The best online casino in Singapore of 2020

Singapore is only known for gambling by foreign visitors, for reasons that will be stated later, but that doesn’t mean players in Singapore cannot satisfy themselves with the best online casinos available. Of course, you will need a little help in sorting through the most popular online casinos in Singapore, and that is what our recommendations serve to do. By giving you the breakdown of the best bonuses available in casinos for Singaporean players, we can help you make the perfect choice from the most reliable online casinos.

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Also, while bonuses are always a good yardstick for choosing for selecting an online casino, it’s not the be all and end all for sieving out the Singaporean online casino most suited to you. To pick effectively, you will need to know which online casino provides Singaporean locals with the most convenient channels for withdrawing winnings, as well as a trustworthy report on the technicalities of the online casino websites like its encryption or customer service among other criteria.

So, if you are staying in Singapore, and you have a quiet passion for gambling, then look through this list of the best casinos in Singapore, for safe and the most trusted online casinos for players in Singapore.

The most recommended casinos in Singapore for 2020

Online casinos have changed the casino scene, and with every update, there seems to be more reasons to prefer using online casinos. For instance, to get a casino experience, online casinos make it less about you visiting a casino, instead, the most popular online casinos give their clients personal experiences, where you feel like the casino was built just to serve you. At the same time, you don’t lose the social benefits of land-based casinos with live chat rooms and media offering you the chance to socialize to your hearts content.

Unfortunately, while Singapore is known as a beautiful country, a beauty built through strict laws and the order of policies, it is those same policies that bar the joy of gambling in Singapore.

Perhaps there was a time when casinos abound in casinos for Singaporean players, offering games that range through slots, poker, roulette or blackjack. This was all put on hold when four laws such as The Betting Act, The Private Lotteries Act, The Common Gaming Houses Act and the Betting and Sweepstake Duties Act all came into prominence in Singapore to bar Singaporeans from playing games. Comically, the people did not take this lying down, and instead sought creative loopholes in these laws to allow them to gamble, even though the law seemed stringent.

By placing a figurative microscope over the various acts, they discovered ways to play in casinos, even through the casino control act which was set in 2006. The essence of the casino control act was to dissuade local Singaporeans from developing an interest in gambling, instead leaving the tourist with freedom, however limited, to play games in Singaporean casinos. The methods that were used in enforcing this act went as far as to make entry into Singaporean casinos free for foreigners, but at exorbitant prices for citizens.

Interestingly, these acts did not limit online casinos specifically, a truth that was agreed to by the legal practitioners at the time. This made online casinos in Singapore the go-to media for enjoying a good gamble. Locals of Singaporean communities would wholly embrace online casinos with epidemic speed, after all, with the obvious advantages that online casinos offered over land-based casinos, there was no more need to contest which choice of gambling was better for a Singaporean. What was an added spark to the online casino craze, is the fact that the internet speed at Singapore has always been really fast, which improves the conditions of the online casino experience.

This continued for a while, with more and more Singaporean online casinos popping up with Chinese and even Mala translations for better Singaporean casino gaming experience.

Things changed on the 2nd of February of the year 2016, when the Singaporean Government enacted The Remote Gambling Act, a law that plugged all the leaks in the already established laws and thus, prevented the legality of online gambling in Singapore. This went as far as illegalize the offshore gambling. Although, The Remote Gambling Act also created new avenues for legal gambling in city-state, excluding Singaporean online casinos from the exemptions. Instead, the Singapore Pools Club was allowed to monopolize the online gambling scene in October of that year, and then November saw the inclusion of the Singapore Turf Club into that exclusive party, all of which was achieved by solely granting both sites legality in operation.

They also tightened up the financial structures that supported Singaporean casinos. The domino effect saw the internet providers turn their backs on online casinos, and before the weighty new punishments for affiliation with online casinos, punters, banks, other investors and even the operators of online casinos in Singapore themselves, there was no other choice but to shift their attentions elsewhere.

The idea was to reintroduce a tactic that had been previously been employed by the Singaporean Government to withdraw her populace from underground betting in the 60s.

However, this did not work as well as it was intended. Singaporeans are vigorous in their gambling endeavors, and so even with the heavy taxes imposed on entrance to the land-based casinos, the largest population of the visitors to these licensed casinos are Singaporeans. In the same vein, when it comes to online casinos, The Straight Times recorded that above 94% of the gambling populace were already accustomed to the ease and functionality of online casinos in Singapore. Due to this, Singaporeans took it upon themselves to figure out ways to circumvent the laws that bar them from online gambling.

Innovative methods like dribbling through Internet Proxy blocks and Domain Name System protocols have been flanked by efforts of some online casinos to give Singaporeans access to the online casinos of their choice. These operators usually exploit a chain of readdresses or redirects to link eager players with Singaporean online casinos.

Most of the way players could access casinos in Singapore were complex procedures, but with time, Singaporean casino websites have evolved to make access to casinos easier for players from Singapore.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of alternatives for casinos, and each will promise a better experience than others. That, precisely, is why you need a guide, to pick out the reliable casinos out of the most popular online casinos. At the same time, instead of just picking one at random, we suggest recommended online casinos that will perfectly suit your needs as far as the following are concerned:

Customer Service

Amidst the spellbound appeal we are influenced by when we see some delicious bonuses, it can be easy to neglect the importance of customer service when choosing an online casino, and that is understandable. However, we should not have to get into a pinch before we know the quality of help we can call on. That is just one of the reasons why reviews like these are very important for casino players in Singapore and beyond.

You must know if the Singaporean casino you’re about to register with or invest in has a capable system in place to handle your complaints, if there are any, so you can maximize your gaming experience.

The latest casinos in Singapore have adopted live-chats, which is available across other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, or even built-in with the website. This enables the clients to enjoy faster responses and therefore, higher quality customer service. Some older or local online casinos have phone numbers or email addresses that you can reach out to, if the need arises.

The truth is that, different people have different preferences when it comes to the method they can be helped with. While live chats provide faster responses, others feel an email is the way to go. With a review like the ones provided here, you know the frequencies that your selected casino communicates with, way before you even register.

Also, some online casinos provide VIP treatment for a select few of their players when it comes to customer service. This could mean as much as delegating a member of their operating staff to cater solely to your needs or complaints. These delegates could also act as your account managers, who keep track of any preferences you have and alert you to any VIP-only bonuses or events available.

Payment Strategy

Another way that customer service becomes instrumental is in knowing the payment and withdrawal strategy of the online casino. For most online casino sites, it can be as easy as starting a live chat with operators to ask about the available methods for payment or withdrawal routines.

In Singapore, especially, knowing the way to pay to the online casinos or pay out from the casinos should always be a center-piece to your decision. The reviews we provide do not just reveal a basic drop list of the payment and withdrawal options available, but also goes ahead to discuss the average time it would take you to pay in or out, as well as how easy or hard the process is going to be. Additionally, most banking options have geolocational restrictions that prevent usage everywhere, this limits could be partial sometimes, as they could come with massive conversion rates. So, you must know if your locality is among the list of places those options are effective in.

Casinos for players from Singapore provide a lot of options for financial transactions nowadays. While using credit cards, debit cards, USSD transfers from banks are certainly out of question, chiefly due to the ruling of the ABS (Association of Banks in Singapore), there are numerous ways you can get your game winnings or make deposits with ease.

The most effective method is the use of Bitcoin and similar digital currencies. The Singaporean Government has turned a blind eye to the infiltration of cryptocurrencies, focusing on stopping Initial Con Offerings or dissuading the citizens of Singapore from using unauthorized digital tokens. The Best online casinos in Singapore do not add extra charges to withdrawals from the casino, in fact, some online casinos in Singapore recommend some specific payment methods and attach prizes and discounts to players that patronize such payment channels.

Many clients of Singaporean casinos have also given testimonies of successfully using prepaid cards for transactions between themselves and the online casinos. Nevertheless, the most convenient methods of payment, when it comes to foreign online casinos, for players in Singapore, is the use of eWallets like Skrill or Neteller.

Although most of these methods are easy to use, and so you can do without guidance on them, one thing you should never compromise on is security. Be completely sure of a payment method before you use it, even if has the lowest rates. Exploit the reviews which were developed from the experiences of people who have tried using these methods before. This way, you can assure the safety of your personal details and winnings from fraudulent enterprises.

Reliable online casinos usually provide clear and well broken-down disclaimers on the channels of transaction available, as well as how the winnings are calculated. However, keep it in mind that withdrawal procedures are always more stressful and take more time than payment, and that most online casinos have a defined limit for withdrawals per period (which could be monthly, weekly or even daily). So be sure to go through the review to check for details regarding the security and availability of finance-related transactions for the online casino of your choice, before signing up.

Fair Games

One thing you also do not have to worry about, is whether a game is fair or not. The best online casinos are engineered to maintain their trustworthiness by availing only games that are sufficiently regulated. For the benefit of those who do not have prior knowledge of how this is achieved, Random Number Generators are one of the most reliable platforms for online casino games. The system works by selecting a number that represents an outcome from a sea of numbers, at random. This way, it is your luck that decides the fate of your gamble. Poker games, Roulette tables, Blackjack Suites all utilize this method in generating a fair result for players.

Likewise, the most trustworthy online casinos are so, because they clearly list out their policies with regards to fair games. Providing spelt-out conditions and terms that serve as foundation of the impartiality of service offered is a trademark move for online casinos in Singapore. These documents include information on the payout methods and the ratios of winnings. Also, the policies describe what serves to disqualify casino players from earning rewards, what is required before you deserve a bonus or what constitutes foul play in that online casino.

Assortment of Available Games

Where there is a good variety of games available, casino players can stay all night long moving from one game to the other without getting bored. It is far from convenient that you would have to be shifting through websites too, not when there are websites that offer you the whole range of games guaranteed to keep you engaged. Also, for those who prefer one particular game, ensuring that such a game is available in an online casino before even visiting the site is undeniably a useful gift, a gift that you get by reading through the reviews.

Interestingly, as against the point of games being available to online casinos for players in Singapore, many game developers don’t create the latest games with a specific market in mind in terms of location. They just create the games for the general market. Of course, most of the software creators aim their products for controlled markets, but as long as few still freely dole out their products, Singaporean online casinos and thus, their players, enjoy access to a satisfactory amount of games.

What makes it better for Singaporean players, is the assumption of these game providers that the internet is a tool that can be used by everyone all over the world. Which means they ignore Singaporean laws to just provide games for any interested players via the internet, and Singaporean online casinos welcome such a gift.

Of course, this comes with the fear that if the game providers are willing to disregard the law, exploiting customers won’t be a step too far for them. Fortunately, we have investigated the most popular options to determine the online casinos for Singaporean players that are not just reliable casinos, but come with an impressive drive for client satisfaction.

What else can you say, when you see games like Sic Bo, Reel Slots, Progressive Slots, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Card Games, Fixed Odds, Poker, Blackjack, Video Slots, Keno or even Scratch games. Recently though, more and more people have picked up an interest in playing Live Dealer Games.

Live dealer games are aimed at replacing the virtual from the games, even though it is over the internet. It can be very overwhelming for players who are just trying their hands at it for the very first time, or who have never even been a land-based casino, that is another reason why it is important that you go through our reviews to see the online casinos in Singapore that allow you to play your first game for free so you can get yourself accustomed to the conditions of playing live games. Furthermore, you also need the best online casino in Singapore, not just one with the highest number of free games, so we have also reviewed the online casinos in Singapore that have impeccable video feeds. You will get a richer experience when you play through neat video feeds, than when you’re given an absurd number of free games on a website which has games that feel like torture on your eyes.

At least five different popular game providers are invested in helping Singaporean online casino players get the dose of enjoyment they desire. One of such is RealTime Gaming (RTG), a platform developed on the RNG module. Over the past decade or so, RTG has monopolized entire online casinos by developing more than 250 games that are available for use only by personal computers. However, even more than 160 games have been adopted to be used by mobile devices. Fascinatingly, the RealTime Gaming developers have released many game titles embedded with Asian premises and regular bonuses aimed to drag in Singaporean players to online casinos.

Betsoft is another game developing institution that has reigned over the game provision scene for the past few years in casinos for Singaporean players. They accomplished their dominance by delivering one the best graphically impressive range of games, from HD table games like Pai Go poker and craps to a host of card games, through adorable characters and exquisite 3D cinematic finish.

Some other game developers offer their games only on their casinos, for example, Slotland Entertainment. Some other software developers like 3Dice Entertainment also follow the same trend of making their games available on their casinos only, although it is possible to see similar games from other developers elsewhere.

Registration Procedure

The only law that online casinos never compromise on, regardless of the operator, is that players must be above the age of 18, before they can take up a gamble. Apart from that, the Singaporean laws do not obviously apply.

The steps are designed to be very easy to do, regardless of your weakness in using technology. After choosing the website you want, which should always be after going through our detailed reviews, simply input the requirements. Although, chances are, that we have already highlighted all that you will need to know and have in order to successfully register in the online casino you have chosen.

Depending on the website, some form of personal information will be requested from you, such as your first name, last name etc. others will just require your permission to retrieve your details from your social media accounts. Retrieving your details from social media accounts is easier to do, but obviously riskier, if the online casino is not recommended to be a safe casino, be sure to carry out a bit more investigation before signing up.

Another important detail they might request for is your email address. Email addresses are primarily meant to verify that you are a person, but you can take advantage of this to sign up to get notified of any bonuses and offers made available by the online casinos. In the same vein, you receive news of exciting competitions and tournaments that can improve your exposure or create delightful memories, they are the rare events that make gambling fun which you don’t want to miss.

Any other information or document that you might be requested to provide, as long as it is a site recommended by our reviews, is in perfectly safe hands. Most of the documents are aimed at filtering out money launderers, while the other details will be used later to verify if you’re the one requesting a payout. Whatever the case, you will usually be told why sensitive information is required.

For most online casinos in Singapore, Signing up is completely free, in fact, there many online casinos in Singapore that give massive bonuses or even real cash to newly registered members.

Most online casinos do not have instant play engines on their websites, and will require you to download their applications. Remember to keep yourself safe from malicious websites and software by carefully by carefully reading our detailed reviews before registering in any casino.


There are many areas that clients need to be protected in when using online casinos. During registration, many vital information are stored in the database of the online casino, these data can be used against the client to very destructive effect. So, website environments must be secured with the most reliable technology before they can be qualified to be named amongst the best online casinos we recommend. There should be no room for failure, at all, and so, the websites have to be 128-bit SSL encrypted at the very least.

The fact that they are up-to-the-minute with their security reinforcement strategies is only confirmed by the certificates from bodies like the Rapid SSL institution, that certifies the grade of technicality that the security of an online casino enforces. You can rest assured that getting these certifications does not come without a company being a figurative vault when it comes to website security, as very stringent requirements are imposed on the bearers of the certificates, not to get it alone, but to maintain the certificates too.

In the case of payment security, players who wish to patronize Singaporean online casinos must be careful when laying preference on an online casino. There are special payment platforms now that guarantee unique encryption and blocks to protect the client against data theft, and the best online casino employ these popular means to ensure the transfer of funds records no accidents. Also, they ensure that the financial details that can expose the client to cyber-attacks. Recently, most operators have taken to adopting client data anonymity (making the provided details untraceable), in order to protect the client.

In some cases, the same security strategies that these payment websites utilize is what most online casinos use nowadays to protect its clients, which makes storing your data in online casinos a safe gamble. Whatever the case, in the best online casinos, especially those recommended by us, all of which are produced after careful investigation, there are policies and disclaimers that declare the role of that online casino in ensuring that both the personal details and financial data of the clients are secure.


If you haven’t played a game in an online casino before, or even over the past decade, then, surely, you will be amazed by the quality on display. Casinos for players in Singapore, and the world over have experienced somewhat of a boom in game production in recent years.

This is partly due to the fact that, unlike decades ago when browsers required Flash plug-ins to operate at optimum, new online casino operators can write their games through the HTML5 to enable instant play for gamers, even without any add-ons. Of course, this means that there are a ton of mobile online casinos available in iOS and android mobile devices, this marked the birth of numerous mobile software providers, like NetEnt or Yggdrasil gaming corporations, who supply online casinos, even for players from Singapore.

However, not all online casinos are equipped with these developments, and so, before you get carried away with random promises of bonuses, seek out reliable systems that can serve at your convenience. We review to recommend online casinos that will not limit you to always using your desktop when you want to lay your games, but will provide perfectly optimized mobile versions of the desktop games, hence, a flexible and unconditionally mobile gaming experience for Singaporean citizens.

Multi-Language Options

Games can get boring when you have any idea what is going on, a clear truth about the absence of a language option that you’re confident in. the games available in that online casinos might be fluid, with state-of-the-art graphics and an intuitive interface, but it all counts for nothing if you are left continually frustrated by rules that you did not know because you can’t understand the language. For Singaporeans, games without Chinese and Mala translations at least, might pose a problem.

As can be expected, many online casinos that do not offer a language will not offer customer support in that language. So, if you want to complain about something that went wrong or if news on the latest bonuses and offers roll around, the language barrier will stand tall against you. It is therefore necessary, that you find out if the casino, whether it is popular or not, will suit you.

The best bonuses in Singaporean online casinos

There is no doubt that whatsoever, that the most attractive feature of most services are the freebies, and online casinos are no exceptions. The modern reality of the online casinos for Singaporean players is that hundreds of online casinos are standing on each other to offer you free gifts like real cash and free trial games, mostly if you register with them. Which is admittedly a hard lure to repel even if you are aware that some are too good to be true.

However, just as the best things come to those who wait, those who pay attention to our recommendations are guaranteed to make the best decisions when it comes to selecting the best online casinos based on their offers. These offers, mind you, usually have strings attached to them. They might require you to simply sign up or give you an impossible task to meet to claim your bonus. Knowing the difference between these two offers is what you stand to gain for paying attention to our recommendations. Here are a few classes of bonuses and offers that you might want to watch out for.

The Welcome Bonuses

In a bid to attract new players into their systems, online casinos will stop at nothing to drag you over the line. Long gone are the days when a few bucks will be sufficient to draw you in towards registration. Nowadays, new players don’t even bat an eyelid when they see 10 free Singaporean Dollars. Of course, it might not just come like that after your registration, you might be asked to invest a particular amount before you can redeem the free cash you were given or the rewards from the free spins, if any, might be held until you make a first deposit.

It gets crazier too, as more online casinos in Singapore are slowly, but surely, adding the no-deposit bonus to an already mouth-watering menu of bonuses. With the no deposit bonus, players don’t even have to pay in any money at all. Just register, and you win a certain amount of money. Usually, the money is sent to your online wallet and is not withdrawn just like that, probably to counter the people who plan to hop from online casino to online casino looking to amass no-deposit bonuses for registration. Fortunately, if the site has been recommended by us, then the promise is legit, and the conditions to be met are possible ones.

In the same vein, free spin bonuses no longer in their units, instead, you can receive tens and hundreds of free spins. Also, just like the free cash offer, many online casinos offer no-deposit free spins to newly registered members. Basically, you get free trials at your chosen game or a default game (depending on the website), that allows you make some cash even without paying anything in (so far you sign up).

It can be so easy when you are given a wonderful discount upon registration for your first games, but selecting the truly beneficial online casinos means that you turn a blind eye to them in favor of online casinos that provide excellent welcome bonuses as well as other bonuses like monthly or holiday bonuses.

Normal Bonuses

For members of online casinos who have already enjoyed their welcome bonuses, there’s a bulk of enjoyable freebies that operators offer to keep Singaporean players interested in using their platforms. These bonuses are usually set to come around during strategic periods like holidays, whether religious or national, as well as industrial holidays like ‘Black Fridays’.

Cash Back offers are the common lures, a return of a discounted amount to Singaporean casino clients, during these periods. Newer casinos have also taken to offering rewards that would otherwise be more stressful to get, like competition point offerings, and can even be exchanged for real cash. Speaking of real cash, the online casinos offer a useful amount to players who can successfully draw in more players to their platforms. However, the rewards are usually not allocated to the players until the referred people sign up to the casino or pay in a deposit.

VIP members already receive preferential treatment when it comes to customer support, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they enjoy a host of unique bonuses, at least what the operators feel is necessary to lure normal members towards upgrading their accounts. The main idea though, is to reward players for their loyalty to the platform, therefore, some normal members get a taste of these bonuses. These ‘Reload’ bonuses are majorly gifts that only allow players to play more games, hence, discounts, or additional funds for players.

To access these loyalty-based rewards, players are sent codes that are attached to their invoice to get percentages off the original price. Also, free spins can also be given by these online casinos.

How was our list of the best casinos in Singapore created?

It is in your best interest that you seek already prepared evaluations on the accessible online casinos for players in Singapore. Firstly, for the time that will be wasted, if you choose to go it alone. Also, the depth of information that might otherwise be hard to access somewhere else. To assure you of the relentless hard work we continually put into getting the best online casinos for Singaporean players, here are a few points that highlight our thorough processes:

It is perhaps nice to inform you that our platform is not left open to anybody eager to leave a negative review, or with a discrete motive of false advertising. Instead, our recommendation team is made of a perfectly balanced mix of experienced players who serve to judge things like the legality and technicality of casinos, as well as people who are always fascinated with casino gaming; who investigate if the online casinos truly deliver in delivering excitement for the player.

Your security, financial and financial, are paramount, so we focus on the few things that point out if an online casino can be trusted with any details you might be asked to give by reviewing the authenticity of any licenses that they have acquired to verify their trustworthiness. The other part of the team checks out if the user-interface is worthy of being ranked amongst the best online casinos in Singapore. As for the financial security, we discover the available methods the online casinos possess for your winnings or deposit, as well as the security level your funds are subjected to after you’ve paid in, or when you decide to take out your money.

It is very understandable that you might be more interested in the most rewarding bonuses, and so we can boast that if we claim to be the second-best channel to notify you of the most enticing offers, no other channel can claim to be first! Additionally, that we put best online casinos of the week forward is not the most impressive feat we achieve. We also ensure that all bonuses and promos are reviewed legally by carefully reading through any loopholes that online casinos can paraphrase carefully to leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

By trying out the online casinos ourselves, we know the number of games you can have access to, or if you will have a limited chance of playing the high-profile games. Similarly, we check out the effectiveness of their client support, by measuring the average time taken for a reply, if the suitable languages for Singaporean players exist, and how satisfactory the support really is.

Stationary casinos in Singapore

As said earlier, locals are restricted from casinos, and expectedly, when it comes to land-based casinos, the difficulty level increases by a very large margin. For tourists, however, a once-in-a-lifetime awaits, as Singapore is home to two world famous casinos.

The Bayfront Avenue of Marina Bay is home to The Marina Bay Sands casino. A very large and expensively assemble 15,000m2 building that convenient has room for game-tables numbering about 500. This spacious venue also provides visitors with jackpot machines that number above 1,500, and for people who prefer a private game, 30 exclusive game rooms are ready to satisfy their preferences. When it comes to electronic games, The Marina Bay Sands cannot keep quiet about having the hottest and most engaging games.

Also, Resorts World Sentosa has earned great fame in all of Asia for it superb capabilities as a casino. As can be deduced from the name, there is an abundance of impressive diners, superstores, hotels and other relaxation centers to help visitors take it easy after visiting The Dolphin Island, SEA Aquarium, Adventure Cove Hydro park or Universal Studios Singapore. For casino gamers, it can hold its head tall among other known casinos in the world with its jackpot machines adding up to 1,300 and just about the same number of game tables as the Marina Bay Sands.

Fortunately for the locals, dedicated casino gamers have figured a way around this – by hosting casino cruises on waters outside the boundary of Singapore – this simple method exempts them from the laws that would normally bind members of the Singaporean community. An honorable mention is the Aegean Paradise Cruise which offers willing players, who can play as low as 25 Singaporean Dollars for the evening cruises, more than a hundred jackpot machines and about 40 gaming tables that enthrall the visitors with games like Sic Bo or Blackjack. Indeed, where there is a will, there will certainly be a way.

Casino of the week
Leo Vegas

The welcome offer available at Leo Vegas gives you a total of €700. This bonus programme is available in three variations given for three consecutive deposits. No matter which one you are going to choose as you will certainly be able to receive unbelievable prizes!

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