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We bet you have heard the term jackpot a couple of times. In case you are wondering what this is, then the jackpot is an extra big win that you get in some of the online casino games. However, how big the jackpot is varies depending on the casino. While in some casinos they could count 100,000 Euros as a big win, in others a big win would be 1,000,000 plus Euros.

But the one thing that’s common to all jackpots is that they are rare and happen to be much larger than the regular wins of the game. That said, whether it’s the jackpot slots or the progressive jackpots, everyone wants to find them along with some nice strategies that can help them win.

Also, if you love playing online slots, you have the chance to combine the two pursuits and try out the jackpot slots. This is always a more exciting way of winning multi-million prizes instead of just banking your luck on a lottery ticket from your local shops. Playing jackpot games is the only way you can become an overnight millionaire. That said, in this article, we will comprehensively cover everything you would like to know about jackpot games.

What’s the Difference Between Jackpot Slots and Regular Slots?

Most people are not able to understand the difference between jackpot slots and regular slots. However, the difference between the two always is that the regular slots tend to be based on the win you get on your bet. On the other hand, the jackpot slots always give you the chance to win much more than that, mostly millions.

jackpot gamesWhile the thought of becoming a millionaire overnight might seem exciting, there is still much you need to learn about this type of online slot game. Sometimes, jackpots would also refer to progressive slot games. In case you are wondering, these are slots that mostly have crowdfunded jackpots that are acquired over a period of time.

For that reason, it’s easy to be confused and that is why the term jackpot in this article will refer to the cash prize. On the other hand, the term jackpot slots will be referring to the online slot games that are known for offering jackpots. If you want to play slots for free, click here. On our website you will find plenty of slot games that you can play without making a deposit and without registering.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots have been featured in a wide range of casino games all over the world. If you have ever tried playing casino games, you will agree with me that the casino games that have progressive jackpots are often linked to each other in some way. In addition to that, these games have a sort of a jackpot meter attached to them that shows the players the amount of the jackpot.

The thing with progressive jackpots is that they always give very generous pay-outs, sometimes can be in thousands and on your lucky day, you can walk away with millions. Do you wish to know how? Well, the huge amounts are generated from the bets that players place from time to time.

In that, a certain amount is always taken from their bets and this is used to contribute to the amount given at the overall jackpot. This amount will often vary depending on the casino even though it’s the same game.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

jackpot slotThere are a couple of different online progressive jackpot slots that you can consider. These include;

The stand-alone Progressive Jackpot Slot

The progressive stand-alone jackpot machine is a bit different from the other machines as it is not linked to any other machine. This device adds the percentage of the coins that have been played to award for combinations that will be the highest winning.

In-house Progressive Jackpot Slot

The in-house progressive jackpots feature a string of numerous machines that have been linked together with the other slot machines owned by the casino or even a gaming company that owns a couple of casinos. For that reason, the jackpot in this kind of a progressive slot device could be worth millions.

The Wide Area Progressive Jackpot Slot

These progressive slot machines tend to be linked together from other casinos that are totally unrelated. However, these casinos are often under the same gaming company. That said, progressive slot machines have a bigger end reward since they have a huge sum of money that they offer in return. These new slot games are the best choice for you if you want some big winnings.

Most Popular Jackpot Games

Mega Moolah

mega moolah jackpot progressive slotThis is, hands down, the most popular jackpot game in the whole world. Also, Mega Moolah tends to have the most lucrative rewards as compared to other jackpot games. That’s because the accumulated amount of cash one could win in Mega Moolah is quite a lot.

It’s no surprise to see Mega Moolah jackpots peak at as much as 10 million Euros. If you are the lucky winner, there would be nothing stopping you from becoming a millionaire in a matter of seconds.

Also, this game comes with four progressive jackpots where the mentioned amount of cash is rewarded on the fourth jackpots. Besides all the huge rewards, this game also tends to be very easy to play. The game graphics, on the other hand, are high end and you stand to get in-game bonuses from time to time. Do you want to play Mega Moolah for free? Click here.

Hall of Gods

hall of gods jackpot progressive slotIf you are looking for a Viking god themed slot game, then Hall of Gods is just the game for you. This is another very popular slot game on the planet. If you love going for a good hunt of jackpot rewards, the Hall of Gods will not disappoint you. What makes this game so great is the fact that it comes with a house edge of less than 5%.

And for that reason, the RTP of Hall of Gods stands at 95.7%. The good thing is that you could still be rewarded for your time even if you don’t manage to hit the jackpot. Hall of Gods currently stands as the most profitable jackpot game ever. That is because this game offers the largest jackpot rewards to its players. In fact, the game could credit a player up to 5,000,000 Euros in rewards.

As for the game’s progressive jackpot, it is accumulated from all the online casinos that offer the Hall of Gods slot jackpot game. The smaller jackpots are mostly tied to the casino meaning that the rewards you get depend on the casino you choose. You will love that this game comes with a large RTP, especially for the progressive jackpot slots. Go here and test the Hall of Gods game for free.

Mega Fortune

mega fortune jackpot progressive slotThis is a game that would easily get a 10/10 in terms of how fun it is. It comes with a super fun slot that has a way of making you feel rich even when you are not getting any rewards. This is one game that has a theme surrounding so many riches. Hence, the game is always giving you a glimpse of what might come your way if you were to win the game’s top prize.

Another thing about this game is the fact that it comes with adjustable max bets. This lets you have the chance to earn more when it comes to the progressive rewards hence giving you more points for the jackpot. And just like any other progressive jackpot game, this one too requires you to at least win a few jackpots so that you can earn the best rewards of this game.

Here, the largest prize that you will ever get is always the third jackpot. You could earn up to 2,000,000 Euros. However, you could still earn good sums of cash with the smaller jackpots. Although the final jackpot of this game is not as big as the others, the probability of the progressive jackpot players winning the third jackpot is higher than winning the fourth jackpot of other games like Mega Moolah. Play Mega Fortune now – without registering and for free.

Wheel of Wishes

wheel of wishes jackpot progressive slotThe Wheel of Wishes is another very popular jackpot casino online game. The most amazing thing about this game is not the fact that the casino jackpot winner will get 2,000,000 Euros but the fact that it has an RTP of 93.1%. Being such a lucrative game, you would expect that it would have a higher house edge, but that’s not the case.

The fact that it’s a highly volatile slot game, means that it is packed with a great RTP that ensures the jackpot players have a chance of walking away with some cash even if they are not able to hit the jackpot. On top of that, this game also has in-game jackpot bonuses that you can get when you land a couple of scatter symbols all in a row. In this game, if you land the symbols you get to earn a bonus that equals the amount you spin then you multiply by 500.

This happens to be one of the best bonuses that you will ever get in any online casino slot. The progressive jackpot rewards cannot even compare to what you get on the big total win. The games also feature four jackpots. The first one is only 10 Euros while the last one includes 2,000,000 Euros along with all the money the players have lost trying to hit the jackpot.

progressive jackpotThe most prominent feature in this game is always the power spins. These spins come in handy as they help a big deal in multiplying your winnings, hence increasing your profits on this game.

What Makes Jackpot Games Better than Traditional Slots?

During recent times, more and more people are showing interest in spending both their time and money playing jackpot games instead of the traditional online slots. While the online slots will never lose their appeal in the gaming world, jackpot games seem to be growing in preference to most people.

For that reason, there has been the introduction of big jackpots. The good thing is, the more people get to play the jackpot, the more money gets accumulated for the final jackpot. Here are some of the things that have put jackpots games a notch higher.

  • Higher volatility
  • Instant rewards
  • Huge jackpots and progressive rewards
  • A unique rewarding experience

Final Remark

Now that you have a better understanding of the jackpot games out there, it’s time to take action. You can now fasten your laces and go to the casinos that host these games. Who knows? It could be your lucky day and that million could be yours. So what are you waiting for? The time to start is now!

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