Mega Moolah Slot

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Mega Moolah Slot
100% up to €300 and 150 Free Spins
100% up to €50 and 20 Free Spins
100% up to €100 and 101 Free Spins
Mega Moolah Slot

Nowadays, you will easily find a video slot machine of virtually any theme. There are myriads of games dedicated to TV shows, famous musicians and sportsmen, retro Vegas slots and of course, funny and exciting adventures that any person is longing for. One of the best examples of the latter category of the video slot machines is undeniably an extremely popular online slot known as Mega Moolah.

The team of the Microgaming studio invites the visitors of online casinos to set out on an unforgettable safari trip that can change your entire life if only you will manage to catch the most valuable prey! The Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot will be the best choice for the players who wish to start an exciting quest.

The slot’s theme and appearance

As we have just said, the main theme of the Mega Moolah online slot is a safari trip. Still, we should point to the fact the graphics of the game was created in a cartoon style that will certainly help you to relax while playing the slot after a busy day.

When you launch Mega Moolah, you are automatically transferred to the tropical jungles where you can meet cartoonish animals such as zebras, giraffes, antelopes, elephants and Asian bubaluses. The colourful and attractive images of these animals are acting as the symbols of the Mega Moolah slot. These animals are looking particularly friendly, therefore as the participants of the safari we won’t haunt them. On the contrary, we allow these animals to stay in a row which will add up to 750 coins to our winnings. We especially like elephants and bubaluses as they can bring us money even if there are only two symbols of them staying near each other on the screen of the video slot.

Furthermore, a monkey wearing Indian clothes symbolises the scatter sign of the game, whereas a lion is a symbol of the game’s multiplier. Getting only two symbols of the king of the animals will add to your winnings 15, 125, 1500 or 15000 coins. Since the lion has the greatest power and a real wild spirit, it also symbolises the wild sign on the Mega Moolah slot. Thus, it can be used in the winning combinations of all other slot’s symbols except for the scatter symbol. The lion is a generous king, therefore, this symbols will double your winnings. The monkey can pay you 2, 3, 20 or 100 general wagers and can switch on the bonus that is described in the Bonus section of the current review.

Apart from the pictures of exotic animals, you will also find the traditional images of such cards a nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. These symbols can bring you between 2 and 150 coins.

The slot’s interface and gameplay

Since we are planning to set out on a safari trip, we should learn the map of our destination carefully. Of course, it is not just a walk in the park, so we should be well prepared for any possible adventures.

The Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot is one of the games of the highest quality that provides the players with a convenient interface. First of all, we recommend you to check the View Pays section of the screen where you will see the table comprising all the information of the game’s payouts and rules. Learning this data will prepare you for the game, so you will be able to customise its parameters according to your preferences.

The Select Lines button allows you to launch the amount of playlines you want to use on the game. The Select Coins button is earmarked for choosing an amount of coins you wish to play on a single lie of the slot. The value of coins can be changed beforehand by applying two buttons with a minus and a plus on them. The Bet block will show you the size of your current wager. Bear in mind you can also play with the greatest possible bet choosing the Bet Max button.

When you are ready to start the game, you should just push the Spin button and prepare for having a great fun. As far as you know, the outcome of the game is determined by a random number generator. Pay your attention to the Coins block that will show you the amount of coins you have on your player’s account. The Win block will inform you on a winning given by the latest spin.

Definitely, the Mega Moolah video slot is an extremely simple game that can be played even by a novice.

The Mega Moolah’s features

The Mega Moolah video slot is a game of 5 reels and 25 playlines. The number of playlines is flexible, so you can change it before you make your spins.

Mega Moolah is a progressive video slot which means the game offers astronomical prizes.  At the same time it has four jackpots and all of them have a predefined minimum amount of money. You will learn more about this game feature in the section on the slot’s bonuses. There, you will also find more information on the slots scatter symbol and its wild symbol.


We have already mentioned the monkey is the animal you need to meet in order to launch the game of free spins. Three friendly monkeys on your screen will turn the bonus with extra spins and you will be able to make 15 spins absolutely free of charge. Furthermore, the money earned with free spins will be multiplied three times due to the power of the slot’s monkey. Note that sometimes the monkey becomes especially playful and decide to visit you on the game’s screen one more time while you are playing the bonus round. This will turn on one more level with free spins and you will be able to play the game for free 15 more times multiplying more and more winnings!

You have already met the lion of Mega Moolah and you know two lions can bring you up to 15 000 coins. In addition to it, the lion can appear in other winning combinations doubling your rewards.

Beyond a shadow a doubt, the most advantageous option offered by the Mega Moolah video slot machine is an opportunity of playing the bonus game that can lead to winning a progressive jackpot. This form of a jackpot is quite specific since it gives you higher probability of winning under the condition of making sufficient wagers.

Mega Moolah invites its players to participate in the fantastic round of the game resembling a popular Wheel of Fortune. The wheel has several sectors and a hand that will point to one of them. The greatest jackpot that is certainly a progressive one is earmarked for the player whose wheel will get a hand pointing to the white sector. There are also three progressive jackpots available at Mega Moolah. Each of the other sectors has its own colour symbolising another prize. Moreover, Mega Moolah has a unique bonus system that is quite different comparing to other online slots as the game offers a possibility of winning four progressive jackpots that have predefined minimum prize pools. Thus, the minimum amount of the smallest jackpot is 10 USD, the next one is equal to 100 USD, the third one is 10 000 USD and finally, the greatest jackpot has a minimum prize pool of a million of dollars. This means you will be able to win any of the four jackpots eve if someone else has just won the same jackpot. Certainly, the fact Mega Moolah is a progressive slot allows the players to earn even more than the predefined rewards.


It has already been said the Mega Moolah video slot has five reels and 25 playlines. You can set 1-5 coins per one line. The value of the coins on this game can be chosen of the range starting with $0.01 up to $0.25.

If you plan to play Mega Moolah in a serious way counting on hitting its greatest jackpot, you should consider making the highest possible wagers on this slot. Still, the bets might be of absolutely different sies as the game offers the range of $0.01-$125.


The video slot created by Microgaming is available for virtually all the most popular operating systems running on desktop computers as well as portable electronic devices. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are planning to play Mega Moolah on your computer working with Windows or wish to launch the game on your iPhone, you will manage to do both of these things.


Microgaming is an experienced game developer that has already created hundreds of video slot machines that are loved by almost all of the slot enthusiasts. Despite the fact the games of Microgaming are exceptionally diverse as they cover absolutely different topics and, as a result, each of them can boast with its unique appearance, all of these product have one same feature that is the highest quality.


Mega Moolah is one of the most famous video slot machines that is so loved by the slot devotees because of its progressive jackpot that can grow up to several millions of dollars. The Mega Moolah progressive slot is an unparalleled game because of its sophisticated design and unique generosity. Of course, you can first play this fascinating slot with a demonstrative mode first in order to test all of its function we have described in the current article. Yet, imagine how disappointed you might become getting one of the game’s huge jackpots on the Wheel of Fortune on the demo mode!

Mega Moolah Slot
Game provider: Microgaming
Release date:2006
RTP (Return To Player):88,12%
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