Aliens Slot

Have you ever watched the Aliens trilogy? The plot as well as the characters of these legendary films were used for the creation of an amazing Aliens online slot. Certainly, despite its cunning story, the Aliens trilogy will attract the devotees of fantasy or science fiction in the first place. Yet, you should try playing Aliens with its demonstrative mode on one of the best gambling websites available on our list, even if you are not a fan of the sci-fi genre. That is because the Aliens slot is full of bonus games and huge prizes!

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Aliens Slot
100% up to €300 and 150 Free Spins
100% up to €50 and 20 Free Spins
100% up to €100 and 101 Free Spins
Aliens Slot

The slot’s theme and appearance

As far as you have already understood, the main theme of the Aliens slot is the series of films under the same title. The game offers its players the unique atmosphere of these world-know films as well as the possibility of participation in the life-threatening adventures of Ellen Ripley. The aim of these slot game is collecting the symbols showing ugly and hostile alien creatures. Combating these aliens successfully will praise you with real cosmic riches.

The entire appearance of this slot was created in such a way as to give its players the feeling of being an active participant of some of the scenes of these films. While the design of the slot screen and all of its buttons was created according to the style of the Aliens films, all of its symbols except for the Wild one are using the images of the extraterrestrial creatures. Speaking precisely, all of the images used in the game are presenting the stages of the development of these creatures. They are an egg of the aliens, an egg with an alien inside it, an alien coming out of its egg, a scorpion, a creature developing into an alien and the aliens of five levels of their development.

The slot’s interface and gameplay

Despite the fact the developers of the Aliens slot based their game entirely on the ideas of the film producers, this online slot still strikes its players with its ingenuity and innovativeness. The exact atmosphere of the film available in this slot is not the only thing worth mentioning since the entire gameplay of Aliens is something totally unique.

Every online slot enthusiast finds the design of this game extremely attractive as its developer have managed to present it in the form of a thrilling and exciting quest rather than a typical form of a slot. Even though the results of this game are completely contingent on your luck and the outcome created by its random number generator, some special features of this slot such as a detector of the alien activity or the health of you and your archenemy give you an entirely different feeling of playing an absolutely different genre of a game.

Another peculiar thing about the gameplay of the Aliens slot is the division of the game process into three levels. The first one is the Search stage of the game and its aim is to fill the meter which is used for the detection of the presence of aliens. When you complete this quest, you will be able to start the second stage of the game called by the developers as Encounter.

During the Encounter phase of the game, you will collect the symbols of aliens starting from the lowest paying ones to the symbols with the greatest payment. In addition to it, the number of the alien symbols you get will be transformed into an appropriate number of free spins. By the end of this game stage, you will have been invited to participate in a special reload round with its results based entirely on chance. If you finish this round successfully, you will enter the final game phase called Hive.

The gameplay of this last stage is particularly amusing since you will participate in the real battle of the Queen of the aliens. As we have mentioned before, both of you will have special health bars. The bar of the Queen will have four levels and you will use grenades in order to destroy this powerful monster. Each time you get into the Queen with your weapon, you will release the multiplier of your winnings. The maximum multiplier you can get per spin is 10. If you manage to destroy the Queen, you will get a special prize the amount of which depends on the health you have in your Health bar after the battle.

Now, when you have learnt about the structure of the Aliens game, you should get the idea about the maximum prizes offered by each of its symbols. Let’s look at the possible winnings starting from the least paying monsters.

An egg of the aliens can bring you up to 30 coins. If you collect five of the eggs in which one can already see a monster, you will earn up to 40 coins. The monster coming out of its egg will bring you up to 50 coins.

The next symbol is creature which can give you a maximum number of coins equal to 60. If you get five symbols with the image of the developing creature, you can count on the prize of 70 coins.

As far as you can guess, the symbols of the monsters of their five stage will give you much more than the previous creatures. Thus, the first level of an alien pays up to 100 coins, the second level pays up to 150 coins, the third level can bring you twice as much as the previous one, whereas the fourth level of aliens can bring you even 500 coins. Undeniably, the combinations made of the five creatures of the fifth level pay the greatest amounts of cash. With the help of these aliens one can get even a thousand of coins.

The features of Aliens

We have already discussed the major features of the Aliens online slot which are certainly the possibility of participation in three questlike rounds which offer free spins and multipliers. The only issue left for discussion is the Wild symbol of the game.

Here, Wild is shown as a white word WILD with a huge logo of W and the name of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.  Of course, the symbol is designed according to the style of the slot. You will be able to get this symbols on the reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 during the first stage of the game. Through the second level, the symbols will occur on all of the reels.

Additionally, the game uses special ammo symbols for the ammo reload round launched at the end of the second phase of the game as well as grenades and multipliers.


If you have read the previous sections attentively, you have certainly noticed the information about the bonuses available in the Aliens slot. The game offers its players bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, a Wild symbol as well as additional rewards which can be used for completing the slot’s quests.


The Aliens slot doesn’t have too much paylines as it uses only 15 ones combined with 5 reels. Even though, it offers an extended number of possibilities for earning money via participation in multiple bonus rounds.

You can choose the value of your coins between $0.01 and $1 whereas the maximum bet can use 150 coins.

When it comes to the prizes, there are many variations of rewards. For instance, the game’s jackpot is equal to 10 000 coins. Meanwhile, the entire amount of prizes gained in one game of Aliens is nearly 572 600 coins. Another form of the prize is the one given to the players for killing the Queen which is a 240-time multiplier of your general bets.


The Aliens video slot was developed in such a way as to allow its players to play the game not only on their personal computers or laptops, but also on the go using such portable devices as smartphones or tablets. The game can be launched directly in your Internet browser, so you won’t need to download it on your device.


The Aliens slot was released by the Swedish NetEnt software company in 2014 and this game became a perfect addition to the array of the products of this game studio. Net Entertainment is one of the most crucial developers of gambling software on the modern market being especially well-known for its excellent online slots. Choosing the games of NetEnt, you can rest assure you have made a right choice.


Undeniably, the fact the Aliens films are popular even today despite their creation in 1980s doesn’t mean you should like them. Of course, the game is a real gift to the fans of these films. Still, any gambling expert will recommend you playing this slot because of its absolutely unique features.

Playing various games inbuilt inside this slot will give you more opportunities for collecting a really nice winning in the first place. At the same time, the unique design of the game is so interesting not only because of its exact atmosphere of the film, but also because it is quite complex comparing to any other slot game. Indeed, the NetEnt’s Aliens game is more than just another online slot.

Aliens Slot
Game provider: NetEnt
Release date:2014
RTP (Return To Player):96,4%
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