The best online casino in Canada of 2020

Are you a resident of Canada who would like to try out the gambling opportunities of the best Canada online casinos? If so, you should necessarily check our list of the most encouraging casinos in Canada that have the greatest offers for playing money games! Our ranking was created by the team of well-qualified specialists of gambling who know everything about online casinos. Due to their hard work, you can easily and unmistakably pick the most attractive option fitting your personal needs and enjoy great playing experience in one of the top casinos in Canada.

Undeniably, this casino is one of the top online gambling venues. The Betsson casino has prepared a highly attractive welcome offer for new players. Your deposit will be doubled up to the sum of €100 for depositing at least €10. In addition to it, you will get 101 free spins.
bonus €100+101FS
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Bob Casino invites you to join the game! You can choose from more than 2000 games of different categories and gain attractive bonuses. After creating your account, you can earn up to €500 extra cash for the game and 130 free spins as a welcome bonus.
bonus €500+130FS
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Assuming you are interested in video games, you can count on receiving up to €/$1000 for three consecutive deposits. The first deposit increases your initial funds by 100% up to €250. The second deposit will add extra 25% to your money up to €250. Finally, the third deposit gives 50% of the amount of money you have deposited.
bonus £1000
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The welcome bonus at Royal Panda can be as great as €100 of extra cash for playing at the casino. Furthermore, the casino prepares various promotions for players such as daily bonuses with free spins or weekly rewards. Register at the casino and start playing!
bonus €500+100FS
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Every new player can benefit from the welcome bonus that adds 200% up of €200 to the first deposit. This means that depositing €100 will give you €300 for playing. In addition to it, we can gain even 125 free spins.
bonus €200+125FS
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Meet the Spinia casino. Despite its being a relatively new casino, Spinia has a very attractive offer for its players including a great choice of games and a remarkable welcome bonus for its new players that doubles the first deposit up to 100€ and adds 25 free spins to a player’s account.
bonus €100+25FS
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The Wild Jackpots casino invites players to take part in its games! The casino has prepared an attractive welcome offer for new players. Making the first three deposits can bring you even €450 of extra cash for playing at the casino. This is not the end of the offer! 30 free spins are also waiting for the new players.
bonus €450+30FS
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Although Yoyo Casino is relatively young, it has an extremely extended offer of games and promotions. Here, you can play hundreds of video slots and card games with the use of a fantastic welcome bonus that can bring you up to €500 as well as 200 free spins!
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The most recommended casinos in Canada for 2020

Providing you wish to check the gambling opportunities on your own, you might be bewildered by a great variety of options available for the players from Canada. There is a great number of online and land-based casinos established in this country and even a greater range of foreign services operating on the Canada market. For that reason, the choice of the best gambling facility for a person with no prior experience can be a rather difficult task.

Undeniably, every casino aims to look attractive to its potential clients, therefore, it is showing exclusively its positive sides. That is why, you should realise there is a couple of essential issues that should be considered before playing in any casino.

Is it safe to play in online casinos in Canada?

Even if you wish to play in an online casino just for fun, making the smallest possible bets or even play exclusively the demonstrative mode of online games, you should still consider the safety of the gambling service. That is because you are usually asked to complete a registration form before being allowed to play the demo mode of games, and, the registration procedure inevitably includes sharing some part of your personal data with a website. Check the following information on the safety measures as well as the way you can understand whether a gambling website you have chosen is a safe place for playing money games.

Safety measures used in the Canada online casinos

The major task of any gambling website in Canada is protecting your sensitive data from the third party. No matter whether you enter some information about yourself in order to complete the registration form of an online casino and become its official client or you are doing it since you wish to make a deposit, your data is potentially exposed to the danger of cyber-attacks.

safe online casinos in CanadaFortunately, modern services dealing with financial resources as well as personal information of their clients have adopted a number of effective tools preventing such attacks in the most successful way. The top online casinos in Canada are not an exception to the rule.

One of the basic technologies used by the best online casinos in Canada with an eye to keeping your personal data safe is the SSL tool. SSL stays for Secure Sockets Layer which is a special type of a cryptographic protocol able to provide and maintain a high level of security for communications taking place in the Internet. Due to this technology, all the information shared between your web browser and the server of an online casino are totally secure, so as you can rest assure none of the data provided by you could be stolen by hackers.

Another popular tool that is used by the top Canada online casinos are firewalls of the latest generation. Firewall is a term used for describing special network security systems that are designed for controlling the network traffic. As a result, firewalls are acting as barriers between an external network and an internal network protecting you while you are using the services of a gambling website.

Apart from these measures, trustworthy online casinos are also acting according to special international policies aiming to prevent any fraudulent attempts that might be performed by some of the users. For instance, some of the top Canadian gambling websites might ask some of the users to send copies of their documents that can verify their personal information. This helps the casinos to prevent such crimes as money laundering and engages them into making a great contribution into the anti-crime projects which is undeniably one of the proofs of their reliability.

How can you understand whether an online casino in Canada is trustworthy?

The previous chapter of the current guidebook has provided you with some basic explanation of the safety measures taken by the top online casinos in Canada in order to provide you with complete security. Still, it is important to know whether a gambling facility itself is fair with its clients.

The simplest way to distinguish a trustworthy online casino in Canada is to check whether our experts have included it on our ranking of the best places for gambling. Once you find the name of this establishment on our list, rest assure the casino is reliable as it means our gambling specialists have already checked a large number of essential factors determining whether an online casino is trustworthy or not. Yet, if you wish to check it on your own, you should keep reading the current chapter.

Fair games in online casinos in Canada

First and foremost, a trustworthy online casino offers exclusively fair games. Any game, whether it is video poker, a fruit machine or a live roulette must give you chances of winning. For example, when it comes to the games based entirely on your luck such as roulette or slots, special random generator systems are required. Furthermore, these systems are regulated and audited on a regular basis by independent institutions such as eCOGRA. The rules of the games available on the websites of trustworthy casinos must be fully comprehensible and transparent including not only the information about the things that should be done in order to win, but also valid payout ratios describing your chances of winning. Yet, a gambling website which meets all of these requirements can be called trustworthy if only it can be featured with the following details.

fair games in online casinos in Canada

Transparent policy and legal information

All of the best Canada online casinos pay attention to the legal information available on their websites. As far as you can guess, this information includes the games rules which has already been mentioned in the previous paragraph. Yet, the rules are just a fraction of a great variety of crucial things that must be explained to you by your gambling website. The recommended online casinos in Canada will provide you with complete documents on the terms and conditions concerning your being a client of these gambling facilities, the total conditions for participations in bonus programmes, promotions and tournaments, transparent information on privacy policy, the conditions of withdrawing your winnings and many other crucial aspects.

Although the registration on a gambling website isn’t difficult whatsoever, you need to have access to this important material that will allow you to understand the way in which your casino is functioning.

Professional customer support

canadian online casinos customer supportOne more crucial aspect featuring a trustworthy online casino is its professional customer support service. Although the top gambling websites in Canada provide their clients with all the necessary information, you still might have some questions and need full and precise answers to them. In this case, you will need to refer to the customer support, so your online casino must provide such a service to you.

The best online casinos in Canada offer several ways allowing you to reach the team of support that usually include live chat, e-mail and a telephone number. The recommended online casinos available on our list offer at least one of the communication means available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Safe payment methods

safe payment methods in canadian online casinosThe modern services operating on the Internet are offering a large variety of payment methods to their clients. Obviously, the Canadian online casinos are in line with this rule allowing their customers to make their deposits and withdraw winnings in a number of various ways. The most crucial facts about the payment options available on the Canadian gambling websites are discussed in the section on registration and payments.

So far, we would like to emphasise the fact that the best online casinos in Canada have exclusively safe and reliable payment options in their offer. In addition to it, such gambling facilities themselves are acting absolutely fairly while handling the finances of their players.

Legal online casinos in Canada

All of the features of trustworthy casinos mentioned above are required by licensing authorities such as gambling commissions for a gambling website to become legal. No online casino can be called legal unless it is licensed by one of the reputable gambling authorities, thus a trustworthy online casino must be licensed. The only possible exception to this rule is a new online casino that is in the process of being licensed at the moment. Otherwise, a casino is unreliable, no matter how attractive its offer is. You will learn more information on the licenses of gambling websites including the requirements and the licensing institutions in the future parts of this guide. Yet, at the moment, you should realise each gambling website available on our list of the best online casinos for the players from Canada is a legal one.

Is it safe to play in online casinos in Canada?

Now, when you have learnt about the paramount aspects of safety concerning gambling in the Canadian online casinos, you have basic knowledge on the requirements that must be met by a reliable online casino. If you find such one, you can rest assured your gambling website is safe for playing games with real money. Certainly, considering an abundance of various gambling facilities available online, you can imagine how difficult this task might be. Therefore, it is sensible to refer to a reliable ranking of the Canadian online casinos that includes exclusively trustworthy gambling websites. Our experts have prepared a large list of ready-to-use solutions that are currently the best online casinos on the Canadian market.

Playing in an online casino in Canada – registration and payments

Providing you have never played in an online casino, it is absolutely normal to wonder about the way the process of registration looks like. The next part of the guidebook will provide you with a basic idea of registration on a gambling website, whereas the further parts of this section will give you an outline of the options offered by online casinos in Canada for depositing and withdrawing cash.

How can you register in an online casino in Canada?

register in an online casino in CanadaThe administrators of the most popular top online casinos in Canada realise how important it is to provide their potential clients with a possibility of quick and simple registration on their websites. Undeniably, people willing to create their profiles on the websites serving money games can have diverse computer skills, therefore, the best online casinos in Canada pay attention to the simplicity of the entire procedure. As a result, the Internet users are usually asked to provide such information as their e-mail address, name and age which allows you to complete registration within seconds.

The only crucial thing you should remember about while creating your profile is entering exclusively valid personal information. Since the most reliable gambling websites are participating in anti-criminal projects which have already been mentioned in this guidebook, it is important to give only real data. Furthermore, you will need valid information for successful money transactions and efficient maintenance of your profile. Remember your password and keep it safe from other people.

Making your first deposit in a Canadian online casino

deposit in a Canadian online casinoGenerally, when it comes to the recommended online casinos for players from Canada available on our list, the amount of money you are allowed to deposit isn’t limited by a gambling website. Certainly, you are hardly ready to make a transaction worth thousands of dollars right at the very beginning of your gambling entertainment that is why you might be more interested in the minimum amounts of money required by an online casino. Fortunately, you are allowed to make really modest deposits. The best online casinos have a great variety of games that can be played with extremely low stakes.

Yet, if you wish to participate in one of the casino promotions that are described in the next sections of the current guidebook, it will be sensible to check the exact requirements for a minimum deposit. In addition to it, you should make sure whether a payment method you are going to use for depositing money allows such small transactions.

In point of fact, the variety of payment options used in online casinos in Canada is really large. Some gambling websites provide their clients with traditional forms of payment such as bank transfers or credit and debit cards. Apart from widespread Visa and Mastercard services, the Canadian online casinos also local payment system designed for managing credit cards and mobile payments known as Interac Online. In addition to them, almost all the top gambling websites allow their clients to pay via e-wallets.

Providing you have already made some purchases via the Internet in Canada, you have certainly come across such services as Neosurf, Mobiamo, Ticket Premium and Mint. These are some of the most popular services providing the Internet users with prepaid cards. Some of the major advantages of the use of such cards is the great speed of money transactions, anonymity and the possibility of paying online without holding any bank account whatsoever. Although some of these services are based in Europe, whereas others are located in North America, they are widely used in Canada. The same advantages are offered by the state-of-the-art payment technologies based on crypto currencies such as bitcoin, etherium, lightcoin and ripple.

Some of other popular payment services available for the gamblers from Canada are Payzoff, G2A Pay, Allied Wallet, Klik and Pay, Securion Pay, Dao Pay and First Atlantic Commerce.

Withdrawing your winnings in online casinos in Canada

withdrawing your winnings in online casinos in CanadaWithdrawing your winnings in online casinos in Canada can be done via the same methods which are used for depositing cash. Thus, you can choose among prepaid cards, crypto currencies, e-wallets, bank transfers and credit and debit cards. Despite this fact, you should always pay attention to the possibility of some discrepancies between the payment methods offered by the same gambling website for making a deposit a paying the money out. It means that some p-articular payment methods might be available only for transferring your cash to your player’s account whereas the same method might not be allowed for withdrawing money.

Another important aspect of withdrawing your money that should be taken into consideration is a withdrawal limit. The majority of gambling websites including the top ones have their own limits applied to the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn during a particular period of time. Usually, such limits are set for a period of a month, although you might find other options. The limits are quite diverse as they start with several thousands of dollars and reaching several hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition to it, you might also come over trustworthy online casinos that allow their players to pay as much money out as they wish with no restrictions at all.

To sum things up, you should check the possibilities for paying your cash out and making your deposits in case of each online casino in Canada you are interested in since these possibilities can be quite different. Remember to use exclusively reliable payment options that are available in the best online casinos. Additionally, bear in mind the minimum time required by gambling websites for completing the process of money withdrawing. This time is also different in case of different payment methods.

Legal online casinos in Canada

We have already mentioned the term legal online casino and a casino licence in the previous chapters of the current guidebook. These two issues are extremely important not only to the owners of online casinos in Canada willing to keep their business completely legal, but also for the clients of these casinos who wish to feel secure while gambling. Just for that reason our gambling experts have included exclusively legal websites on our list of the recommended online casinos in Canada. Choosing one of the places for playing money games from this ranking guarantees you safe and pleasant experience.

legal online casinos in Canada

Despite the fact there is no need for worrying about the quality of gambling in the legal online casinos presented on our list, we still believe it is important for you as a player to understand the major aspects of legal gambling.

Why is it crucial to play in a legal online casinos in Canada?

top canadian casinosThe procedure of legalisation of gambling websites is extremely significant not only for the owners of online casinos, but also for their clients. That is so because becoming a legal gambling venue requires meeting stringent requirements from casinos. As a result, the fact a casino is legal means it has obtained special licence allowing the casino to offer its services.

In point of fact, we have already discussed crucial features of legal online casinos in the previous chapters of the current guidebook. Needless to say, the majority of these features concern the security and fairness of a gambling website. Thus, an online casino in Canada can become a legal one if only it provides its clients with the highest level of security. It has already been said that this includes modern safety measures such as SSL encryption and firewalls as well as the use of reliable payment methods.

An online casino can be called honest if it has certified random number generators in its games and provides its clients with all the necessary information on the conditions of gambling on its website in a transparent and comprehensive way. Some of the paramount information a client of any online casino should have access concerns the privacy policy, the conditions of playing money games and participation in bonus programmes, the payout ratios of each game available on the website and the withdrawal limits.

In addition to all these issues, every licensed online casino in Canada is obliged to provide its customers with information on responsible gambling since every reliable gambling website must enforce the policy preventing gambling addiction.

What institutions can license online casinos in Canada?

The Kahnawake Gaming CommissionNow, when you have learnt some of the requirements that must be fulfilled by gambling websites willing to become licensed, you are probably wondering what institutions can license these websites. Actually, there is a great number of licensing institutions around the world that are usually gambling commissions of a particular country. If you check some of the top online casinos in Canada, you will see these gambling establishments are licensed by absolutely different institutions, the majority of which are located abroad. This is a popular practice, therefore, you should not worry about the quality of such casinos especially if they are available on our list of the recommended online casinos in Canada.

Yet, you should realise that some of the commissions are more reputable than others which is the result of their strict policies. The more demanding a gambling commission is, the more valuable its licence is.

Canada is one of the countries that have their local gaming commission. Here, it is The Kahnawake Gaming Commission which was established in 1996. Today, the tasks of the commission include monitoring and regulating gambling services available in the country as well as licensing bookmakers and land-based and online casinos. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is considered to be one of the most reputable gambling authorities, therefore, many gaming websites are aiming to meet its requirements and gain its licence.

Other popular gambling commissions located in North and Central America are Panama Gaming Control Board, The Costa Rica Gaming Commission, Directorate of Offshore Gaming of Antigua and Barbuda and Curacao eGaming. The Curacao eGaming commission for gambling is also one of the most recognisable licensing institutions available on the modern market.

Many commissions operating in Europe are also highly reputable. One of the most important institutions here is United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Sports Betting Intelligence Unit. The list of the European gambling commissions also includes Malta Gaming Authority, Danish Gambling Authority, eGambling Montenegro, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, Spanish Gaming Commission (La Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego), The Gambling Commission of Cyprus, The Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (located in Italy), Gambling Supervision Commission (located on The Isle of Man), Autorite de Regulation des Jeux En Ligne (located in Italy).

The major gambling commission of Asia is The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, whereas Australia has its own licensing institution known as Gambling and Racing Commission, Northern Territory Director-General of Licensing.

Pay your attention to the fact that many gambling websites get their licences abroad, which is an absolutely normal practice. In addition to it, an online casino in Canada can be licensed by several different commissions at a time. Undeniably, this fact is an additional proof of the high quality of gambling offered by such websites.

Play on legal international websites in Canada

canadian gambling websitesAs a resident or a visitor of Canada, you are allowed to participate in money games not only on the Canadian gambling websites. You can check our list of the recommended online casinos for players from Canada and pick the most attractive facility. This list includes exclusively legal websites that have no restrictions for the Internet users from Canada. That is why you are free to play on any of them.

There is a great number of online casinos established abroad that are successfully operating on the Canadian market. For that reason, you shouldn’t limit your choice of gambling websites exclusively to the online casinos established in Canada. In fact, you have a chance of choosing from an abundance of legal online casinos each which has its own advantages.

The best bonuses in the Canadian online casinos

The aim of promotions organised by gambling websites is to amuse their players offering extra opportunities for winning without risking money. Certainly, it is reasonable to participate in such promotions and increase your profits.

Although you will find a great variety of bonuses available on the gambling websites in Canada, you should understand that the rewards you can get are usually of some basic types. Yet, some features of these prizes can differ. If you have never participated in a bonus programme held by a gambling website, in all likelihood, you do not know the meaning of some of the basic terms featuring casino promotions. Let’s start looking through the most crucial vocabulary used by gambling websites.

Free spins

the best bonuses in the Canadian online casinosFirst of all, you should understand the meaning of the word spin. Spin is an informal term used for describing one attempt of playing a video slot game. Video slot machines are games of chance which means that even one try can turn out to be lucky bringing you even the greatest possible jackpot. Undeniably, free spins mean you do not need to pay for them. They have a predefined value that can be learnt in the terms and conditions of a casino’s promotion. Still, the main idea you do not make stakes with your money since the spins are free. That is why gaining free spins in an online casino can be really profitable.

Still, pay your attention to the fact some spins are regulated by wagering requirements and some are not. The term wagering requirements is the next one on our list.

Wagering requirements in the online casinos in Canada

The wagering requirements term is actually one of the most frequently used terms in the descriptions of casino promotions.

Wagering requirements define the number of times you should play with your bonus money before you can pay this money out. That is obviously the case when you receive free money as a reward. If your bonus is free spins which have been described above, the bonus is also usually regulated by wagering requirements. Yet, in this case, the amount of cash won with the help0 of these spins is treated as bonus money. Thus, you will need to make stakes with this money before you are allowed to withdraw it.

The number of bets you are to make with your bonus funds can be absolutely different depending on a casino and its particular promotion. Furthermore, despite being a popular practice, wagering requirements are not used by every gambling websites. You might find gambling facilities on our list of the top online casinos in Canada that do not have any wagering requirements for such bonuses as free spins.

Welcome bonus

canadian casino welcome bonusOne of the favourite terms of experienced gamblers is a welcome bonus. It is not surprising since a welcome bonus is the first reward you can count on in the majority of online casinos. The variety of welcome bonuses available on the modern market is so extended that the majority of gamblers spend long hours looking for the most attractive option fitting their gaming preferences and needs. Fortunately, you can complete this task within a twinkle of an eye using our list of the best online casinos in Canada.

In point of fact, welcome bonuses available on the Canadian gambling websites might be of five types. The first type is an amount extra cash that can be fixed, although it is usually contingent on the amount of your first deposit. Thus, you will need to make your first deposit in order to get such a bonus. Frequently, a gambling websites will multiply your first deposit. For example, it can add 200% to the initial funds.

The next popular form of a welcome bonus widespread in the trustworthy online casinos is free spins. You have already learnt the essentials of this promotion. Unlike free money, free spins are usually offered of a fixed amount. On rare occasions, the number of free spins depends on the amount of your first deposit. Still, it doesn’t work in the same way as free money. For instance, you might be given 50 free spins from making your first deposit below $ 50 and receive 100 free spins for the deposits above this amount.

The third common form of a welcome bonus in online casinos is no-deposit free cash. We have already described the rewards of free money, yet, no-deposit free cash is a different form of promotion as it doesn’t require making any money transfers to your player’s account whatsoever. In such a situation you just need to register on a gambling website and this will immediately entitle you to receiving a particular amount of money. This money is also usually regulated by wagering requirements.

Another possible reward offered by online casinos as welcome bonus is free spins with no wagering requirements. This is a rather unpopular bonus, though.

Finally, there is one more possible welcome bonus left that can be found virtually in all the top online casinos in Canada listed on our website. These are extended welcome offers that include several types and sometimes have sever steps. For example, as a newly-registered player, you might receive free money before you make your first deposit. After transferring your funds to your account for the first time, you might receive more cash and free spins. In addition to it, there can be a possibility of earning more rewards for a couple of further deposits.

Reload bonuses in online casinos in Canada

canadian casino reload bonusesA reload bonus is a special term used in the online casino industry for describing rewards offered by gambling websites to their clients for making further deposits. Fortunately for the players, such a form of promotion is quite popular since gambling websites are doing their best to keep their clients interested in their services. As a result, reload bonuses are available for the clients of online casinos on frequent occasions.

The amount of money offered by gambling websites as a part of a reload bonus can be absolutely different. On our list of the best online casinos for players from Canada, one can find websites offering weekly reload bonuses on a regular basis as well as casinos that will give you a bonus on some special occasions. Some gambling establishment will pay you 50% of the amount of your deposit whereas others might offer you 200%. Meanwhile, there might be a casino handing out free spins as reload bonus.

Pay your attention to the fact, reload bonuses can also be earmarked for playing particular selections of games. For example, one bonus might be offered to the players of poker, while another one might be dedicated to the devotees of video slots.

Online casinos with English and French languages for Canadian players

Online casinos with English and French languages for Canadian playersNeedless to say, gambling is a form of entertainment that requires particular attention from its players. Deciding to participate in games on a gambling websites means you are ready to make stakes with your own money and share some of your sensitive information. For that reason, you should be completely confident of the rules regulating a casino of choice. Yet, even if a casino is completely legal and it has a transparent policy sharing all the necessary information with its clients, you will still have problems with comprehension in case the website of the casino isn’t available in the language you know well.

Undoubtedly, you need to have access to an appropriate language version of the website you are going to use for gambling. For that reason, our ranking of the most popular online casinos for players from Canada includes exclusively the websites which have been translated in English and French. Certainly, English is one of the most popular languages of the modern world which means virtually all the best gambling websites have their versions in English. In addition to it, some of the most successful casino venues also have their websites translated into local versions of English. Thus, in all likelihood, you will find websites available not only in British English or American English, but also in Canadian English and Australian English. Finally, many casinos operating in the Internet offer other language versions to their clients realising there are still many Internet users whose English skills are not advanced enough for making serious decisions such as betting their money online.

Always follow the recommendation of gambling experts who advise you not to play on a gambling website if you do not understand its language, even if it has a really attractive offer for its clients.

How was our list of the best casinos in Canada created?

list of the best casinos in CanadaThe process of creating the list of the most recommended online casinos for players from Canada was highly painstaking. Our first step was creating the list of legal online casinos that have been licensed by reputable gambling commissions. Therefore, as we have already mentioned, all of the casinos on our list are legal.

The next step was checking the available language versions not only for the casinos’ websites, but also for their customer support services. That is why all of the casinos presented on our website are suitable for the players from Canada.

Undeniably, we have taken into consideration the availability of necessary information such as the game and promotion rules, the payout tables, payment methods, privacy policy and much more.

The quality of entertainment offered by online casinos depends not only on the safety of gambling, but also on the variety of games and promotions. Therefore, we have paid special attention to the online casinos providing their clients with regular and profitable bonuses as well as a diverse selection of games supplied by different software developers. Furthermore, our ranking contains the casinos offering their clients the possibility of playing live games as well as the games with a demonstrative mode.

Finally, you won’t find any gambling website on our list that has been criticised by real casino players. This fact is checked by our experts who spend long hours reading various gambling for a checking the opinions of gamblers. Even if a gambling website first seemed attractive to us, we do not recommend it to our players once it turned out to be disliked by casino enthusiasts.

Stationary casinos in Canada

casino niagaraIf you wish to play in a land-based casino in Canada, you will easily find a nice gambling venue since this country is one of the favourite destinations of gamblers from different countries. The gambling industry here is rapidly developing offering higher and higher quality of services to the gaming enthusiasts.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, some of the casinos are particularly loved by the residents and visitors of Canada. One of the best examples of such a facility is Casino Niagara located in Ontario. This stationary casino was established in 1996 and, for the time being, it offers approximately thirteen thousands slots as well as thirty gambling tables. Special poker rooms offer the fans of this game multiple possibilities of winning great prizes whereas four restaurants located on the premises of the casino provide the visitors with delicious food.

Another important casino for Canadian players is Casino De Montreal located in Quebec. In point of fact, this facility is world-famous for its great size. Casino De Montreal is the largest gambling facility in Canada and one of the largest casinos in the world. It hosts approximately 18 000 visitors on a daily basis offering them hundreds of games and excellent food.

casino rama resortOne more interesting Canadian casino worth your attention is Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino. This casino is the largest one in Ontario. You can find here an abundance of video slot machines and table games as well as special poker rooms with poker tables.

If you happen to be in Ontario, you should definitely visit Casino Rama Resort. This land-based casino has already been over 20 years on the market and it is constantly extending its game offer. So far, you will find 25 000 video slots as well 110 card and table game tables in Casino Rama Resort. The place also organises regular tournaments and concerts. Every visitor of Casino Rama Resort can enjoy not only the highest level of gambling here but also try superb food in one of the eight restaurants located on the premises of the casino.

River Cree Resort and Casino located in Alberta is also a peculiar gambling place. This casino is the first one established in the city. Now, you will find over 1100 slot machines in its offer as well as a dedicated poker room and 39 tables for card games. River Cree Resort and Casino also holds regular tournaments. Furthermore, the casino has a special VIP programme for the most loyal players.

Other attractive places for gambling in Canada are Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort (Ontario), Medicine Hat Lodge Resort (Alberta), Northlands Park Racetrack and Casino (Alberta), St. Eugene Golf Resort Casino (British Columbia) and River Rock Casino Resort (British Columbia).

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