hot slot is designed with simple gameplay. In the video slot, Lucky 7 is the highest paying symbol. Any player that lands five lucky 7s on an active pay-line is eligible to some huge bucks, based on the bet staked. The Scatter symbol is represented by a five-point gold star, which is capable of forming the Scatter wins. If a player lands three or more of the gold stars, regardless of the position on the reels, he will be entitled to a suitable reward.

Big Bad Wolf slot

big bad wolf slotThis exciting 25 pay-line video slot is one of Quickspin software platform creations. Big Bad Wolf features the popular Three Little Pigs. While the Wolf represents the Scatter, the wild card is represented by the Hive symbol.

A player can enable ten Free Spins with three or more Wolves. In the round and symbols, a Swooping Reel is available for winning combinations, which shift positions to cover empty spaces. The ‘Blowing Down The House’ feature can be activated by collecting Moon symbols, which also helps to win extra Multiplier values and Free Spins. While 3 Moon symbols generate 2 Free Spins, 6 Moons offer Free Spins and x2 multiplier for the remaining Free Spins.

The Pigs Turn Wild feature can be triggered with any win. With this feature, every consecutive win is counted, then converted to Pig symbols wild. For instance, with 2nd consecutive win, one Pig symbol will turn wild while the 4th win will lead to another Pig symbol, making two extra wild symbols, and so on. However, if a player earns five wild cards on an activated pay-line, he/she will be entitled to a jackpot worth 1,000 coins. Do you want to test the Big Bad Wolf game? Enter here.

Wizard of Oz slot

wizard of oz slotThis popular video slot is powered by Williams Interactive software provider. Wizard of Oz slot is designed with five reels and 30 play-line. The slot is invented from the legendary story of Wizard of Oz. In the white reels, there are several well-known characters and items from the original movie.

The Wild symbol is represented by the game’s logo. With the Wild symbol, you can replace any symbol except the Bonus symbol and the Jackpot symbol. Also, aside from when the Wild symbol substitutes in a line win, it is capable of creating winning combinations by itself. Ideally, the highest paying symbol in Wizard of Oz is the Jackpot symbol. It is capable of getting players a huge of money, provided a player wins five on an active pay-line. But, it is worth noting that it only appears during the base game. Also, the Witch symbol comes up during the base game as well. The symbol can change between one to five reels into expanding wilds. Assessment of the pay-lines will be done once the reels stop. Afterward, the line wins will be paid. All the symbols can be replaced with the Expanding wild except for the Jackpot symbols and the Feature.

Twin Spin slot

twin spin slotTwin Spin comes from the platform of NetEnt software provider. It is made with five reels and 243 pay-lines. The video slot is invented while having old-school, land-based slot games in mind as it features BAR symbols, Lucky 7s, fruits, and diamonds. With the exciting design and soothing sound effects, any player will feel relaxed while taking a spin.

Unlike most other slots, Twin Spin slot is made with Twin Reel feature. With each spin, identical, adjacent twin reels which are connected will begin. While spinning, it is possible to see the twin reels expanding into a triplet or quadruplet reels. Once a spin commences, the identical twin reels may appear on any of the five reels adjacently. And you should know that this feature is quite rewarding too. Lastly, Twin spin slot has a regular Wild symbol that can replace other symbols in the game.

Now that you know the ten most popular slot games and their impressive features, the onus is on you to choose a slot that suits your taste the most. Hopefully, you will enjoy yourself while you make some cool cash too. We invite you to play the free version of the Twin Spin slot.

Free video slots vs. Real Money Slot Machines

No one can downplay the increasing popularity of video slots. These games are proven sources of pure excitement, hence, they have continued to be players’ favorites. The increasing number of players is also due to the fact that most of these video slots can be played online for free. These free video slots are usually called (demo) versions of slots.

Play Slots Online Without Deposit (Demo Version)

casino games demoThe demo version of online slots offers the same experience as the real money slots, except that the former do not offer cash winnings. The free play option is great for video slot fans that wants to make the most out of their plays without necessarily risking cash. One of the biggest perks of playing free video slots is the time you can take to get to understand the slot better. Considering that you can play for as long as you want for free, you get to know the winning combinations. This, in turn, improve your enjoyment from playing the slot. You also get the feel for the bonus games and how they work, especially in casinos where you could win by spinning the jackpot. Lastly, playing slots online without deposit (demo version) gives you a rough idea of how often you should expect to see bonus games. And you can adapt your bankroll to suit such expectations and predictions.

There is no much difference between free online slots and the real money slots you play in the land-based casinos. Both are premised on the principles of randomness and chance. What will guarantee your winning (or losing) is your approach. If you are just getting familiar with the world of online slots, it is advisable that you start with demo versions. You will find online casinos that allow you play slots for free, although you may need to register an account with them.

Quick Tip: You will find free slot machines that provide players with winning payouts, provided you win when you play.

Play Free Slots With Bonus

There are certain slots that offer players bonuses and cash prizes for free, provided the player has successfully registered with such an online casino. Everybody wants the highest possible wins while risking the least amount of money. This is the basic principle behind players looking for online casinos that offer free slots with bonus. The bonus offered by these casinos can be used to play your favorite slot. So, this comes handy for players who wants to have a feel of slots without necessarily investing their own cash.

This option is open to both newbies and professional gamblers. All you need to do is to register an account and play for free with the registration bonus. It is practically impossible to gauge your wins or loses, but you can rest assured that your winning ratio remains the same whether you play with the bonus or real money. Lastly, terms and conditions are always applicable in these situations. Ensure you read and understand them before proceeding.

Real Money or Paid Online Slots

These slots are for the expert and professional gamblers. In this case, players are expected to stake with real cash, although they get paid in real money too (if they win). Every new player seeking to play real money slots will be required to make a deposit. The deposit can be used Real money slots are quite popular and can be found in almost all online casinos. The atmosphere is always great in real money slots, after all, every player has something at stake. Click here if you want to check our summary of the best real money casinos. There you will find renowned brands that offer playing for real money.


featuresfree slotsreal money slots
trainingidealnot ideal
membershipfreenot free
playing experiencegreatvery great

Quick Tip: It is easy to get addicted to online slots. Addiction brings the urge to stake more and more. The moment you fail to set a limit or stay contented with a moderate gain, you may end up becoming bankrupt. So, it is important to learn to walk away with some profit, especially after you have a big win.

How to Find the Slot Machines with the Best Odds

How to Find the Slot Machines with the Best OddsOne of the most common questions among slot machine players is, “how do I find the slot machines with the best odds?” While the question may appear short and simple, the answer is not entirely straightforward. Most reputable casinos use slot machines with special software known as the Random Number Generator (RNG). With the RNG in place, every spin in the reel will definitely be random. The generator ensures that no one would be able to predict the symbol which will land on the reels.

Another important aspect of slot machines is the payout percentage for every game played. Various casinos possess several slot machines, each having different themes, features, designs, layouts, as well as the returns which they give to players. However, some people don’t bother about the payout percentages as they consider any money staked as a payment for a good bought. So, they only play for the fun, and not the potential reward that can come from it. Regardless of whether you play slot machines for the fun or the reward, knowing how to find the slot machines with the best odds can be helpful as well as rewarding. And here is how to:

Best Slot Machines

Definitely, you will come across several slot machines in different casinos. For instance, you can find the progressive jackpots in most casinos, or experience machines having multiple lines with bonus rounds. That aside, players can also be categorized into different groups. While there are those who prefer classic shots, some love the modern slot machines.

Best Slot Machine Games

Actually, the choice of best slot machine games can be subjective; it all depends on the player. For instance, some are playing just for the fun of it while others are playing for the win. In fact, some give less attention to the type of slot machine which they are playing as they focus their attention on winning money. You can even come across those who just love the various games, themes, characters, or music of the slot machine games. So, you are best advised to play your favorite game and endeavor to know the pay table completely. By so doing, you will know how to trigger features, as well as the necessary moves to win a bonus round or something more – for instance, a progressive jackpot.

the best slot machines

Slot Machine Odds

Ideally, most reputable slot machines use RNG to prevent a foreseeable spinning on the reels. That aside, each machine is set to release a certain payout percentage for every play. Such percentages can be between 90% and 99%. In most cases, you will find machines with higher bets having a greater payout percentage. For instance, the payout percentage for a machine with $1 minimum bet could be between 95% and 99% while a machine offering 50 cents could possess a payout percentage ranging from 92% and 95%.

The payout percentage can also be used to explain the reason behind getting an easier game on the slot machine having the worst odds. Additionally, it could proffer an explanation to why odds on most slot machines are not as good as those on table games such as blackjack. Essentially, a higher bet will lead to a higher payout percentage, which is an excellent idea for those having a fat bank balance. Nevertheless, always ensure that a few losses will not affect your financial state significantly.

With all these discussions, you would agree with us that there is no magic on how to win slot machines. You won’t find any recipes on winning slot machines; if anyone says otherwise, just go your way. However, hopefully, you learned some pointers on how to find a slot machine with the best odds. While at it, endeavor to be happy and entertained; any other thing should be secondary.

Tips and Strategies on Playing Slots Online

Yes, Slot machines are now quite popular, after all, they promise pot money provided you emerge a winner. Even at that, there are certain things that you need to understand before you even start to play this kind of pastime. Playing slots online is not all about making some clicks or choosing the pay lines you want. Instead, you should focus on strategizing your game in order for you to lose less and win more.

It is important to note that no has 100% fail-proof winning techniques when it comes to online slots. However, there are a couple of important tips, which when considered, improve the player’s chances of making more profits than loses with online slots. This part of the guide will focus on useful tips that can increase your chances of having longer game plays, and of course, more cash outs.

playing slots online

Let’s get to it!

Tip 1 – Always gamble within your limits

The most common mistakes online slot players make is to gamble with more than they can conveniently afford. No matter how rich you are, it is essential that you set a limit to how far you can spend on gambling. Once you have exhausted this money, restrain yourself from continuing play. Understand that it is not every time luck comes your way. So, rather than accruing more loses while trying to make profits, quit and return to play some other time.

Tip 2 – Set a timeframe for your online slots

Putting yourself on time allotment will prevent you from playing longer than normal. Remember that the more you stay around to play, the more money you spend. It is even more difficult to quit if you are playing from the comfort of your home. To avoid this, set a timeframe for your gaming and stick to it. This helps to minimize how much you spend on playing.

Tip 3 – Be mindful of the bonus you take

Bonus can be really tempting, hence it is important that you be careful of those you take and when you take them. When you add a bonus to your original deposit, your staking power increases and you get higher chances of winning some big amount of money. However, if your bonuses can be withdrawn as winnings, that would be a better option.

Tip 4 – Never ignore the terms and conditions attached to bonuses

Every bonus that comes your way is backed by certain terms and conditions. Ensure that you go through and understand what they entail. In some cases, online casinos may attach play through rules and maximum cash out conditions to bonuses. If this happens, you would be expected to play through amount to be eligible for cashing out. Likewise, find out which games you can play with your bonus.

Tip 5 – Be sure that your online casino has a cash out button

It would be a really bad move to play in a casino that has no cash out button. This means all your winnings would remain stuck with them, leaving you with nothing to show for your smartness and luck. You end up wasting time as well as efforts.

Tip 6 – Try out online casinos that provide free cash to play

Yes, they are not everywhere, but you will definitely find online casinos that give players some free cash to play their slots. Such free cash usually comes with terms and conditions – ensure that you check well before accepting such offers. You may also check out free slot tournaments and occasional mega slot tournaments if they are available on your online casino.

Tip 7 – Never be cocky with your expectations

Slot games do not offer any assurance or guarantee of winning. Hence, putting all your money on them with mere expectations of hitting can be disastrous. You may deduce the possibility of a game hitting (or not) by checking the number of free spins or rounds of bonus you have previously gotten.


So far so good, it has been an interesting journey. This guide has successfully discussed all there is to know about online slots, from the history and evolution to the types, how to play, and what to expect. We are confident that the information you have been exposed to will help you start off your journey into the world of online slots. Likewise, if you are an established player, you are also better informed about how it works and how you can improve your game.

Lastly, online slots offer players a great avenue to make much money. It can literally take you to riches beyond imagination.

Good luck!

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