Reel Rush Slot

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Reel Rush Slot

The fruit style of slot machines can be called classic as the majority of the first one-armed bandits used fruits as winning symbols. Certainly, for that reason, slots are also usually called fruit machines. The developers of online slots realise how much the devotees of traditional slot games enjoy the fruit design, therefore, they are constantly releasing new slots of the fruit style. The NetEnt’s Reel Rush slot is one of such games, although the company has created it in a quite innovative way making the popular fruit symbols sophisticated and unique and adding absolutely new features to the gameplay.

The slot’s theme and appearance

As far as it has been just said, Reel Rush is a fruit machine, albeit its name might not imply it directly. Undeniably, the fans of traditional Vegs games will be pleased to check the opportunities offered by Reel Rush. Yet, if you are one of the players who are not particularly into playing video slot machines with the fruit theme, we still highly recommend you to try Reel Rush since this slot differs a lot from other fruit games.

The unique style of Reel Rush has been achieved partly because of its resemblance to the game of Tetris. Despite the fact the symbols used at Reel Rush include traditional fruits such as a pineapple, a strawberry, a lemon, a watermelon, a blackberry and a plum, you won’t find here boring and typical images. All of these fruits are styled as hard candies that are also acting like the blocks of Tetris constructing the winning combinations for the Reel Rush’s players. Apart from these fruit symbols, the developers of the game have also added five more tasty treats for the players that are colourful and rewarding candies of an oval shape. Even the trees of the Reel Rush’s world look like green candies.

reel rush video slot

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, such an appearance of the video slot creates a cheerful and relaxing aura. The scenery of the game also helps to bring about a remarkable effect of being a visitor of a happy cartoon world. Any player of Reel Rush will be able to relax and escape the everyday routine while enjoying multiple winnings available on this slot. The pleasant electronic music composed in the style of the soundtracks of the computer games of the previous generations makes the entire playing experience enjoyable and exhilarating.

The slot’s interface and gameplay

We have already said the Reel Rush video slot is a unique game. That is so not only because of its interesting graphic design, but also due to absolutely unparalleled features.

First of all, the Reel Rush slot machine doesn’t have a classic interface that is widely used by the developers of online one-armed bandits. It means the game doesn’t have traditional playlines. Instead of them, the slot has a huge number of possible winning combinations. Speaking precisely, the developers of Reel Rush included 3125 possible variations for the symbols positions that will bring you cash. As a result, you will need to choose only the value of a coin as well as the level of your bets. Of course, the higher the level of wagers is, the greater the winnings are.

Another crucial feature of the Reel Rush video slot is a special design of its reels. At first glance on the screen, you will notice that some of the positions are frozen. Once the neighboring positions get winning combinations of symbols, the frozen positions will melt down. Do not think this feature was added exclusively with an eye to making the slot’s interface different from other games. Not only is this feature a peculiar decoration but it is also responsible for boosting your winnings. You will find more information on the way you can benefit from the frozen symbols on Reel Rush in the section on the game’s bonuses.

We have already mentioned the images that are used on Reel Rush as the slot’s symbols. The first group of symbols includes the colourful pictures of green, red, violet, yellow and orange oval hard candies. The winning combinations of these symbols can bring you up to fifty coins. The second group of the Reel Rush’s symbols includes special hard candies of five types that are a yellow lemon, a red strawberry, a blue plum, a green watermelon and an orange pineapple. These candies are not only especially tasty but they are also particularly profitable as they can bring you 10, 50, 150, 200, 500 and even 1000 coins.

The Reel Rush video slot has a wild symbol that look like a golden star. This symbol can occur on each reel apart from the first one and turn into any other symbol that you need for completing a winning combination.

Pay your attention to the fact the Reel Rush slot doesn’t use a scatter symbol. However, the game still offers you multiple possibilities of making free spins that are explained in the next chapters of the review.

The features of Reel Rush

The Reel Rush video slot has five reels. As it has already been said, the developers have included 3125 winning combinations into the game. Note that one of these combination might turn to be life-changing bringing you a jackpot that is worth 480 000 coins. This means that wagering 20 cents on a coin can bring 96000 EUR with a single spin! Moreover, the team of the Reel Rush’s designers claim the game has a payout ratio of 97% which means this game is very rewarding.

The game offers several bonuses such as free spins, re-spins or a free game that will be discussed in details in the section on the slot’s bonuses.

The players who enjoy playing with the autoplay mode of video slots will be able to use this feature while playing Reel Rush as well.


We dare to say the unique design of the Reel Rush slot’s reels is the main bonus of this game. The fact the slot has its frozen positions changes the rules of the game in such a way as to allow you to earn more with every spin.

It has already been said the frozen symbols will melt down when their neighboring positions are filled with one of the winning combinations of symbols. This gives you an extra chance of getting extra cash as the frozen positions can also be added to the winning combinations. Furthermore, every time the frozen positions of the Reel Rush slot melt down, a free spin is launched giving you even more chances of gaining money. Note there might be many consequent free spins that can switch on one more bonus option. This option is the Reel Rush’s bonus game.

The bonus game available for the Reel Rush slot’s players is a set of eight free spins. This means you will be able to play the game eight time without wagering your own cash. Furthermore, the bonus game uses all the possible positions on the reels which means there won’t be any frozen symbols during these free spins. In order to participate in the bonus game of Reel Rush, you will need to get five winning combinations in a raw.


We have already mentioned several numbers related to the Reel Rush slot. Let’s recall them and learn some new facts.

The game has five reels and 3125 winning combinations. These combinations can bring you a maximum prize of 480000 coins. Certainly, the real amount of winning will depend on the bet levels and coin values you decide to set before playing. There are five coin values starting with 0.01 and ending with 0.20, whereas a total of bet levels on Reel Rush is ten. The maximum bet level is 500.


The Reel Rush video slot can be launched on various modern electronic devices including personal computers running on popular operating systems and smartphones and tablet computers. Thus, if you like Reel Rush, you will be able to play it anywhere you wish. You won’t need to download any special programmes for this purpose as the game created by NetEnt is available directly on the Internet browsers.


If you are new to the world of online gambling and wish to make a right choice of money games right from the start, playing one of the games created by the Net Entertainment game studio, or, as it is also know, NetEnt, will be a really good decision.

NetEnt is a Sweden company established in 1996 that has rapidly become one of the leading game providers of the modern online casinos. The team of Net Entertainment have created hundreds of games of the highest quality during the existence of the studio the majority of which have become favourite products of even the most demanding gamblers.


The Reel Rush video slot machine is a great game that will meet the expectations of different players. Whether you are a fruit machines enthusiast, a devotee of classic Vegas games or fan of modern innovative forms of casino entertainment, you will definitely relish playing Reel Rush.

Everything the Reel Rush slot offers to its players is unique and amazing. Both the appearance of the video machines and its design are unparalleled. In addition to it, the game is extremely profitable. It is featured with a high payout ratio, more than three thousands of winning combinations as well as an immense jackpot. Although the NetEnte’s Reel Rush slot doesn’t offer a wide variety of multiple bonuses, in point of fact, it allows you to earn bonus spins virtually on every step of your gambling process. There are so many possibilities of playing the game with free spins that you simply do not need any extra bounties.

The Reel Rush video slot created by NetEnt gives its players an abundance of sweet treats that will bring you financial satisfaction instead of extra calories!

Reel Rush Slot
Game provider: NetEnt
Release date:2013
RTP (Return To Player):96,96%
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