Android Casino Applications and Sites

Betting Slot games and Casinos have been a very popular entertainment industry for many years. People travel around the world to put up their money in casinos and hit a few jackpots. Luckily now you can do the same on your Android handsets. You can play some best real casino games on your mobile and earn some great money. Let us explore some features of the best, paid and free gambling games for all our android users.

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What are Gambling Android Applications?

In today’s world, everyone owns a smartphone and is constantly using applications and games. Hence, an emphasis was put on mobile application developers to develop gambling, casino or slot games that were mobile-friendly, responsive and could be enjoyed by one and all on their favorite handheld mobile devices at any time.

Although gaming is for children, to play gambling applications, you need to generally be between the ages of 18 to 21. Many people feel that the virtual android slot machines or casino games are rigged. However, this is not the case. Random number generators are used by gambling software. This software picks cards and spin slots randomly. Hence it is all based on your luck.

How do you start android mobile gambling?

betchan mobile versionMobile gambling is the same as your laptop gambling. You can win real money, bonuses, and cash on your mobile gambling application the same way as you do it online. The only difference is now you get to play at the convenience of your mobile screen at any place and at any given time. All you have to do is create a new gambling account or use the existing gambling account that you already use. Once your account is set you need to deposit some money in your betting account. You could also use applications with no deposits; however, such gambling applications may give you no bonuses or free spins.

No matter what mobile device you are using to play at casinos, you should check our list of mobile casinos. There you will find only the most famous brands with the best offers.

Are your bank details secure on mobile gambling applications?

Yes. Most casino and android gambling applications have extremely secure payment and transaction systems. There is top-notch security and you will not be duped of your money. For precaution, you should always use licensed apps with good star ratings and reviews. You can also test your applications by downloading and playing free games with no deposits. After you get the hang of the games you can start depositing real money.

If safety at casinos is an incredibly vital issue to you, go there and see what are the safe online casinos.

How do you withdraw your casino money?

fast withdrawal casinoIt is very easy to withdraw the money that you have won on your gambling account. All you have to do is log in to your gambling account and check your settings page. You will have either a wallet or a payment details section. After you select a payment method you can click the withdraw option and get the money to your bank account or any other virtual account.

Android Slot Games

Slots are among the easiest and most accessible casino games. They don’t need any strategy or planning. All you need to do is just spin the slot reels and go. Fortunately, nowadays many good slots games are available on the play store market for android mobile phones. All you need to do is tap your phone screen and spin the slots. You can win big bucks and prizes if the reels spin in your favor. Some of the fun slot games on the android market include Zynga slots, Super Lucky and Rocket Speed Slots.

Some slot games are free play where no money or betting is included. Some slot games are paid and you can get payments, free spins, and awards. There are free slot apps for android and also real money slot apps for android.

Real Money Casino and Slot Android Applications

mobile casino onlineReal money based casino and slot games are games that pay real money to their players. These games can range from Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Craps, Bingo or Baccara, etc.

Mobile Casino and Slot Games Include Bonuses

Casino games for android include prizes and awards as free chips to players every hour. Users get to have fun and get challenged with chances to win more prizes or hourly bonuses. Real money slot games include free spins and extra spins as bonuses. You can also send chips and coins to friends if you are playing in groups or with your loved ones. A wide range of payment methods is accepted by these games for prizes and payouts.

In case the mobile casino application does not include bonuses it can include freebies like free spins or free virtual coins. Generally, whenever you sign up from a mobile handset, casino games give welcome bonuses and rewards to the new joining members. If you’re looking for interesting welcome bonuses, check here. We have prepared a summary of best welcome offers at online casinos for players.

Quick Customer Support

Since you are dealing and betting in real money, this online casino android or slot games have excellent and prompt customer support. In case of disputes or any issues customer care personals can be reached by email and telephone to answer the questions of the players.

Fast Money Payouts

fastest payout online casinoReal money casino games which are reliable and licensed have fast payouts for the winners. The winners generally get the payments within 2 to 3 days of winning the jackpot. Sometimes if you do not check the legitimacy of the vendor, fraud or null payments can happen since the gaming application is a fake application. The android slot applications which are safe and have a trusted reputation generally have clean deposits and withdrawal options for money. They include many banking and payment gateways which also include PayPal and other virtual wallets. It is also very important that you check if the application you are using has encrypted security software so that your banking data is safe. Some people use credit and debit cards for payments. Some players also use cryptocurrency for payouts like Bitcoins. In some countries, you may be taxed for your winnings and you may have to declare your winnings for tax purposes.

Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer is a mode of play for android casino games where two or more game players can compete in the same game as a team or against each other. This mobile gaming mode makes betting and gambling fun with peers and friends.

Tournaments with Friends

Some of the best online poker events are organized in mobile slot games. Monthly and weekly tournaments are held every week. New games start every second and make things challenging for players. Players share millions of dollars in prize pools over weekly exciting events.

Players have chances to play for thousands of dollars in cash every single day. With more players using mobile casino applications in 2020, good promotions are expected from the same.

Mobile Casino games have Top Notch Graphics

Micrographic details of the top online casinos are taken care of and are of top quality. Casino chips and card decks should look clear and also adapt to all handset incarnations. If an android mobile slot game is designed with enchanting graphics in mind, then the gameplay will run with more fluidity and zero lags. Beautiful HD quality graphics are optimized for all the latest android phones and tablets. A lot of attention is given to small details.

No Deposit or Free Casino and Slot Games for Android Phones

royal panda casino mobile versionNo Deposit or Free Casino and Slot Games for Android Phones means free money mode to play your favorite casino or slot games.

You do not have to fund your betting account to start playing games. All you need is an account and become a registered member of the mobile gambling application. This is the favorite mode for most casino players because the bonus they get from such casinos is 100% free. Instead of payouts, free spins are sometimes the bonus offered by these no deposit mobile casinos. The number of spins a player will get will depend on the rules set by the no deposit casino. You can also choose to play free slot games for android phones or free.

Best Casino and Slot Games for Android Phones

Let us go through some of the best casino games for android and the best slot games for android phones.

Android Casino Game – Bingo

Android Casino Bingo is an exciting casino game that can involve a lot of online players competing with one another with one ultimate task to get Bingo. Bingo is an easy game where the main objective is to cover a pattern of numbers in rows before anyone else does. This pattern can be any five numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally on your sheet or any other shape as decided. The online games are generally divided by cost. Every game has an entry cost. The higher you pay for the entry the bigger are the prizes.

Android Casino Card Game – Baccarat

Android Casino Card Game Baccarat is a very strategic betting game. The game includes a banker and 2 players. The card dealer deals with the cards and whosoever hand gets the total closest to nine, wins the game. If you had bet on the deck which got the hand closest to nine your winnings get doubled. If you bet on the banker’s hand it will pay you 95 percent of your wage. While playing this money based casino game you must bet progressively and also within your limits. You must set a cap of money, and learn to let go when you hit the cap.

Android Casino Game – Roulette

free online rouletteAndroid Casino Ball Game Roulette is an enchanting game. There is no such casino in the world that does not have a Roulette game. The android play store would be incomplete without a casino Roulette game. The game was invented by a mathematician called Blaise Pascal In this gambling game, a player should have basic betting knowledge and should be aware of the game limitations and know tips to play the ball. More on the principles of roulette can be read here. You can also play roulette for free.

Android Casino Card Game – BlackJack

The Android Casino Card Game Blackjack is a deceptive online game. It played with one to eight decks of cards. The cards are traditionally shuffled by any dealer, but online they have a random card generator algorithm. You can win big bucks and prizes on winning the hands of this game.

Android Casino Dice Game – Craps

Android Casino Dice Game Craps is a luck-based online casino game. Craps is a mobile-based dice game where the players make bids on the outcome of any dice roll, or a series of dice rolls, of any pair of dice. The game consists of two phases. One of them is the Come out Roll phase and the other is the Point phase. Any mobile casino game with a 95 payout percentage will pay 95 dollars if you wager or bid 100 dollars. The online casino vendor will take the 5 dollars as profit.

Android Casino Card Game – Poker

Android Casino Card Game Poker games are fun-filled money betting games. These mobile casino games come in various graphical types with action at every stage. Poker games have excellent rewards and cash prizes.


Hence now you know that mobile casinos are definitely more user-friendly, portable and lucrative. Once you get the hang of mobile gambling, it can be your new addiction. For downloading any mobile casino gaming application on your android phone or tablet all you need to do is follow a few steps. You need to go to your Playstore app and search for the best casino apps or free slot games or real money casino android app to download the required mobile apps. If unavailable you can go to your laptop or desktop and visit the website where you have your gambling account. If the website is legitimate they will have a mobile version of the webpage and provide you with a download link from there. Gambling online with the use of our android mobile phones is one of the most trending things we will see in 2020.

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