Wonky Wabbits Slot

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Wonky Wabbits Slot

Nowadays, the market of online casino games is extremely large and the greatest part of all money programmes belongs to video slot machines. Certainly, the developers of this type of games have to constantly generate fresh ideas in order to amuse us continually. As a result, we can find slots of absolutely different themes with the ones related to the famous films, TV shows, cartoons, musicians, sportsmen as well as totally new ones that are using every possible genre including horror, adventurous or comedy ones. Wonky Wabbits, one of the newest NetEnt’s slots, is a slot that can be called a game aiming to transfer adults into the world of childhood. Apparently, it is difficult to find another name for this type of games as they are so positive, amusing and even somewhat crazy.

The slot’s theme and appearance

Undeniably, Wonky Wabbits differs from other slots. This game invites you to enter the cartoonish world of entertainment and visit a magic garden where you need to feed white rabbits who are looking a bit nutty with their loony eyes. That is why you can also call the Wonky Wabbits slot a vegetable machine instead of a fruit one. The rabbits of the game are real vegans preferring eating carrots, tomatoes, corns, aubergines and broccoli to anything else.

Once you enter the garden of the Wonky Wabbits slot, you will immediately relax and forget about all your problems. This world is totally carefree where you can have a rest and feel yourself as a child once again. The theme of a garden and animals is something any modern person who has a lot on one’s plate will definitely appreciate. When you spend some time here and gain nice winnings, you will be more enthusiastic about returning to the real world.

The style of this slot is particularly attractive using the bright pictures of nature. Thus, the game process is taking place on a field where you are growing your vegetables. Certainly, the weather is good and the sun is shining, so you will be able to see beautiful butterflies everywhere. Not only are you attracted by this pleasant place surrounded by mountains, but funny white rabbits also are. These cartoonish animals are constantly hungry so get ready to prepare lots of food for them.

A characteristic feature of the style of the Wonky Wabbits slot is the appearance of every element that is looking as if it were made of textiles. Undeniably, this is a unique feature of the slot that also makes the place especially cosy for a visitor. Even the slots symbols using the card numbers also resemble soft toys.

The slot’s interface and gameplay

Like in the case of other slots created by the NetEnt game studio, the Wonky Wabbits game is featured with particularly convenient interface. The settings as well as the windows showing the value of a current stake and prize are located on the side parts of the game’s screen. The game setting buttons can be found under the reels of the slot.

Before starting the game, choose the number of active playlines you wish to use for the game, the value of a coin and the size of your bet. In case you need some information on the game process, you can easily find it by pressing an appropriate button located on the screen of the slot.

We have already mentioned the fact this game is full of vegetables. Speaking precisely, these vegetables are the slot’s symbols, so, there is nothing strange in the fact rabbits are crazy about them. The vegetables available on the slot are considered to be a group of the symbols of the highest values. Apart from them, you will also find a group of the symbols that are using the card values such as 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. These symbols will bring you less coins, although, in all likelihood, you will find more of them on the screen.

The minimum amount of equal symbols that will create a winning combination is three whereas the maximum number is five. Pay your attention to the requirement that a combination must meet – all your symbols must be located in a horizontal raw without any interruptions among them.

The least valuable symbols of the slot are 10, J and Q. The minimum amount of coins they will bring you is 5 whereas the greatest one is 75 coins. The next pair of symbols includes King and Ace. They will add at least 5 coins to your balance or even up to 100 coins.

The least valuable vegetable of the Wonky Wabbits game is an aubergine. The greatest prize you can get for these symbols is 750 coins, whereas the smallest one is 20. 30 coins is the minimum reward that can be gained for collecting a winning combination of the broccoli symbols. The greatest winning for these symbols is 500 coins. Furthermore, the corn symbols can create a combination worth of at least 40 coins or up to 600 coins.

The most expensive vegetables that can be harvested on the field of the Wonky Wabbits world tomatoes and carrots. The first type of vegetables will bring you between 50 and 750 coins whereas the second one can bring you up to 1500 coins.

The features of Wonky Wabbits

The payout ratio of Wonky Wabbits slot is 96.5% which is quite a high level for potential winnings. Apparently, the professional testers who checked the possibilities of this slot claim the slot is generous as well. They noticed the fact even three wild symbols occurring on the screen will increase your winning up to a great extent. Like in the case of many other video slots, the wild symbols do not occur all the time. Yet, when it comes to Wonky Wabbits, you can count on getting its wild symbols just at the very beginning of the game which is a rather rare situation for other slots. That is exactly the reason why so many players are crazy about this video slot.

The maximum winning you can get playing Wonky Wabbits is 390 000 coins.


The main bonus option available on the Wonky Wabbits slot is its wild symbols. You will immediately understand the symbols is wild as it is simply using the word wild as an image. This unique symbols can change absolutely any symbol into a wild one. Once you get this symbol on any of the reels it will be doubling up to the moment of creating the maximum possible winning. Since additional wild symbols can occur exclusively on the second and fourth reels, the maximum number of these symbols you can get simultaneously is 14.

The paramount advantage of wild symbols is their ability to change all other symbols into the symbols that your winning combination is lacking. This means, you will be able to get fantastic amounts of money via the help of the slot’s wild symbol.


The Wonky Wabbits slot has five reels and fifteen playlines. All of the playlines are ever activated during the game.

You can set the value of one coin between 0.01 EYR and 0.5 EUR. The number of coins used per line can be as great as ten, although you can also choose a smaller amount of coins.

The smallest bet allowed for playing the slot is 0.30 EUR whereas the greatest one is 150 EUR.


The Wonky Wabbits is a relatively new game offered by the Net Entertainment gambling company. Despite this fact, the game has already been adopted for playing on different devices including desktop computers using Windows and smartphones and tablet computers running on iOS or Android.


Even if you have just started your gambling career trying to play the first video slot machines, in all likelihood, you have already checked several games offered by the Net Entertainment IT company. We are so sure about this possibility because of the fact this game operator is one of the leaders of the modern market.

NetEnt as it is also called was established in 1996. Then, it quickly started its long and brilliant career. Due to the fact the company has already released hundreds of video slot machines, video card and table games as well as live money games and other gambling products widely used by online casinos it can be definitely called one of the most successful businesses nowadays.


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Wonky Wabbits slot differs from other games with its unique style of graphics. Yet, this is not the only feature making this slot unique. Wonky Wabbits is a particularly generous slot that is ready to give you huge financial rewards right from the start.

Wonky Wabbits is a perfect game for anyone who needs some rest and escape from everyday routine. Playing this video slot will allow you to get a boost of positive energy and, at the same time, to earn great cash rewards!

Wonky Wabbits Slot
Game provider: NetEnt
Release date:2014
RTP (Return To Player):96,44%
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